Giant Pokemon Pokedex Rice Krispies Treat for Ash Ketchum’s Birthday

Forgive me for using this word, but I honestly think this is the most “extra” thing I have ever done or created – and I am in love with it! 😍 This took so long and so many bags of marshmallows to create, but I definitely think it was worth it in the end. I made a GIANT POKEDEX RICE KRISPIES TREAT. Honestly, I don’t think anything I make will ever top this, but I might be biased due to my love of Pokemon 😂

pokedex pokemon rice krispie treat ash ketchum thesmalladventurer.jpg

I started to brainstorm a new Pokemon recipe when I found out that the 22nd of May is apparently Ash’s birthday, and the original Pokedex is one of my favourite Pokemon-related items (even though I’ve never owned any kind of toy version 😢), so it’s really no surprise that this is its second appearance on the blog.

Whilst time-consuming, this recipe really isn’t very difficult at all, and it’s actually quite calming to just play around with fondant all day long! It’s like playing with Play-Doh for grown-ups (not judging any adults who still play with Play-Doh, though – we have some at our place!), except you can eat the final creation AND it will taste good!

So if you’d like to make the most sugar-filled treat to show your appreciation of the Pokemon franchise – or even just the 90’s in general, keep reading 😋

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DIY Pizza Ring Cone

Hey everyone! We’re over halfway through May at this point and instead of worrying myself with how fast 2018 is going by, I am going to focus on something that will make me happy instead: a new DIY project! I bought a bunch of foam cones not long ago and have quite a few ideas on how I’d like to decorate them, but I thought I’d better start with something everyone loves: pizza!

THIS pizza slice ring cone diy project thesmalladventurer

To be honest, I’m actually a huge pizza snob, as I don’t like it unless I make it myself 😂 I like to make myself mini pizzas from English muffins, which I coat with tomato paste, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and sliced black olives, all covered in melted tasty cheese.

I’ll also chuck some mushroom, capsicum and/or pineapple (yes, that’s right! We’re pro pineapple on pizzas here at The Small Adventurer!) on as well, if we have any. I’m sure my pizzas are quite boring to everyone else, but I honestly think they’re better than any other pizza I’ve EVER had!

The great thing about this DIY project is that you can paint whatever toppings you would like on your pizza cone. I’m sure you can tell that I added pepperoni on mine which is not an ingredient on my own pizzas, but isn’t one that I hate either. Besides, pepperoni just seems like such a go-to food to have on pizza – but enough about pizza politics aside, and let’s get onto the project!

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Must-Have Ingredients for Any Beginner Baker’s Kitchen

It’s taken me over a year, but I have finally acquired a pretty decent amount of basic ingredients for nearly any baked good that I wish to make. At any point in time, you can find my kitchen or baking cabinet stocked with all of these items, as they pop up in recipes a lot, and many of them have great shelf lives.

Keep in mind that I am not a professional baker whatsoever, and nearly every baking experience I have had, you can find on this blog! With that aside, if you’re hoping to get into baking regularly, here are the ingredients that I personally use nearly every week that I recommend you start stocking up on!


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