DIY Disco Ball Sugar Cookies for New Year’s

I have had the idea for these cookies in my mind since I first saw the Wilton Silver Color Mist in Big W. I planned to make them for a NYE post – since disco balls and New Year’s go together better than peanut butter and jam – but I was reluctant to spend $10 on an item that I only had one planned use for, so I put the idea on the back burner and forgot about it..

until two days ago. I kept seeing disco ball recipes being created for NYE, and I was super bummed that I never got around to making the cookies, so I decided to check Big W’s website on the off-chance that the Color Mist was on sale – and it was. Sure, it was only $3 off, but it was clearly a sign from the universe that I needed to make these cookies.

nye disco ball sugar cookies DIY thesmalladventurersugar cookies disco ball diy nye thesmalladventurer

I already had some white fondant at home that I could use, plus all the ingredients to make the actual cookies, so I fluttered my eyelashes at Daniel and he took me down the street so I could pick up the Color Mist (and some supplies for future DIY projects, but they’re still a secret for now) and then I came home and baked the cookies.

It was pretty late by the time I decided to make the cookies, so I chose to leave the decoration to the next day (so, yesterday), and while I contemplated posting this recipe yesterday – which would have been New Year’s Eve for those in Australia – I just couldn’t bring myself to break my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule.

So, I decided to post the cookies today. It’ll still be New Year’s Eve for a lot of you reading this as most of my readers are based in America – and besides, baking cookies is a great way to spend the first day of a brand new year! Now, I’ll stop talking and get onto the recipe 😋

disco new year's nye sugar cookies diy thesmalladventurer

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♡ Your favourite sugar cookie recipe
♡ Round cookie cutter
♡ White fondant
♡ Wilton Color Mist in Silver
♡ Icing scraper
♡ Skewer
♡ Paper towel
♡ Fondant rolling pin


1. Whip up your favourite sugar cookie recipe and cut them into circles before baking. Keep the cookie cutter nearby as you will need it later on.

2. Once your cookies have been baked and cooled completely, roll out your white fondant and cut it into your circles with your cookie cutter. Carefully pick up the fondant circles and place them on your cookies.

If you find that your cookies expanded in the oven and the fondant doesn’t cover them completely, carefully roll the fondant at the edges of your cookies until they are covered.

disco ball sugar cookies DIY thesmalladventurerthesmalladventurer disco ball nye new year's eve diy sugar cookies

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3. Get your icing scraper and gently press lines into your fondant both vertically and horizontally, leaving about a centimetre in between each one. You could also use a skewer for this part, but that will makes the lines a lot thicker.

4. Make sure you’re in a well ventilated room as the Color Mist has an intense smell to it. Place your cookies onto some paper towel – the more the better – and spray an even coat of the Color Mist onto your cookies.

The colour becomes darker once it is dried so you don’t need to put too much on them. If you’d like a more intense colour, you can always spray another layer on once the first one was dried.                             

That’s it! These guys are super easy to make for how awesome they look. They’d be great for any kind of party – not just New Year’s – but if you’re like me and would prefer to stay in watching movies than go out to a party (which is exactly how Daniel and I spent NYE), they work just as well as a movie time snack.

Until next time,
Indya xx

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