Creative DIY Projects for Your Coles Little Shop Mini Collectables

As most of my readers are from other countries (hiiiii! 👋), I’m not sure how many of you will have heard about the great controversy and craze that is the Coles Little Shop Mini Collectables, but here in Australia, it is big news.

Coles is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Australia, and they recently started a promotion where you get a random mini figurine every time you spend $30, and they’re all shaped like one of the 30 most bought items from Coles.

There has been a lot of controversy with this promotion, as they have made some specific figurines very hard to find, whilst others very easy. Not only that, but consumers are quite angry about the fact that these plastic toys – which also come in plastic wrappers – will end up going to landfill.

These are both very good points, and it was strange that they started releasing these figurines after getting rid of single-use plastic bags to help the environment, as these figurines clearly do not.

the meaning (5).jpg

But, I am giving Coles a little benefit of the doubt, as these figurines have likely been in production for a very long time – before this recent craze of being against plastic, which is great, obviously – and to just not release them and throw them out themselves would be an even bigger waste.

Plus, I’ve come up with some fun ways to put your mini figurines to good use, so they don’t go to waste! Many people have said, whilst their kids love them now, they will soon get bored of them and end up throwing them out, but hopefully this post will give everyone some fun ways to use their leftover figurines so they don’t go straight to landfill! 


I don’t have many of these figurines as I don’t shop at Coles, but many kind work friends have given me theirs, and as all the ones I have are food items, I’ve decided to turn them into cute fridge magnets! All you need is some adhesive magnet sheets, cut them to the right size, and attach them to the back of your figurines! An instant and adorable home decor piece.


I already have quite the collection of push pins, but I can’t get enough! I’ve even started to make some novelty ones out of clay (DIY tutorials coming soon!), but turning these mini figurines into them is even easier! Just get some small, flat pins like these and hot or super glue them to the backs of the figurines, and your cork boards will get a whole lot cuter!


That’s right, show off your love of food (or other, random grocery items) by wearing them as jewellery! Hot or super glue them onto ring blanks, or thread a chain through the ones with holes – such as the juice bottle – and turn them into bracelets or necklaces!

You could also add your own holes with some scissors or a drill, glue a jump ring to the back and put a chain through that, OR just glue them onto some ribbon and make a choker like I showed you in a past post of mine! There are so many options.


Pencil toppers are some of the cutest stationery items out there, and these mini figurines would make some really adorable ones. This would be a little more difficult to make as many of them would require drilling or cutting into, but the cardboard one such as the Weet-Bix box would be fairly simple to pull off for this design.

mini collectables little shop coles thesmalladventurer


This is also one of the more difficult ideas, but still doable. It will only really work with the right figurines, that are big enough to be drawer pulls and won’t fall apart when you grab them. These would be best on smaller drawers that sit on desks or make-up tables.

You could either glue the backs of the figurines directly to the drawer knobs, or once again, drill into the backs of them and actually attach them to the nails underneath the knobs – but I’d recommend getting some help with that as I have not done that before! 😅


There you go! Just a few, fun ideas on how to keep your mini figurines from going to waste. I hope that these ideas inspire you in some way, even if you don’t collect these figurines!

Any small toys that you have lying around could be used in the same way. It’s a great way to hang onto mementos from your childhood that you don’t want to throw away, and to add a bit more fun and personality into your decor and accessories! What would YOU do with your figurines? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Indya xx

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