A Time to Celebrate || Weekly Edit

♡ I celebrated my 21st birthday on Saturday! I had dinner with some family friends the weekend before, I have one with my friends planned for this weekend, and I had dinner with some family on my actual birthday. During the day, Daniel and I took a trip to the Melbourne Aquarium, where I took a lot more photos than the four I showed you in my first post about the aquarium over a year ago, so expect to see an updated adventure post soon!

♡ Speaking of which, here’s some advice on how to enjoy a milestone birthday, even if you’re freaking out about it (AKA me at my 18th, and again at my 21st!)

♡ I was going to say how excited I am about a Sailor V Pop Vinyl figure coming out, but then I re-read this tweet and realised it’s an New York Comic Con Exclusive. Boo. Ah well, guess I’ll keep waiting for the Chibi Moon Pop Vinyl to be released.

 This pastel n’ pink popcorn by Studio DIY looks both gorgeous and delicious. I’ll definitely have to give it a try next time Daniel and I have a movie night!

 I really need to start playing around with clay, there’s just so many cute things that you can make from it! These palm leaf push pins by A Kailo Chic Life are absolutely adorable.


♡ I need these cupcake-shaped tea candles ASAP.

♡ Daniel and I finally got our forms in the mail to vote for marriage equality, which is great because I was worried someone had taken them out of our mailbox as I had heard people have been doing that. We are both very adamant on voting yes. I’ve even been writing on social media that if friends of mine don’t want to vote because they don’t care or can’t be bothered, they can give their forms to me and I’ll mail them out, but as far as I know most of my friends are also very passionate about voting yes. Now we’ve just got to hope for a positive outcome!

♡ William Shatner referenced Queen Serenity (from Sailor Moon, for those who don’t know) in one of his tweets, and it made my entire day.

♡ The most I have ever spent on a mirror was $100 – and that was because it was a full length one, which I’d never had – and I would never dream of spending anything like that again on such an item, but this rainbow mirror is so damn cute I had to share it.

♡ This is the sweetest adoption DIY project ever. Adoption happens very rarely here in Australia, so it’s quite interesting to follow numerous bloggers who have adopted children, or are in the process of doing so, as it’s something that I know so little about. If I have learned anything from them so far, it’s that no parents ache for a kid more than those who can’t have them, and it truly is heartbreaking to see. Let’s hope these guys find their baby girl soon!

Until next time,

Indya xx


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