My Pokemon Collection

It’s honestly quite amusing to me that I used to have reservations about admitting that I still love Pokemon considering it is now one fact that everyone who has ever met is sure to know!

I am very open about being a child at heart, and I cannot be made to feel bad about it. I still work, pay bills, and deal with a plethora of health issues, so I am a functioning adult, I just happen to like Pokemon too!

skitty pokemon plush geek home office thesmalladventurerpokemon shelf geeky home decor office thesmalladventurer

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Going through all my Pokemon things (at least, the ones that are on display) can actually be a little upsetting as I remembered all the Pokemon things I had before the fires (the original Gold game, FireRed, and more) that are nearly impossible to find now.

Still, I love all the things I own, and I love that they’re always coming up with new things to bring out!

My most recent purchases include the Pokemon Pop Vinyls and Pez Dispensers – pictured below – which I am OBSESSED with! I really hope they bring out Pop Vinyls of characters from the show such as Ash, Misty, Brock, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, Professor Oak, etc. 

pokemon pop vinyl geek home decor thesmalladventurerpokemon collection geek office decor thesmalladventurer

These photos don’t accurately portray just how many Pokemon things I own, since all of my games – except from the original three, and Pokemon Snap – are in the lounge room. I have Black, White, White 2, HeartGold, Let’s Go, Mystery Dungeon Blue, Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness, Y, Alpha Sapphire, and Sun.

The original three GameBoy games I found at a Cash Converters earlier this year. They were $50 each, and Gold and Silver were there too, but I couldn’t afford to get all five of them. I saw two guys looking at them and talking to the worker about them, so I asked if they were interested in buying them.

They said yes and I was honestly crushed, but then they were like: “but if you want them, you can have these! We already have multiple copies of both!”, and I was over the moon. I am dying to get my hands on Gold and Silver though! Plus the rest of the games in existence 😂

pokeball team rocket pokemon collection thesmalladventurerpokemon collection pez dispensers thesmalladventurerpokemon pokeball plush collection home office thesmalladventurer

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You may also notice there’s some holes in my series and movie collection, too. Each season of Pokemon is $38-$50 here in Australia, so I’ve only got up to season eight at this point, but I would really like to get it all someday. I’m also missing a few movies, but not too many so it shouldn’t be too difficult to acquire the rest fairly soon.

However, I am dying to get my hands on the hour-long episode/short movie “MewTwo Returns” as I’ve never seen it, but as far as I know it’s not available here in Australia 😫That honestly breaks my heart as that would be such a cool thing to own.

pikachu slippers pokemon plush toy thesmalladventurerpikachu plush pokemon collection thesmalladventurer

Whilst some of the smaller plush toys aren’t legit, they were just too cute to pass up on 🙊Everything else, to the best of my knowledge, is all real.

The videos, some of the mugs, and the old board game were found at thrift stores, whilst the rest of the collection came from EB Games, Zing Pop Culture, JB Hi-Fi or were given to me by friends.

I also have a few more plushies that are currently away in boxes as they take up a lot of room, plus a few t-shirts, LOTs of cards, small figurines, and even some old-school marbles in those old velvet bags that live inside my Pokemon backpack.

pokemon backdrop cookie cutters thesmalladventurerpokemon board game thesmalladventurer

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I even have all the items to make a perfect Misty cosplay – my orange hair, a yellow singlet, blue shorts, red shoes, red suspenders, and a Togepi plush toy – that are in various places around the house.

One day we’ll have a place big enough to make all of our geeky office decor dreams come true, but for now, I can only display certain things!

Until next time,
Indya xx

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