DIY Junk Food Inspired Memo Board Makeovers

And just like that, we’re halfway through July! This month has actually been quite lovely, despite the freezing cold weather over here in Australia 🌧  My health issues have also been acting up, which makes baking a little dangerous for me to do whilst home alone.

However, I’ve really been having a lot of fun focusing on more DIY projects than usual – and today’s post is definitely one of the most relaxing projects I’ve made so far ☺️ This creation also makes me particularly happy as I am a huge list-lover!

I have planners, notebooks, Word documents, and a notes app on my phone all filled with lists. Some of them have lists OF other lists that I want to write 😂 I just love writing them – and checking things off them! – so much.

DIY project donut pizza memo board thesmalladventurerDIY project note board donut thesmalladventurer

I also have an abysmal memory, so they are necessary for me to keep on top of being a human. This means that I often have to have my more important/urgent lists somewhere within eyesight, or I will forget about them, which is where today’s project comes in!

Cork boards, memo boards, note boards – whatever you want to call them, there’s no denying they are super helpful for forgetful people like myself. Of course, knowing me, I couldn’t just leave them as they were before I started using them.

I always talk about my goal of having my house being accurately described as a “dessert museum”, so you can bet I took the opportunity to turn this helpful item into another food-inspired decor piece!

I love turning anything and everything into donuts, so I’m sure you aren’t surprised that this iconic treat appears once again, and the pizza design is inspired by my partner since pizza is his favourite food (although he usually only eats Hawaiian pizzas!) AND all of July’s creations are inspired by him as it is his birthday month 🎉 Now, onto the project!Read More »


DIY Ice Cream Sandwich Pincushion for Ice Cream Month

Did you know July is Ice Cream Month?! Longtime readers will know we love our novelty holidays here at The Small Adventurer, so when I discovered July was Ice Cream Month, I knew I had to celebrate this super sweet day 😋

I’ve actually had this project in my never-ending list of project ideas since last year, as 2018 was the year of ice cream sandwiches in our household. For some reason, Daniel and I bought a pack of them on a whim, and we became obsessed straightaway! We could not get enough of them, and couldn’t believe that we had gone so long without ever trying them before.

ice cream month DIY pincushion ice cream sandwich thesmalladventurer

After a while of buying a new packet every week, I realised how much their tiny little holes looked like the perfect place to put sewing needles (which is quite a strange train of thought, not that I’ve written it down…), and immediately got to brainstorming how I could make a pincushion that looks like an ice cream sandwich.

I knew I wanted to make the inside from a block of styrofoam as that’s what I did for my last DIY pincushion (I think it’s a lot sturdier than just filling them with fluff!), but didn’t know what to use for the top and bottom – until I saw this pin of someone who made an ice cream sandwich postcard and used a sheet of foam for the top!

As foam sheets are one of my FAVOURITE things to use in DIY projects (I used some in both my box of fries DIY place cards, AND my letter board DIY place cards!), I already had a huge collection of them in different colours, so it seemed like the perfect choice.

Then, after a little sketching, cutting, and gluing, I had finally made the ice cream sandwich pincushion that I had been planning for so long 🙌 Keep on reading to find out how to make your own!Read More »

Rick and Morty “Pickle Rick” Green Apple Marshmallows

If you’re a long timer Small Adventurer reader, you might remember when I first tried making marshmallows a little over a year ago, and how I swore I would never do it again 😂  However, I eventually changed my mind and tested another recipe for them back in February, and here I am testing a new one today!

As I said in both of those posts, Daniel and I are huge marshmallow fans (which is why they always make an appearance during July, the month of my creations being inspired by my boyfriend!) and I am determined to try every recipe that I can find online until I found my favourite one!

This time around I tried this recipe and, honestly, I’m still not super impressed. Just like the second recipe I tried, I found the texture of these far too strange and not like store bought marshmallows. They dissolved in your mouth before you could chew them!

So, I am still on the search for the perfect homemade marshmallow recipe (if you have one you like, link it below! 👇)

green apple marshmallows pickle rick and morty thesmalladventurerhomemade marshmallows thesmalladventurer pickle rick and morty

BUT I can still show you how to turn your homemade marshmallows into tiny Pickle Ricks, which is the main point of this post anyway!

My last Rick and Morty themed recipe were these lemon portal cheesecakes that I made last year. They have been one of my most popular posts of all time.

They even received over 9, 500 upvotes on Reddit , plus they’re one of my most re-pinned and clicked-on pins on Pinterest! So, naturally, I had to make another Rick and Morty themed creation for this year’s July challenge.

Whilst the texture wasn’t spot on with these marshmallows, the new flavour extract that I used was DELICIOUS and I cannot wait to use it again 😋 Keep on reading to find out who made it, and where to buy it from!Read More »