“Pop Tart” Cake Pops for Lorelai Gilmore’s Birthday

Yep, it’s that time of year again, where I celebrate fictional character Lorelai Gilmore’s birthday. Lorelai, from the cult classic TV show Gilmore Girls, was born on April 25th, so naturally I’ve set myself a goal of creating a new Pop Tart-inspired treat to celebrate this occasion each year.

Okay, I didn’t actually intend to make a habit of creating things that look like Pop Tarts for Lorelai’s birthday, but I did happen to make Pop Tart-inspired blondies last year, and then I made Pop Tart-inspired cake pops this year. Next year I’ll choose something else to focus on, I promise!

Anyway, after recently finishing my third watch-through of Gilmore Girls (first was back in 2016, mere weeks before the revival was released!) AND starting Lauren Graham’s novel Someday, Someday, Maybe, I knew I couldn’t let this wonderful occasion slip by without commemorating it in the best way I know how: making something that’s shaped like something else 😜

lorelai gilmore cake pops pop tarts thesmalladventurerluke's diner enamel pin gilmore girls thesmalladventurer

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Only diehard regular readers will truly understand that last comment, but I think ANYONE – regardless whether you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls or not – can enjoy this recipe! It’s a lot of fun to make, even more fun to eat, and looks super cute too 😋 So keep on reading if you want to learn how to make your own Pop Tart-inspired cake pops!Read More »


How to Read MORE Books for LESS Money

First of all, I want to apologise for the cheesy title of this post. I honestly didn’t know how to word it better whilst still getting my point across. So, before you exit this post, let me make it clear to you now: I am NOT selling you anything in this post, nor will I profit or benefit in ANY way if you choose to take my advice in this post.

These are just some tricks I have picked up lately that have helped me read as much as I like without breaking the bank. Because I love, love, love reading with all my heart, but let’s face it: books are not cheap. And if you like reading as often as I do (I’m currently on my 47th book of the year, #justsaying 😜), you’ll know that a fun hobby can easily into a huge money drain – but no more!

thesmalladventurer reading books

Today’s post is all about the ways I manage to get my hands on allllll the books I could possibly want without putting myself into debt. Don’t worry, every trick I’m going to share with you is completely legal – at least, I think they are?! 😅😂

Anyway, if you’re wondering how to increase your reading, but don’t have the money to go out and buy a new book every week – or even every month – then stick around and I’ll show you how I save $$$ and still read as much as I want!Read More »

DIY Choc Chip Cookie Charm Bracelet + Matching Earrings!

If you have been part of The Small Adventurer family for more than five minutes – particularly over on Instagram, on Stories – you will know very well that I LOVE making my own accessories!

I have this dream to one day have a wardrobe that is mostly handmade – apart from things such as shoes, jeans etc. Jewellerybags, hats, shirts, skirts, you name it: I want to attempt making it!

I just love the idea of no one else having a wardrobe like mine. Plus, it’s super hard to find many food-inspired accessories and home decor items in regular shops, so if I really want them, I have no choice but to make them myself.

DIY choc chip cookie charm bracelet thesmalladventurer

Anyway, when I was browsing one of my favourite online shops – AKA eBay! – I saw these tiny chocolate chip cookie charms and instantly knew I had to get them, even though I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them.

Alas, as soon as they arrived, it came to me: a charm bracelet with matching earrings! I could not wait to get started on them, and I am super happy with the results, too. Okay, I’ll stop obsessing over them now and teach YOU guys how to make some for yourself! 👇Read More »