DIY Lipstick Money Box

Hi, everyone!!! You have NO idea how excited I am to share this project with you. I had so much fun making it, and it’s so different to all the DIY projects I have shared so far! It feels so good to branch out into new things. Plus, it’s a MONEY BOX. I don’t need to tell you all how much I adore money boxes, I just can’t believe it took me so long to get around to making my own!

thesmalladventurer DIY money box lipstick projectlipstick thesmalladventurer diy project money bank

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I’ve had ideas on a few different money boxes that I’d like to make for a while now, but this particularly one was actually inspired by Damask Love’s Giant Pencil Money Bank as I thought the idea of using a mail tube was nothing short of pure genius! The end pops off just like on real money boxes, plus they’re thick enough to withstand the weight of coins, so it’s a double-win. How I wish I had Amber’s brain and creativity.

Whilst I don’t talk it about very often online, I do love make-up just as much as the next gal, and I am particularly fond of lipstick. Pink, orange, red, purple – you name it, I’ve got it. I even had a yellow and a blue lipstick! I’ve never worn them, but how was I going to make a rainbow lipstick collection without them?! 

So, as a lipstick lover, that’s what I pictured as soon as I laid my eyes on a mailing tube (okay, if we’re being honest, I also pictured sushi rolls – but then I realised the entire tube would just be black, which is kind of boring). Anyway, enough blabbering, let’s get onto the tutorial!

♡ Mailing tube
♡ A slightly shorter, but still thick cardboard tube, such as a leftover paper towel roll
♡ A thinner cardboard tube, such as a leftover toilet roll 
♡ Black and dark red paint
♡ Two paint brushes
♡ Sparkly gold washi tape or paper
♡ Stanley knife
♡ Hot glue gun
♡ Scissors

1. I chose to cut my mailing tube down to 2/3 of its original length as it was a bit too long for my liking, but it’s up to you what size you wish yours to be. Paint that piece black, repeating with as many layers as you need, then set aside to dry.

cut top of tube DIY project lipstick money box thesmalladventurercut tube to size 2 DIY project lipstick money box thesmalladventurergluing top of tube DIY project lipstick money box thesmalladventurer

2. Cut your paper towel roll so that’s shorter than your mailing tube, but it on an angle so that it looks like the top of a lipstick. I tried to draw where I wanted to cut to ensure that I got it even, but in the end I found it easier to just do my best at freehand cutting, and then trimmed any excess pieces until it looked like the photo above from the side. 

3. Get your toilet paper roll and cut it in half length-ways, so you can spread it out. Place the end of the paper towel roll that you cut earlier face down. Trace around it onto your toilet paper roll, but make it a little wider than it needs to be all the way around, then cut that out.

4. Carefully hot glue the edges of the curved end of your toilet paper roll, then place that end onto the oval you just cut out of the toilet paper roll. Wait for the glue to dry, then trim any pieces of cardboard or glue that are hanging over the sides. Now you have your lipstick piece!

5. Paint the lipstick piece dark red (or your favourite colour of lipstick, whatever that may be!), then set it aside to dry.

6. When your black tube has finished drying, stick your sparkly gold washi tape or paper around the very top of it.

gluing two pieces together lipstick money box DIY project thesmalladventurer

7. Hot glue the inside of your black lipstick tube at the end with the gold washi tape, then carefully slice your red lipstick inside the tube. It doesn’t need to go in very far. In fact, my two pieces fit so well together that I didn’t even need to glue it!

8. Once the glue has set, lie your lipstick down and use your Stanley knife to carefully slice a coin slot into the back of your red lipstick. You could also do this on the flat side of the lipstick, but don’t do it on the actual tube or you won’t be able to get very many coins inside!


And you’re done! I absolutely adore this little guy, and want to make more in various colours and put them on my make-up shelves. I honestly might do that at some point! I also think that these would make super cute gift boxes for your gals; you could just leave out the coin slot and fill it with goodies – such as lipstick!!! I’m totally keeping that idea in mind for my wedding or something, as I’m sure that will end up being the most girliest event in history 😂

money box thesmalladventurer DIY project lipstickDIY project thesmalladventurer lipstick money box

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Tell me: do you still use a money box? Why or why not? Admittedly, I don’t use mine very often because I hardly have cash on me, but it always feels great when you fill one up and have some extra money to spend on yourself – or on some new craft supplies 😉

Until next time,
Indya xx

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