DIY Rubik’s Cube Pillow

It’s heeeeeeeere! July: the month of awesome – and mostly never-before-featured-on-The-Small-Adventurer – recipes and DIY projects, all inspired by my wonderful boyfriend. It’s his 23rd birthday on the 9th, so I decided to dedicate most, if not all, of this month’s creations to things that he likes, and I have honestly never felt more inspired!

The recipes are definitely my favourite part, and whilst I don’t want to give all of this month’s content away, I do want to say that one recipe is for SOUR GUMMY LOLLIES, and they are amazing. Exactly like the sour gummies you buy from the shop, only better because I designed them to look like an important item from Daniel’s favourite movie – which is a movie that I KNOW a lot of you will love as well!

DIY project Rubik's Cube thesmalladventurerthesmalladventurer DIY project Rubik's Cibe

To kick off this month of exciting projects is one of my all-time favourite things to make: pillows! I am honestly kind of obsessed with pillows. Over the last two months I’ve made an Animal Crossing pitfall seed pillow, a donut pillow, a Mario Question Block pillow, and now this Rubik’s cube pillow, which is easily the most tedious one of them all 😂

Now, truth be told that Daniel doesn’t love Rubik’s cubes as much as he does the other things that I’ll be sharing this month, but he is really good at them – AND we have, like, five in our office – so they always remind me of him.

Plus, as you can probably tell from the list above, I am kind of on a mission to make a heap of geeky pillows to go in our office, so this fits in quite well. So, if you’ve got a lot of patience and time on your hands, then read ahead and find out how to make your own Rubik’s Cube pillow ☺️


♡ Black fabric (I used an XL plain black t-shirt from an op shop!)
♡ Red, yellow, orange, white, blue, and green felt
♡ Red, yellow, orange, white blue, green and black thread
♡ Thread, needle, and pins
♡ Scissors and ruler
♡ Pen or pencil
♡ Pillow stuffing
♡ A lot of patience!


1. Cut your t-shirt up the sides so that the front and back pieces are separate. Lay them next to each other, and figure out how big you can make your 6 square pieces. This will depend on how big your actual t-shirt is – because I used such a big shirt, I was able to make quite a large pillow from it.

I would suggest starting with squares that have 10cm sides, so use your ruler and mark out with your pins as many 10×10 squares as you can. Choose where you pin these squares strategically so that you get as much use from your fabric as possible. If you’re unable to mark out six 10x10cm squares from your fabric, then take your pins and try a smaller size. It’s very important that each square is exactly the same size!

diy rubik's

2. Once you’ve marked out your size squares, cut them out. Pin two of them together along one edge, and stitch that edge together with your black thread. Get another fabric square, pin one of its to another one of the edges of one of the squares you just sewed, and stitch them together too. Make sure you continue to sew on the same side, so that we can flip the entire thing inside out later and have all the stitch marks hidden.

3. You should now have one fabric square with two other squares pinned to two of its edges. Stitch two more fabric squares to the remaining edges of that piece, and you’ll be left with one fabric square that has one square sewn onto each one of its edges.

4. Now we’re going to sew those outer pieces together. Continuing to keep all the stitch marks on the outside, pin together the edges of the side pieces with black thread, so that you’re left with a shape that resembles a box with no lid. Flip the box inside out so all the stitch marks are on the inside.

5. Before we add the final square to make the cube, we’re going to add the felt squares on first. I decided to make my design a completed Rubik’s cube because I honestly can’t imagine anything more infuriating than seeing an unfinished Rubik’s cube that you can’t complete, but that’s up to you!

The size of the felt squares will depend on how big your black fabric squares are. I measured mine from side to size, took off a couple of centimetres so that there’d be some gaps in between, then divided that number by 3, and that’s how big I made my felt squares.

I’d recommend cutting out your first nine squares in one colour and placing them onto one of the black fabric squares to ensure you’re happy with their size and placing. If you are, cut out nine squares for each colour of felt you have.

UNO cards Rubik's Cube thesmalladventurerRubik's Cube DIY project thesmalladventurer

6. I assumed all Rubik’s cubes were the same, so I copied the placing of the colours directly from one of my Rubik’s cubes, before realising that I owned another one that was different, so it’s really up to you what order you place your colours. Pin nine of your felt squares onto one face of your fabric box-with-no-lid, then sew around the edge of each square with the same coloured thread as the felt.

Place your hand inside the fabric box and hold it up, to ensure that you don’t accidentally sew some of the other sides as well. Continue to sew all your felt squares to each face of your fabric box, then sew the remaining coloured felt to the fabric square that hasn’t been attached yet.

7. Now, flip your fabric box back the other way, so the felt is on the inside, and the stitches are on the outside. Pick up your last fabric square and place it onto the fabric box where the hole is, making sure that the coloured felt is faced inside with the rest of them. Pin the edges together, and then sew around them 90% of the way, leaving a small hole on one edge.

8. Very carefully poke the entire pillow through that small hole that you left open, then fill that hole with pillow stuffing until your creation somewhat resembles an actual Rubik’s cube. After that, sew up the hole and you’re done! You now have a huge Rubik’s cube pillow!


As much as I love my wonky, curvy Rubik’s cube pillow, I am considering measuring the size of it and cutting a piece of foam of that size to put inside of it, so it actually looks like a Rubik’s CUBE 😂 but this is more than fine for now!

Tell me: can any of you complete a Rubik’s cube? I definitely can’t! According to Daniel, there’s a specific way to do it, but I don’t understand that as you have to mess them up yourself, and wouldn’t everyone do that differently? Either way, I think they’re pretty neat and this looks really cool with the rest of our geeky office decor. I hope you like it too!

Until next time,
Indya xx


17 thoughts on “DIY Rubik’s Cube Pillow

  1. Hey girl!!! I love that you felt so inspired! Crafts are SO MUCH FUN! I commend you for being able to sew this….I am not at sewing whatsoever! Everything is so neat and perfect – I’m beyond jealous! This looks like it was such a fun and calming project! Thanks for sharing!


  2. This is so cute! We are huge nerds/gamers in my house so it would fit right in. We had pillows kind of like this but they were dice instead of a rubik’s cube but they eventually fell apart. This would be the perfect replacement!


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