The Ultimate List of Christmas DIY Projects + Recipes You NEED To Try!

I am constantly inspired and in awe of how creative other people are. Ever since I started blogging, a day hasn’t gone by that I haven’t seen something or read a post that’s made my heart skip a beat from just how purely amazing it was.

Blogs like Studio DIY, Aww Sam, Lovely Indeed, Oh Happy Day and so many more are constantly blowing me away with their passion, positivity and drive, and I hope to be a fraction as talented as they are one day.


I’ve been looking up Christmas DIY projects and recipes for months now. I really wish I could test out every single one I find, but I couldn’t possibly find the time, money or skills required to do so, but I still really want to show my love for some of the amazing ideas and tutorials that other bloggers have come up with.

Which is why I decided to compile a list of some of my favourite projects that I have found. Some are new and some are older, but they’re all things that I would absolutely love to try out sometime. I hope you find as much happiness and inspiration from these posts as I did!

🎅  Pineapple pinecone ornaments
🎅  Disney Princess-inspired ornaments
🎅  Snowman tea light ornaments
🎅  Scrabble tile ornament
🎅  Ice cream cone ornaments
🎅  Fruity ornaments
🎅  Salt dough ornaments


🎅  Reindeer piñatas
🎅  Emoji ornament wreath
🎅  Ice cream cone stocking
🎅  Ornament pillows
🎅  Christmas tree party hats
🎅  Enamel pin decorated tree
🎅  Pink-tipped Christmas tree (this would look especially gorgeous on a white tree!)
🎅  Santa hat and beard wreath
🎅  Christmas lights sweater

🎅  Pink Gingerbread Car
🎅  Snow Globe Cupcakes
🎅  Holiday Peppermint Cake
🎅  Santa Belt Surprise Cake
🎅  Christmas Lasagna (it’s not what it sounds like!)
🎅  Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites
🎅  Flamingo Christmas Cookies
🎅  Snowflake Cupcakes
🎅  Christmas Cheesecake
🎅  Holly Berry Cupcakes

🎅  Take-Out Box Advent Calendar
🎅  Paper House Advent Calendar
🎅  Star Garland Advent Calendar
🎅  Ski Resort Advent Calendar
🎅  Bonbon Wreath Advent Calendar
🎅  Minimalistic Advent Calendars
🎅  Vintage Ladder and Pail Advent Calendar
🎅  Lego Advent Calendar
🎅  Hexagon Advent Calendar


Woo! That was a lot to get through, but I promise you that every single project or recipe that I listed is worth checking out – in my eyes, anyway. I love seeing what other people come up with, it’s honestly so inspiring. I’ve never thought about making my own advent calendars or wreaths before, so I am definitely going to have to do some brainstorming for the future.

Which of these projects and recipes caught your eye the most? Is there something that you’ve seen online that you think belongs in this list? Leave a link below! I’d love to check out more Christmas content. This is my absolute favourite time of the year!

Until next time,
Indya xx


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