DIY Disco Ball Cake Pops

After being really happy with my disco ball cookies that I made for New Year’s, I knew I had to turn something else into disco balls as well. I’d already seen cupcakes, donut holes, and a big disco ball cake on various blogs so I steered clear of those items. It wasn’t until I made a batch of cake pops for another recipe that I realised how amazing they would look as disco balls, so I immediately started working on them.


Let me just warn you that these are much more difficult than the disco cookies. There’s a lot of cutting, shaping, “glueing”, and holding. In other words, you need a lot of patience, but I definitely think the outcome is worth it. Imagine throwing a party and having actual edible disco balls. I know I’d love it!


♡ Your favourite cake pop recipe
♡ Cake pop sticks
♡ White chocolate melts
♡ White fondant
♡ Wilton Silver Color Mist
♡ Small bowl of water + a skewer
♡ Something to stick the cake pops into, such as a foam board


1. Melt your white chocolate melts in 30 second intervals in the microwave. Dip the end of your cake pop stick into the melted chocolate, then slide the stick into 3/4 of the cake pop. Repeat this for the remaining pops, then leave until the chocolate has set and your sticks are firmly in place.

2. Pick up one of your cake pops and carefully dip it into your bowl of melted white chocolate until the entire cake is covered. Place the stick into your foam board, then continue coating the rest of your cake pops in white chocolate. Put the foam board in the fridge to speed up the chocolate setting.

3. Spray your cake pops with your Wilton Silver Color Mist. This doesn’t need to be perfect as we are going to cover them in fondant. This step just ensures that any gaps between the fondant will still appear silver.

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4. Roll out your fondant until it is a few millimetres thick, then cut it into small squares of rectangles. Dip your skewer into your bowl of water, then dab or spread a tiny amount of water onto one of your fondant squares, then place that side onto your cake pop. The water makes the fondant sticky so that it will stay on the cake pop.

5. Continue adding water to each fondant square and adding them to your cake pops. I begun at the very top and tried to position them all in a neat line both across and downwards, but it’s quite difficult. You may also need to hold the fondant squares that are on the sides of the cake pop in place until the fondant sticks to them properly, to avoid any sliding. 

Remember that disco balls are often quite poorly made (or is that just all the disco balls that I encounter? Ha), so don’t stress too much about the placement of your fondant squares.

6. Once all your pops are covered in fondant, pick up one at a time and spray the entire pop with your Color Mist, twisting by the stick as you go to ensure an even coating. I recommend doing this outside or over a bin or pile of paper towels are this stuff gets everywhere quite easily, and may leave stains.


7. Stick your pops back into the board as you spray them, then leave them to dry – and you’re done! Putting each fondant square on is quite a tedious task, but the result is so worth it, in my opinion. Just make sure that you have plenty of time to create these so you’re not in a rush and stressed! Above all else, remember to have fun when creating in the kitchen ☺️


Have you ever made cake pops before? Do you prefer to make the “proper” way, or just use a regular cake recipe in some cake pop moulds? As I am all for doing things the simple way, it’s probably no surprise that I choose to just make a regular ol’ vanilla cake in a mould 😜

Until next time,
Indya xx

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