How To Make Your Own DIY Custom Cookie Cutters

Yes, you read that correctly: this post is about how to make your own CUSTOM cookies cutters!

When I first found out you could do this, I was in awe. Cookies are one of my favourite things to make – and cookie cutters are some of my favourite things to collect – and once I discovered that it was possible to make your own into ANY shape you want, so many baking possibilities opened up for me!

Before we get started, there’s some things I need to clear up first: obviously, this is NOT my original idea. I have read countless home bakers on countless forums say they’ve been doing this for years, but I was still unsure of my own ability to make them.

That is, until I discovered Patti Page from Baked Ideas. Patti is the Queen of cookies and has an awesome cookbook – that I’d *love* to own – about all the different ways you can use one cookie cutter.

She is an actual genius, and it’s thanks to a video I found of her actually making some cookie cutters – which I share below – that I decided to finally give it a go, and I’m SO glad I did!

THIS ditto pokemon DIY cookie cutter thesmalladventurerdiy.png

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It was a lot of fun, not as difficult as I had anticipated, and opens up so many possibilities – which is why I had to write this post, to help spread the word about this awesome DIY project.

Also – and this is VERY important – NOT all aluminium flashing is food safe. Many kinds come coated in oil which you do NOT want coming in contact with your food. I specifically used a brand called Weatherflash that I found at a local hardware store. It’s no longer available there, but I did find it online here.

Whilst it said it was uncoated, I was still a little nervous, so I emailed the manufacturer directly and asked if it was safe to use for cookie cutters. They said it was fine, but that the sharp edges might hurt little kid’s fingers (which made me laugh, as I constantly get comments that say things like “oh, kids would LOVE this!” – everything on this blog is for ME! There are no kids here, and never will be! 😂).

So, even if you DO find a brand of uncoated aluminium flashing, it can’t hurt to contact the manufacturer and ask them too, just to be safe! If you don’t get a response, clean the flashing with some bleach and rubbing alcohol, to make sure if there’s any sort of oil on it, it comes off.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get onto the tutorial!


♡ Uncoated aluminium flashing
♡ String
♡ Scissors
♡ Tape
♡ A photo or drawing of the shape you want
♡ Small pliers (optional)


1. Unravel your string and place it all around the outside of the shape you are copying until you get back to where you started, then cut it.

2. Carefully unroll your aluminium flashing, as it is very sharp. Use one hand to hold one end of your string at the very start of your flashing, then unravel the rest of the string along the flashing, and cut the flashing to the same length as the string is.

3. Now it’s time to mould your flashing your desired shape! Place your flashing on top of your photo or drawing, and do your best to bend the flashing around the edges of the shape you’re making. The shape I was copying had lots of rounded parts, so I was able to bend the flashing with just my fingers.

If you’re going for a shape that has straight sides and/or sharp corners, I would recommend getting the pliers, clamping them at the part you wish to bend, and quickly but carefully using them to bend the flashing, to ensure you keep your straight edges. This video from Patti Paige of Baked Ideas is a great example of how to use the pliers to your best advantage!

4. You might end up accidentally bending some parts out of shape as you go along, so before you tape the two ends together, place the flashing on top of the photo once again to ensure you’re completely happy with the shape.

When you’ve got it the way you want, hold the two ends together – don’t overlap them too much, or at all if you can help it, as that will change your overall shape – and place some tape all around the two ends to keep them together, and to ensure that you have covered up the sharp edges.

5. Ta-da, you’re done! As with any activity, you’ll get better at this with time. I recommend starting off with relatively easy shapes until you get the hang of it, and to get creative with the objects you can use to help your mould your desired shapes, as pliers won’t help with every single design.

I can’t wait to try out a heap of different designs and making the most unique cookies ever! There’s nothing more fun than customising your baked goods to represent the things you love most.

Also, just a little tip: I would recommend gently hand washing these cookie cutters and not putting them through the dishwasher (although, we don’t have one, so I haven’t actually given it a try!), to prevent bending them out of shape, or ruining the tape that you have put in place.

THIS dittopokemon ditto DIY cookie cutter thesmalladventurerqueen fine foods roberts confectionery thesmalladventurer

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If you notice any cookie dough getting underneath the tape, just take it off and add some new tape, because you certainly don’t want old cookie dough sitting on your cutters 😷

Now, tell me: what is YOUR ideal shape for a cookie cutter? Any requests at all? I’m probably going to make a heap more Pokemon ones because I’m such a huge fan (if you’re not a Pokemon fan, this cutter that I made is of a Ditto, which is one of my favourites!), but I am open to any challenges or suggestions if there’s a shape you would like me to show you!

Also, let me know if you’d like to see some short videos of me making some cookie cutters – or doing anything else! – over on Instagram, as I have been contemplating giving that a go 😊 Hope you all have a great week!

Until next time,
Indya xx

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30 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own DIY Custom Cookie Cutters

  1. I think my niece would love this. I would like to try it with her. It’s fun to bake cookies with fun shapes.


  2. Indya, I had noooo idea you could create your own cookie cutter!!! I am ALWAYS learning something on your blog and it makes me so happy! These are so cute and I love cookies, I’m definitely going to try to make my own! Xoxo much love


    • Thank you so much!! When I found out you could make your own cutters, I knew I HAD to share this information with the world! I hope to do many more posts about it to help teach people that it’s really not too difficult to do! Thank you for your lovely comment, as always ☺️


  3. This is the best idea. I’m a cookie fanatic AND a kindergarten teacher, so I’m sure that I could come up with some great cookie creations for my students!


  4. This is such a great idea – I never thought of this! There are so many possibilities now for Disney cookie cutters besides just the standard Mickey Mouse I have…


  5. This is such a fun idea! I’d never thought to make my own cookie cutters, but there are so many options that way. And the color of that pink icing is gorgeous!


  6. What a great idea! I’m going to try and make a few for myself. I also laughed that she thought it was for a child. Fun cookies are perfect for any age!


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