Ditto Pull Apart Cupcake Cake

This year, the first of April marks quite a few things. It’s April Fool’s Day, of course, which is never really a holiday that I cared much about. It’s also the date that Easter Sunday falls on, which is another holiday that didn’t mean that much to me as a kid, but could still be quite fun.

cupcake pull apart cake Ditto thesmalladventurer Pokemon

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Although, for Easter last year Daniel did cover the floor in baby powder rabbit footprints – and hid mini eggs everywhere – so that made me love it a whole lot more. We decided NOT to do that this year as the entire place smelled like baby powder too much for far too long, but it was still really sweet!

But, I learned something this year that made April 1st a whole lot more special to me: it was the day that the very first episode of Pokémon was released! Back in 1991, the anime that would still hold a very special place in my heart even as I grow closer to turning 22 first began, and for that I am eternally grateful. It also means that I had to celebrate, of course, and what better way to celebrate than by baking up a storm?!

Pull apart cupcake cakes are a fantastic hack when it comes to decorating a cake. You can turn them into almost any shape you like without the need of a cake pan that is the exact same shape – which is a good thing, because whilst a Pikachu cake pan isn’t too hard to find, I did not manage to find a Ditto-shaped one!

As a personal fan of any pink Pokémon (Skitty, Espeon, Jigglypuff, etc), I knew it wouldn’t be long before I dedicated a post to one of my very first favourites: Ditto. This adorable piece of goo will always be one of my favourite Pokémon, it’s just too cute not to love – but, enough blabbering about my love of Pokémon, time to get onto the recipe!

DIY Pokemon Pokedex Pinata

thesmalladventurer Pokemon Ditto pull apart cupcake cake

You will need:
♡ Roughly 10 cupcakes of your choice, depending how big you want your cake to be
♡ Pink cupcake cases
♡ Pink buttercream icing
♡ Black fondant, and a fondant rolling pin
♡ Angled spatula
♡ Ice cream scoop
♡ Large baking tray
♡ Pencil, paper and scissors
♡ Small knife

1. If you’re comfortable with drawing your Ditto freehand, then all the power to you. Otherwise, I just brought up a photo of Ditto on my laptop screen and traced around it, then cut it out. I then got my cupcake cases and placed them as closely together as I could on top of the Ditto cut out to see how many I would need. In my case, I needed 10, but I baked 12 just to be sure. It’s always good to have extras in case one or two burn or otherwise don’t work out!


2. Once your cupcakes have cooled, place them all onto your baking tray* and arrange them into the shape of a Ditto, with your cut-out next to you as guidance. When you’re happy with the placing, drop one scoop of buttercream onto each cupcake, then start to smooth down the icing with your angled spatula. 

Remember that the aim is to make one big cake, so you need to create a bridge between the cupcakes with the buttercream, which means you may need to add more as you go. Don’t work too quickly or you’ll cause the cupcakes to slide all over the tray, this is especially difficult for the cupcakes in the middle that you can’t hold onto, but it is doable, trust me!

*Note: This process would be a lot easier if you had a silicon mat in between the tray and your cupcakes as it would help prevent the sliding, but I didn’t have one, so it is possible to do without!

3. When you’ve successfully smoothed the buttercream over all the cupcakes and you are now looking at one big buttercream-shaped Ditto, roll out your black fondant and cut out the eyes and mouth for Ditto with your small knife. 

Once again, I traced from a photo on my laptop, but you could easily do this by hand. Carefully lift up the eyes and mouth pieces (your angled spatula is a great help for this part!) and place them onto your Ditto cake – then you’re done! You now have one big, pull apart Ditto!


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I decided to place my cupcakes onto a baking tray so they could all be moved as one, but if you have any large plate – especially one that’s a lot prettier than a regular ol’ baking tray – then I would definitely recommend using it for any kind of party or gathering that you may be serving this at! Pokémon movie marathon, anyone? 😋

Let me know what your favourite Pokemon is in the comments below! OR, if you’re not a Pokemon fan, let me know if there’s any other pull apart cupcake cakes that you would like me to make. I’m always up for taking requests and challenges!

Until next time,
Indya xx

SOURCES: Ditto Enamel Pin / Donut Pokeball Enamel Pin


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