“Fluffy Pink Dice” Homemade Marshmallows

Daniel and I are huge marshmallow fans. Whilst we usually go for everyone’s favourite Pascall marshmallows, I also have a soft spot for these jelly-filled marshmallows that you can get (in store) for $2 from The Reject Shop. Oh, I also adore mini marshmallows – and giant ones!

Basically, any and all marshmallows are good in my books, and I have been wanting to try to make my own for some time now, so I finally did! And, of course, I added a little The Small Adventurer to it by making them pink 😉

fuzzy pink dice homemade marshmallows thesmalladventurer

As mentioned in Tuesday’s post, this month’s projects are all inspired by my wonderful partner, Daniel, as July is his birthday month. Whilst he has no strong feelings towards – or against – fluffy pink dice, it’s really the marshmallow side of this recipe that is inspired by him, as we both love those powdery little treats so much!

Daniel also helped me make these guys too, as they aren’t the easiest things to make. We actually broke my whisk attachment making these 😅 It was poorly designed, but do keep that in mind if you don’t have a good mixer, as this recipe get very thick and difficult to mix! Now, with the warnings out of the way, let’s get onto the recipe!


♡ Your favourite marshmallow recipe (I tried Martha Stewart’s one, which has a lot of great reviews, but the texture wasn’t the same as normal marshmallows, so if you have one that you know you like, use that one instead!)
♡ Pink food dye
♡ Cornflour
♡ White fondant
♡ Rolling pin
Fondant modelling tools OR a small circle fondant stamp


1. Follow the instructions on how to make the marshmallows as directed by the recipe you chose, but add a few drops of pink food colour to the mixture towards the end. Don’t add too much, as we want a light, pastel pink to more accurately resemble fluffy pink dice.

pink dice (1)pink dice marshmallows thesmalladventurer

2. Once your marshmallow is set, dust the top of the mixture, a plate, and a knife with cornflour, then begin cutting the marshmallows into squares. After each slice, wipe your knife and cover it in more cornflour.

Each time you cut into the marshmallow, the sides that will now be exposed will be very sticky, so cover them in cornflour too. Basically cover everything in cornflour so nothing sticks together – it won’t alter the taste, I promise!

3. Roll out your white fondant and cut small circles out of it with your stamp, or using the half semi circle cutter from a set of modelling tools. If you don’t have either of those things, you could just pinch off a bit of white fondant, roll it into a small ball with your fingers, then flatten it.

I decided just to put the dots on the top of the marshmallows and leave the sides blank, as marshmallows are already very sweet treats, and too much fondant may make these guys too sickening for those eating them!

4. Cut out as many circles as you need to make multiple numbers for each square. If you’re making these for a birthday, you could always tailor them to the age that the person is turning! Such as, if they’re turning 6, place 6 white dots on all the marshmallows. Or, if they’re turning 12, you could have the marshmallows in pairs, with the first one having one fondant dot, and the second one having two. There’s so many options!

thesmalladventurer fluffy pink dice marshmallowsqueen fine foods pink food colour thesmalladventurer

Tell me: have you ever made your own marshmallows? Do you want to? Don’t let what I’m about to say scare you off, but I am definitely NOT planning on making marshmallows again after this 😂 I am all for trying things once, but this is one treat that I would prefer to buy rather than make – but let me know if you disagree! It’s always good to hear different opinions.

Until next time,
Indya xx


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