DIY “Choc Chip Cookie” Button Covers

I am sure this won’t shock any of my long-term readers, but I have found yet another way to incorporate my love of sweets into my fashion: button covers!

You may remember back in March last year I made some red lip button covers for Lips Appreciation Day and I instantly fell in love with the idea of having a fun, but temporary way to dress up a plain white shirt 🙌

I’ve seen some other awesome ways to have fun with buttons floating around on the internet – such as ice cream cone buttons, avocado buttons, and even blue eye buttons – but they all involve painting on the actual shirts.

For someone who is an indecisive as I am, that seemed too permanent, which is why I prefer to make button “covers” from fabric such as felt, so you can take them off at the end of the day and swap them out for another fun design the next day!

DIY project button cover makeover choc chip cookie thesmalladventurer

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So yes, you can expect even more of these button covers DIY projects in the future ☺️ If you have any design requests, let me know in the comments! For now, let’s get onto the tutorial 🍪Read More »

DIY “Uno”-Inspired Place Cards (Perfect for Game Night!)

Yes, that’s right, it’s been 4 months since my last DIY post and I come back with yet ANOTHER place card idea 😜 I’ve actually had this idea in mind for a long time, but I think now is the best time to share it given everything that is going on around the world.

Not only are these yet another super fun and easy craft to make, but they can also help make a regular family dinner or a game night that little bit more fun – and the smallest things can make the biggest difference, especially at times like these.

After all, The Small Adventurer motto is: The little things in life should be celebrated the most.”

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In March…

My God, March just seemed to drag on forever, didn’t it?! It was such a stressful month, not knowing what was going to happen – but I don’t need to tell any of you that, because everyone is living through the same pandemic.

I can’t help but laugh at myself for thinking 2020 was going to be the year that things were going to change for me, as I had finally decided exactly what I wanted to change, who I wanted back in my life, and how I wanted to spend my time. Of course, life had other ideas.


♡ Earlier this month, thanks to this pandemic, Daniel’s work was forced to close, which is a huge worry as he made more than twice what I make 😅 Luckily we both have savings, but it’s still extremely stressful as we don’t know how long this will all go on for.

♡ The fact that my work is still open is the number one thing keeping me going right now, honestly. Not only is it my only source of income, but it is also my only way to see other people. As I mentioned earlier this month, I only just started talking to and actually seeing people regularly again and I’ve been loving it, so having all these rules put in place that forbid that has been pretty soul crushing, but I know that it won’t be forever, so I’ve just got to focus on the good things!

♡ I also mentioned in a post earlier this month that I was put on a new epilepsy medication that is used as an appetite suppressant in America (as my last medication made me gain weight 😠) and I’ve lost 5kg in a little over 5 weeks so I am over the moon! 🎉 Although it’s not working too well at fixing my seizures, but the stress of life and lack of sleep may be contributing to that as well 😕


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