Marty McFly’s Hoverboard Sour Gummy Candy | Back To The Future Recipe

Welcome to what is perhaps the most creative and best-tasting thing that I have ever created: sour gummy candy that looks like the hoverboard from Back To The Future!

Also, before any BTTF nerds (such as my boyfriend!) point it out, I know that the hoverboard isn’t technically Marty’s, as he steals it from a little girl, but after that it’s basically his.

sour gummy candy thesmalladventurer blog hoverboard bttf

If you’re new around here, you may not know that this month’s blog content has been inspired by my partner and best friend in the entire world, Daniel, since July is his birthday month (we’re a celebrate all-month-long kind of couple!).

Considering Back to the Future is his all-time favourite movie/trilogy, I knew straight away that I would have had to create something inspired by it, so I did!

Daniel and I are huge fans of a lot of different candies, but Daniel has a particular strong sweet spot for sour gummy candies. Sour straps, pencils, any other shapes – if it’s sour, he’ll love it!

I’d been wanting to make my own sour candy ever since I realised they’re just gummies covered in citric acid and sugar, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity, and I’m so glad I finally did it! These guys were SO delicious, I couldn’t stop eating them!

Now, Daniel doesn’t actually like fondant, so I left the fondant decorations off of a few gummy hoverboards so he could enjoy them, but if you’re NOT crazy like him, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy these just as they are 😜 Let’s get onto the recipe!


♡ 21g gelatine powder
♡ 2x 85g packets of raspberry jelly (we use Aeroplane Jelly religiously in our household because it’s super cheap + Australian made!)
♡ 1 and 1/4 cup hot water
♡ Citric acid + caster sugar, to coat
♡ Green, pink, and yellow fondant
♡ A skateboard cookie cutter, OR a curved letter “U” cookie cutter
♡ A small circle fondant cutter (optional, but helpful)
♡ Paper and pencil (also optional, but helpful)

back to the future (1)


1. Pour gelatine powder and both packets of jelly crystals into a heatproof bowl.

2. Boil 1 and 1/4 cups of water in a kettle, then add to the bowl of jelly. You could also heat these two up on the stove if you’d prefer that, but we’re all about doing things the easy way here on The Small Adventurer!

3. Carefully stir the hot water into the jelly until all the crystals have dissolved. Line a deep tray with baking paper and have some hanging over the edges at either end. Pour the liquid into the tray, then place in the refrigerator for at least an hour – I left mine overnight just to be sure.

4. When your jelly is set, lift it out by grabbing the two overlapping pieces of baking paper. Flip it over onto a clean chopping board, then peel the baking paper off. Now, start cutting out your skateboard pieces with your cookie cutter. Don’t forget to trim one end of your jelly shape with a knife so that it isn’t curved anymore, as that’s how the hoverboard looks!

5. Pour some citric acid and caster sugar into a bowl; play around with the amounts of both until you get a taste that you like (we like our sour gummies to be quite sour here, but not everyone is the same!), then pick up your gummy hoverboards and run them through the citric acid sugar mixture until all the sides and edges are covered.

the small adventurer bttf hoverboard sour gummyback to the future hat hoverboard sour gummy thesmalladventurer

6. To make the fondant decorations, I traced around the cookie cutter I used multiple times onto some paper, then placed those outlines underneath your baking paper. Roll out some green fondant, then use your circle fondant cutter to cut out a circle, and place it on top of one of your outlines to make sure you’re happy with the size of it in regards to the entire hoverboard.

You could also just roll some fondant in your hands and flatten it to make this shape, and that way it can be any size you wish! When you’ve found a size you’re happy with, cut out one green circle for each hoverboard you have, but don’t put it on the hoverboard yet.

7. Roll out your yellow fondant and cut it into strips, then line those strips up with the outlines you drew, and cut the ends down to size so there won’t be any overlap. Remember that these strips sit horizontally on the board, so be sure to measure them while they’re facing the correct way. Cut two of these strips for every hoverboard you have, then put them aside with your green circles.

8. Roll out your pink fondant and cut it into strips like you did with your yellow fondant, but this time make it slightly thicker. Line it up with your outlines and trim the edges down to size. Make one of these for each hoverboard you have.

sour gummy hoverboard back to the future thesmalladventurerback to the future hover board sour gummy candy thesmalladventurer

9. Roll out more pink fondant and cut it into thinner strips than the previous two. Get one of your green circles that you have out before, and use that as a guide so you know how short to trim your pink strips, as they will be placed on top to be the “strap”.

10. Once you have all your fondant pieces cut out, you can start putting them on your jelly! Keep in mind that fondant and liquid are not friends, so these are best eaten soon after being put together, otherwise the fondant starts to dissolve.

If you have time to leave the fondant out a bit beforehand so that it hardens before you add it to your gummies, that might help a bit.

If you’re making these for a specific day or event, I would recommend waiting until the last minute before adding the citric acid/sugar mixture and fondant decorations to ensure they still look awesome by the time others get to see them 😊


There you have it: sour gummy hoverboards! These were a lot of fun to make, and I’m not exaggerating when I say these are some of the best-tasting treats I’ve EVER made! I love sour lollies, the sourer the better in my opinion 😋

Tell me: what do you think of sour gummies? Love ’em, hate ’em? What about the Back to the Future trilogy? Do you think they deserve all the praise they get? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time,
Indya xx

26 thoughts on “Marty McFly’s Hoverboard Sour Gummy Candy | Back To The Future Recipe

  1. Girl! I LOVE SOUR GUMMIES. This is inspiring me! I also love your eccentric props you used to style your photos, like the hat- so cool! This recipe looks and I’m definitely intrigued! Now I want sour gummies so so much!!!!!


  2. Okay, those sour gummy hoverboards are so cool! My husband loves Back to the Future, and I love sour candy so I feel this would be a super fun activity to do together!


  3. These are AMAZING! I’m a huge BTTF fan — and these are so cool. I cannot believe you made them! Your partner is a lucky guy! I learned recently that earlier this month was the 33rd anniversary of the movie, so this is perfect timing!


  4. This is so creative!! I never thought about how much you could make with gummies before. I like to do themed parties so I’ll have to brainstorm what I might be able to do for the future!


  5. I love Aeroplane Jellyyyy. Aeroplane jelly for meeee!
    We won’t get in to the technicalities of who the hoverboard actually belongs to, because the point is: These gummies are adorable! :3 x


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