DIY Sushi Pinata for International Sushi Day

Happy Monday everyone! As you’ll be able to tell by the title, today is International Sushi Day, so it’s the perfect day to bring you yet another sushi-inspired creations! So far I have made cake pops, a clock, a pillow and some super easy surprise balls that were all inspired by sushi, and I still have a lot more ideas for the future, but for now I’m taking it back to my roots: a DIY pinata!

For quite a while there, pinatas were the only DIY project I made. Even though I try to branch out more nowadays, I still love making them every now and then, and I thought now would be a good time to share a new one. Hope you enjoy!

sushi pinata thesmalladventurer DIY projectdiy sushi (7)


♡ Cereal box
♡ White streamers
♡ Black streamers
♡ White, orange, and green paper
♡ Pencil
♡ Scissors
♡ Sticky tape
♡ Glue stick


1. Cut up your cereal box so the front, back, and sides are all separate from each other.

2. Draw a large circle on the brown side of your front piece of cardboard, and another on the back piece. You may want to trace a circular item to ensure you get the same size shape. Cut them both out.

3. Now it’s time to cut out the strip that will go around the edges of your circles, and sit in the middle of them. My cereal box was really big, so I cut both my side pieces in half, but it depends on how thick you would like your pinata to be.

When you’ve got a strip that is the thickness of your choice, stand it up on one of your circles.  Have it sitting on the pictured side of the circle, with the brown side of your strip facing out. This helps to ensure that you won’t see the picture underneath the streamers later on.

4. Start taping the bottom of your side strip around the edge of the circle, bending the strip piece as you go around. This is where I really go crazy with the tape to ensure that it’s going to stay in place, but remember that people need to be able to break this thing apart as well 😂

Continue taping the strip around the edge of the circle. If you run out of cardboard, cut some more from one of your leftover strips and tape it to the end of the first one. When you’re finished this step, you should have something that resembles a bowl.

international sushi day thesmalladventurer DIY pinata

5. Fill your pinata with candy, then place the second circle cardboard piece with the brown side facing upwards, and sticky tape that firmly over the top.

6. Now it’s time to start on the streamers! I recommend starting with the outside, which will be covered in your black streamers. Unravel your black streamer all around the outside so you know how long you need it to be.

Cut it, fringe the bottom 2/3 of it, then sticky tape it all around the outside of the circle, but have it closer to the bottom so that roughly half of it is hanging over the edge, then trim the pieces hanging over.

7. Measure, fringe, and stick a second strip of black streamer around the edge, this time slightly higher then the first strip, so that the bottom half of your second strip is hanging over the top of your first strip, but not hanging over the edge of the actual pinata. Continue to do this with as many strips as you need until the entire outside of your pinata is covered in fringed, black streamers.

8. We’re going to start on the white streamers now. Lay your pinata so that one of the circle sides is facing you. Measure a strip of white streamer from left to right along the very bottom of this circle, with about half of the streamer hanging over the edge once again. Fringe the bottom 2/3 of the streamer, stick it to the pinata, then trim the pieces that are hanging over the edge.

9. Continue to measure, fringe, and stick strips of white streamer in an upwards direction until the entire circle is covered. When you get to the very top, instead of taping the streamers down like you did with the other layers, stick the last strip on with looped pieces of tape placed underneath the streamers, or just glue it on, so you don’t see the tape at the top.

sushi pinata DIY project thesmalladventurerDIY project sushi pinata thesmalladventurer

10. The actual design of what you’d like inside your sushi is up to you, but I feel like the grilled salmon look that I went for is pretty common (if that’s even what it is…), which is why it’s my go-to for so many of my sushi projects. It’s even on one of the wooden sushi rolls I have, so you know it’s legit 😉

It’s also a pretty easy thing to draw. I just drew a circle onto my orange paper and cut it out. Then, I cut thin strips of white paper and glued them onto the orange circle, and trimmed the overlapping pieces. Finally, I added a small green oval-ish shape to represent avocado, as that is on many different kinds of sushi. But, once again, you can do any design you want!

11. As pinatas spin around when they’re hit, I would recommend at least covering the back in the fringed white streamers, but it’s up to you if you want the sushi design to be on both sides. Just depends on how lazy you’re feeling I guess 😜 Once you’ve done that, you’re finished! You now have an adorable, candy-filled sushi-inspired pinata that you get to destroy after you put all that work into making it 😂


Hope you’re all having a lovely start to the week, however you’re spending it! I am hoping to decorate and photograph some exciting recipes that I have planned for July, and put some finishing touches on a few DIY projects that I’m working on too! Can’t wait to share all my ideas with you ☺️

Until next time,
Indya xx


22 thoughts on “DIY Sushi Pinata for International Sushi Day

  1. Now that’s just cute! I haven’t ever been a crafty person, but I’ve always wanted to be! This would be super cute for a kid party! Very creative, too!


  2. When I first read “Sushi Pinata” I automatically assumed that there would be sushi inside the pinata hahahahahaha. I was like “won’t the sushi just get all smooshed all over the floor?”. Nailed it, Christie.
    But seriously, this is too cute! I wish I was even just half as creative as you are, girl! x


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