Things You Need To Be Buying From Daiso

It’s official: I am obsessed with shopping at Daiso. Everything is super CUTE and super CHEAP, I just can’t help it. There are so many items that I was paying $10, $20, $30 for that are available at Daiso for their iconic price of $2.80. It really is a goldmine of a store.

I regularly share my weekly finds over on my Instagram Stories, but I thought I’d finally write an actual post about this wonderful place so those who haven’t been to one yet can find out just what’s so great about this unique little store. Spoiler alert: it’s everything.



Not only do they have all the typical office supplies – scissors, pencils, pens, sticky notes, paper, glue, staplers, sticky tape, etc –  but they also have a TON of super cute office supplies available, too.

Think sticky notes shaped like baked goods, sharpeners in unique designs, a vast range of washi tape, and so much more! Their selection is guaranteed to make keeping track of all your tasks a lot more fun 🙊

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Sugar Republic | Myer Melbourne, 2019

What’s this? An adventure post on The Small Adventurer? I bet you didn’t expect this 😂

Whilst the initial inspiration of this post has dwindled over the years and been replaced by my love of creating and baking, every now and then I do try to force myself to get out of the house and go on an adventure, which I most recently did last weekend!

When I heard Sugar Republic was coming back to Melbourne, I knew I had to go again. I had so much fun at the last one and got lots of great photos, including ones that Daniel and myself are actually IN 😯

Luckily, Daniel had one full day off before he goes back to juggling full time school AND full time working hours, so we decided to use that day to visit Sugar Republic. For those of you who aren’t from Australia, Sugar Republic is a fun pop-up event aimed at those who are still children at heart.

pink doorsiced vovome in cakePsst! See the super cute gummy bear bracelet I’m wearing?
Find out how to make one for yourself over here!

In their own words, Sugar Republic is a “pop up sweets museum and house of fun”, and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. Just quickly browsing through my photos will show you that this event is aimed at those who adore nostalgia and all things sweet, as you all know very well that I do!Read More »

DIY Gummy Bear Bracelet | Resin Tutorial for Beginners

As an avid crafter, I’ve been wanting to work with resin for a while now. I’ve seen some truly breathtaking creations on the internet that have inspired me to give this new medium a try – however, in true Small Adventurer-fashion, I was super nervous to do so. But, I did it!

I decided 2019 would be the year I step out of my comfort zone in terms of creating. In the kitchen, that means trying my hand at making pastries, which I am thoroughly enjoying so far.

On the DIY side of things, I wanted to focus on making more accessories and clothing of my own, as I am into quite unique and quirky themes that aren’t easily found in shops. I’ve already shared some simpler versions of how to make your own jewellery – including using clay, or small items and figurines – but today we’re going to kick things up a notch.

resin charms DIY project gummy bracelet thesmalladventurer

If you take anything at all away from today’s post, I hope it is this: you can do this project, too! I receive a lot of comments that say things like “oh, I wish I could do this!”, to which I respond with The Small Adventurer mottoIf I can do it, you can too!

This is a really easy project that is perfect for complete beginners, like me. Truth be told, I completely winged this creation – which is how I do most things ’round here – so I was pleasantly surprised when it worked out.

And how ADORABLE is the finished product?! I am definitely going to work on more gummy bear accessories ASAP, as they’re easily some of my favourite candies. But enough talking about my sweet tooth, let’s get onto the tutorial!Read More »