Why My Most Important Goal In Life Is To Have Fun

One of my biggest goals in life is to be happy.

I didn’t always know what I wanted to do as a career – and, to be honest, I’m still not really sure – but I did know that I wanted to be happy.

I didn’t want to let little things get me down, or hate the world around me.

I saw firsthand what that was like, by having a mother who blamed every one of her problems on anyone but herself, and I knew that wasn’t going to be me.

And it isn’t.

THIS smiley face sugar republic melbourne thesmalladventurer.

My partner and I have lived together for 5 years now. One of our routines is that whenever he goes at work, he sends me a text to let me know that he arrived safely, to give me peace of mind.

He always says the same thing – and includes the same six emojis that all mean different things to us – and I always respond with the same message: “Have fun baby and come home soon, I love you”, followed by the same six emojis.

It’s not just something I write on a whim, it’s the overall goal that I have for the both of us: to have fun. No matter where we are, or what we’re doing.

There’s a lot of bad, boring, and mediocre things that come with life, but I refuse to let those things get in the way of our happiness – and, so far, they haven’t.

I’ve talked about how we both had to suddenly move out on our own after my mother turned violent on us. We had to leave in the middle of the night, drive over an hour away to a friend’s place, and stay in their guest room while we figured out what we were going to do with our lives.

I had to stop working as I don’t drive, but Daniel continued to work, driving over an hour to and from each time, and sometimes staying over at a friend’s house to save petrol.

That was one of the hardest times of our lives, but it didn’t break us.

diy (29).jpg

We eventually got a unit for ourselves closer to work, which was great, but those few weeks we really roughed it out.

We had spent nearly all our money on the first month of rent and the bond, not to mention moving costs and setting up gas, electricity, etc.

We owned about three pieces of furniture to our names, which means that Daniel had to hand wash all of our clothes for weeks. We initially just went to the laundromat, but we hated waiting around for hours at a time for the clothes to both wash and dry, so he took it upon himself to wash our clothes.

I didn’t make him do that, he made that decision all by himself.

So there we were, minds full of still-fresh memories of violence, in a new place with no washing machine, internet, couch, or even any heating.

Most nights we sat on the floor playing board games together to pass the time. I was still in a really bad place, but I was also excited.

I had been given a brand new start. The possibilities for our future were endless, and they still are.

I was able to rid myself of the most toxic person who had ever been in my life, and I was so relieved.

Even during that rough patch, I knew good things were ahead of us.

I knew then that we were going to make something of ourselves and live better lives.

We were going to be happy. We were going to have fun – and I couldn’t have been more right.

THIS me in giant cake nerds sugar republic melbourne thesmalladventurer

We live such amazing lives now. We’re both working at jobs we enjoy, and studying so that we can have an even brighter future.

We have hobbies that fulfil us, dreams that drive us, and love for each other that makes all the bad things better.

Every moment we spend together is full of smiles and laughter; whether we’re watching the birds outside the kitchen window while we’re cooking dinner, showing each other cute animal videos on our phones when we should be sleeping, or when I can’t breathe from laughing so hard at Daniel trying to brush his teeth and navigate his way around the bathroom with his eyes closed, because we’re still kids at heart.

No matter the task ahead of us, we find a way to make it fun. We find a way to make the other person laugh. And, suddenly, everything seems so much brighter.

Until next time,
Indya xx

Speaking of fun, come join in on the excitement over on Instagram – where every day is a party!

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24 thoughts on “Why My Most Important Goal In Life Is To Have Fun

  1. I’ve learned so much about you, and I love it! I too can relate to this post, my mom has always been violent towards me. I picked up my life and moved cross country to escape the drama, so I totally get you there! The best thing to do is cut ties! I am so proud of you for getting a place of your own and just trying to live your happiest life! I’m ALWAYS here if you wanna talk! Xoxoxo


    • Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this comment means to me! So often I get people saying “but she’s your mum!” etc and it’s so clear that they have never been through anything like that before (which is good, obviously) and just don’t understand, so it’s really nice to hear some reassuring words from someone who has been through it too. I am also so happy that you were able to distance yourself and give yourself a better life! Thank you again 💕


  2. It is so good, and so important to look to the bright side. It is inspirational to see you, even in that rough time of life, be happy and look to the good and the opportunities ahead of you. I definitely want to be more optimistic like that!


    • Yes, I agree! It has taken quite some time to train myself to think positively – and it’s something that you always have to work on – but it’s SO worth it! I love being truly content and loving the life that I live.


  3. This is so beautiful! I love how honest and raw you are here. You should be SO proud of what you two have achieved in the face of adversity. Not only did you both manage to survive, but you also managed to stay strong for each other. It’s easy to turn on one another or pick unnecessary fights during hardship so good on you for sticking it out together. ❤ x


    • Thank you so much! You have no idea what that means to me. Daniel and I have always had an amazing connection, and nothing we’ve been through has changed that in the slightest, and for that I will be eternally grateful. He was put through so much because of my family, but it didn’t change the way he felt about me at all. He could have easily packed up his things and left, but it never even occurred to him because we are a team. I couldn’t be luckier to have him!


  4. This is very inspiring! Finding happiness with the small things in life, and having a positive outlook no matter how bad the situation gets, is definitely a goal we should should all aim for!


  5. Your story is so inspiring! My goal is to be happy as well no matter what I end up doing with my life. I also had to cut out a person from my life because all they did was blame all their problems on everyone but themselves. Those people are so toxic that I can’t hang out with because it makes me think toxic thoughts which I don’t want.

    P.S. Those are the cutest pictures ever! ♥



    • Thank you so much, lovely! I’m sorry you had to deal with a toxic person, but it’s great that you were able to remove them from your life, as your own happiness should be your number one priority 💕

      Thank you, I love these photos too 🙈 Definitely going to have to frame the ones of Daniel and I!


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