Deadpool Inspired Petit Fours for Deadpool 2

I know I sound like a broken record, but WHERE is the year going?! I remember being really excited about all the new movies that are coming out in 2018, and now Infinity War has already been released, Deadpool 2 comes out in two more days, and before you know it, it will be July and Ant-Man and the Wasp will be here too.

Sure, I’m excited about seeing all these great movies, but then I have to wait until February 2019 before the next one that I’m excited about is released (X-Men: Dark Phoenix) – although Incredibles 2 should be good as well.

deadpool 2 thesmalladventurer petit four puzzlepetit four the small adventurer puzzle Deadpool 2

Anyway, I loved the first Deadpool movie and am excited about the second one coming out, so I thought I would make something to celebrate. I am a sucker for anything miniature, so petit fours have been on my to-make list for sometime now, and I thought it’d be fun to turn them into a cute little cake puzzle.

Petit fours are usually the kind of treat served at afternoon tea with a few of your closest friends – which is the most opposite thing to Deadpool that I could ever think of, whilst still being something that I could so picture him doing just to be funny – and that’s exactly why I love this recipe so much 😂


♡ Your favourite chocolate cake recipe (I make this one as my partner fell in love with it instantly, so it’s now our go-to)
♡ One medium knife, and one small
♡ Red, black, and white fondant
♡ Baking paper and angled spatula
♡ Fondant rolling pin
♡ Pencil, ruler, and scissors


1. Bake your favourite chocolate cake according to the instructions. As we are only going to use a small amount of it, you may want to halve the recipe, or make more than one Deadpool face.

2. Once your cake has cooled down after baking, cut it into a medium sized square. The sides of my cake were a little shorter than 8cm, but I recommend cutting yours at an even number using your ruler.


3. Place your cake square onto your baking paper and trace around it with the pencil, being very careful not to touch the pencil on the cake. Cut that square out – depending on how far away you placed your pencil, you may need to cut a little further in the lines so that your square is the same size as your cake.

4. Use your ruler to divide the cake into three equal strips, and cut the cake both horizontally and vertically, so you are left with nine equal pieces. Set those to the side.

5. Roll out your red fondant onto some baking paper. Place the baking paper square you cut out earlier on top, and slice off any excess fondant with your small knife. Keep that baking paper square as you will need it later. Now, measure your nine equal squares on your fondant just like you did with your cake, but don’t cut them out just yet. Instead, just make a slight indention with your knife so you know where to cut later.

6. Now you are going to sketch Deadpool’s “eyes” onto your square of baking paper. I got up a photo of his face on the computer, stretched it until I could fit a good amount of his eyes onto my baking paper square, then traced both the black and white parts of his eyes.

I traced around an illustrated photo of his face, which is why it’s a little different to his face on the DVD. If you have the DVD you can always trace off that instead, or just freehand it as it’s not a very difficult design.

7. Cut out the black parts of his eyes from the baking paper as this is going to be your stencil. I realised I didn’t draw mine very evenly, so I just used the one side cut out, and flipped it over to do the other eye, but it’s up to you!

Roll out your black fondant, place the baking paper eye on top, then cut around it with your scissors. Gently soften any harsh edges with your fingers, then place it in its correct place on your red fondant square. Do the same with the second eye.

8. Roll out a small amount of white fondant. Cut out the white slits that you drew on the baking paper earlier, then use them as stencils on your white fondant. As these pieces are very small it is difficult to get them the exact same size, but just do the best you can! Place them in the middle of your black fondant.

petoit four Deadpool 2 puzzle thesmalladventurerDeadpool 2 petit four puzzle thesmalladventurer

9. Very carefully go back over those indents you made earlier on your red fondant with your knife. Most of them will be covered up by the black fondant, but you should still be able to see some of them.

I recommend using a medium or large sized knife so you are able to line it up with the parts of the lines you can see, and just make sure that your knife is straight, and it will cut your fondant into those equal pieces you want.

It’s important to slowly and carefully pull your knife away each time so you don’t pull the layers of fondant up with you; you may want to use a clean finger to hold it down if it won’t stay  put. It’s also a good idea to wipe your knife after every cut you make, so you don’t get any black fondant onto the red, and vice versa.

10. Use your angled spatula to pick up each fondant square and place it on top of the cake squares. If you’re worried about the fondant sliding off, you could always sprinkle a few drops of water on the bottom to make it sticky, but be careful not to use too much.

You’re done! If you’re thinking of serving this at a kid’s party (even though Deadpool is certainly NOT a kid’s movie, I know the Marvel universe is loved by people of all ages), you could always serve each person this cake all jumbled up, and challenge them to put each piece in the correct place before they can eat it! I’m 22 this year and I would love an activity like that at my party 😂

Deadpool 2 V energy drink thesmalladventurerDeadpool movie DVD thesmalladventurerthe small adventurer cake petit four puzzle Deadpool

Also, if you’re thinking: Just plain chocolate cake? How boring! that’s because my lovely partner IS boring, and isn’t a huge fan of icing. He doesn’t really like fondant either, but he can easily take the fondant off this cake.

If I was making this cake for myself (which I DO do, so don’t think I only make food for others!), I would have cut the small cake squares in half and put some caramel flavoured buttercream in between the two halves. Doesn’t that sound delicious?! You could put any filling you want in the middle though! Get creative with it, you never know what flavour combination you might discover!

Now, tell me: are you a fan of the Marvel universe? If so, who is your favourite character? I really like Loki, Captain America, Bucky, and Hawkeye, but I’m also a huge fan of the X-Men and Wolverine movies too! I’m really glad Daniel got me into this universe, it’s nice to be a part of something that the whole world seems to have fallen in love with!

Until next time,
Indya xx

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6 thoughts on “Deadpool Inspired Petit Fours for Deadpool 2

    • Thank you ☺️ I haven’t actually read of the comics yet, which is a surprise as I love reading but there’s just SO MANY to read! I’d like to start a collection when we’re in a bigger house though.


  1. Omg I love Deadpool and I’m so excited about the second one!! This is so cool and has such amazing detail! I totally would’ve thought I’d never be able to make something like this, but you break down each step perfectly. I love it!


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