Disco Ball Macarons

Happy Friday everyone! To say that this week have been a whirlwind of emotions would be an understatement. You see, I cannot half-feel things; I feel things 100%, or not at all – and I have felt a LOT of things recently. I’ve been getting way too caught up in my own mind about uni, this blog, and managing my own health, and have been causing myself a heap of stress that just isn’t necessary.

But, after a week of stressing out about everything, I am finally entering the weekend on a good note. I got some homework done yesterday that actually helped out heaps with my first assignment that’s due on Sunday, so now all that’s left of that is just to double-check everything before I submit it (woo!).

Plus, I managed to create something to share on here! I had planned to share a DIY project and a recipe on the blog this week, but that just didn’t work out. I was not feeling the DIY, and then the recipe I wanted to share didn’t work, and it was my FIFTH time trying it, so I officially gave up and moved on.

disco balls macarons thesmalladventurer

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Sometimes, quitting is the right choice. You have to know when to walk away. Out of those failures, though, came these tiny macaron disco balls. Which, I will admit, I am a little disappointed in, as they don’t look as awesome as my disco ball cookies from January, but I had a lot of fun making these, I used some really cool products, and the actual decorating was quite simple.

So, I thought I’d share them anyway, because not everything can be perfect, and these might inspire some of you to recreate them and totally outdo me (which I would honestly LOVE! If you ever make something that I made – or inspired by me – let me know!).

Now I can happily – and stress-free – go into the weekend with plans to indulge in my current sewing obsession that I’ve been sharing with you all over on Instagram, and continue counting down the days until mine and Daniel’s fifth anniversary on the 24th! Eeeek 🙊


♡ Wilton Color Mist in Silver
♡ Buttercream icing, dyed grey (I used a small amount of this gel colour by Wilton)
♡ White macaron shells
♡ Black food decorating pen (I used one from this set, although a grey one would probably look even better!)
♡ Piping bag
♡ Icing scraper (optional, I used it to help me draw straight lines)

disco ball (3).jpg

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1. First, we’re going to give the macaron shells their first layer of Color Mist spray. If possible, I would recommend doing this outside. Color Mist is an aerosole and it does go everywhere; I had to wash my entire outfit after making these.

If you can’t go outside, lay down a big piece of baking paper to put your macaron shells onto, and then cover all the surrounding areas with tea towels or paper towel.

Lay out all your macaron shells so that their flat side is facing upwards. I would recommend putting on vinyl gloves or even a freezer bag around the hand that you’re not spraying with, so that you can hold each shell in place as you spray it, because the spray is powerful and will make the shells move around.

2. Once your shells are laid out and you have a glove or bag on your hand, quickly and lightly spray the tops and sides of the shells. Don’t hold down the button of the can for too long at a time, even if you think it needs it. The spray darkens and spreads out more evenly as it dries, but if you keep spraying, it’s just going to move around.

3. Once that layer is dry, carefully flip over the shells (I would still recommend using a glove for this) and do the same for the tops of the shells. Gently hold the edges of each shell, do a few seconds of spray, then move on to the next one. We’re going to spray them again once they’re put together so don’t worry too much if you can still see some white shell poking through.

food decorating pens chefmaster thesmalladventurerdisco ball macaron thesmalladventurer

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4. Let the Color Mist dry once again, then spoon your grey buttercream icing into your piping bag, snip off the end, and pipe the buttercream onto half of your macaron shells. Very carefully put the remaining macaron shells on top of the ones with buttercream; I say “very carefully” as I cracked and broke many shells whilst doing this 😅.

5. Now, add any more spray that you might need to cover up the remaining white. You may be able to see that some of my shells are still white, which is due to the fact that I ran out of Color Mist whilst in the middle of this recipe 😭

6. Allow the last layer of Color Mist to dry, then get your icing scraper and black food decorating pen and carefully rule your lines horizontally and vertically across the top of the macarons, being careful not to push too hard and pierce the shell.

Wait for the lines to dry before handling the macarons, then you’re done! You now have some delicious, tiny treats that are perfect for your next party ✨

disco ball the small adventurer macarons

TIP: Both the food pens and the spray say that they are taste-free, but it can be a little strange to eat something that smells like aerosol paint and a marker, so I recommend maybe adding some flavour to your buttercream and/or your macarons. That way people won’t focus too much on the unusual smells when they’re biting into your adorable desserts!

If you can’t get enough of disco balls like me, here’s a disco ball pinata, disco ball donut holes, and a huge disco ball cake – all made by much more talented people than I am – for you to enjoy! ☺️

Until next time,
Indya xx

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23 thoughts on “Disco Ball Macarons

  1. That color mist is awesome. I don’t think we’ve anything like that here. I have to put my hand up and confess I don’t like macarons much!! But these look amazing

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love macarons!! These disco ball macarons look really cute, Indya! I’m totally sharing this recipe with one of my friends from college when I talk to her again.


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