My Favourite Kmart Finds of 2018

It’s no secret that Kmart is amazing. I’m not going to pretend that I’m the only one who sees the beauty of its wonderfully low-priced items, but I’m still going to talk about them as if I am.

I really am a huge fan of Kmart. Most of my belongings used to be thrifted (and plenty of them still are! I love thrift shopping), but Kmart has definitely taken over as my go-to place to shop.

Their products are decently quality, amazingly priced, and perfect for my partner and I, who are in our early 20’s, work part-time, and don’t need/can’t afford appliances or furniture items that cost a few hundred dollars each.

So, today I’m going to share some of my all-time favourite purchases from Kmart that we’ve made throughout this year, just in case you aren’t aware of the amazing deals that are available, or are curious about the quality of certain products.

Everything that I list in this post, we own and love – and this is NOT sponsored by Kmart at all, it’s just an honest appreciation post for this wonder-store! ✨

kmart shelf thesmalladventurer


We have SEVEN shelving units from Kmart. I actually didn’t realise how many we had until I counted them for this post! We have three 8-cube shelving units, and four 4-tiered bookshelves, and they were all $35 each. Whilst they are slightly on the more expensive side – especially if you need more than one – they are still SO much cheaper than other furniture stores.

Yes, they are flatpack items, so they can seem a little rickety, but we’ve never had any problems with them moving too much or items falling off, and we do quite a lot of jumping, running and dancing in our house 😂 They even come with wall mounts which would make them a LOT more secure, but we haven’t bothered to use them as we’re renters, and they still stay put!


This is another item that I honestly cannot believe is so expensive from other places. The cheapest spice rack I’ve seen elsewhere was $80. For something that is essentially a storage item, I think that is ridiculous. This spice rack is super cute, fits heaps of products in it, AND it spins!

Plus, it comes with handy labels for commonly used spices. We have one in the kitchen for our savoury spices, and I just bought another one for my new baking shelves to fill up with things such as cinnamon, vanillin sugar, and more!

diy (24).jpg


Yeah, you read that right: $25. When we first decided to purchase a steam cleaner I did some online window shopping (one of my FAVOURITE activities to do, to ensure we’re always getting the best price!) and could not believe my eyes when I saw how much cheaper this steam cleaner was compared to everywhere else! Not only that, but since it’s hand held and quite compact, it’s SO easy to use.

Granted, we’ve never used any other kind of steam cleaner before, so we have nothing to compare this too, and so far we’ve only used it to steam wrinkles out of clothes (setting up an iron and ironing board in our tiny house with be a DISASTER), but it got the job done! It did take us a couple of trips to Kmart to finally locate one though, as it is a SUPER popular item due to its awesome price, so make sure you keep your eye out for it!


Every week or so I’ll visit Kmart’s website and search the term “pink” and see if anything new pops up. Due to this habit, I have a LOT of pink Kmart items, most of them being for the office or kitchen. Their kitchen items are SO incredibly cheap, with heaps of items being only $1.50-$2.

I’ve got numerous spatulas, whisks, ice cube moulds, potato mashers, wooden spoons, and a whole lot more, just because they’re so cheap. As for their home office items, these search results speak for themselves, but I’ll be going into more detail about what items I use for specific purposes when I post my new baking shelf reveal in a few weeks!

thesmalladventurer rainbow kmart


If you’ve seen my Instagram, then you know I’m a huge fan of colour, and it seems that the people at Kmart are too! I have SO many rainbow items from there, including sticky notes, pen holder, pencil case (which I actually use as a clutch!), decor pieces, and SO much more. I check their website every week or so to see if they’ve added new items to make sure I don’t miss out anything awesome rainbow things! 🌈


Plus a few more that deserve a quick mention:

♡ This gorgeous four slice toaster that is one of my favourite things in our kitchen.
♡ For those of you are just moving out of home, things like a $20 slow cooker, set of cooking utensils, and a kettle for only $7.50 really help you get established quickly, without breaking the bank. These things were essential for us when we were forced to move out a little over three years ago; Kmart really came to the rescue for us two broke and scared teenagers!
♡ I already have the donut bean bag that was available last year, but of course I had to pick up their macaron one as well.
♡ Have a tiny bathroom with zero storage like we do? Over door wire baskets and tiered trolleys to the rescue.
♡ This huge PINK felt letter memo board for only $8!!! I actually squealed in store when I saw it!
♡ I turned this wire basket and table into just a laundry basket, and used the wooden piece on top to create two serving trays, including this rainbow one I shared earlier on in the year.


What are some of YOUR favourite Kmart finds? I love a good deal on helpful appliances and adorable home decor, so any recommendations you might have for me or others, please leave them in the comments below! 👇

Until next time,
Indya xx

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19 thoughts on “My Favourite Kmart Finds of 2018

  1. By how you describe your finds, it looks like Kmart is indeed one fan store to find everyday essentials to wants. Those rainbow items are indeed cuteness and they make one smile. From all your finds, i particularly love the hand held steam cleaner.


  2. I completely forgot that Kmart even existed! There’s still a couple of Kmart stores in the state that my college is located in. All of the items you listed in this post sound so nice!


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