Colourful Baking Shelf Reveal (+ Must-Have Organisational Items for Small Spaces!)

It’s finally here: my baking shelf reveal!!! If you watch my Instagram Stories, you’ll know that Daniel and I completely re-did my baking shelf set up for my birthday in September.

We had always talked about changing things or redoing the furniture items that we currently had, but after receiving a HUGE package of sprinkles and other baking items from Dollar Sweets, we realised it was no longer something we could put off.

I had no room for all the things I had, and the shelves we were using at the time were no longer practical. Enter: Kmart! I’ve talked about my favourite finds from Kmart before, which included their shelving.

fairy floss machine thesmalladventurerchocolate fountain mckenzies products sifter

These shelves are only two of seven shelving units that we have from Kmart, and I LOVE them because they are so crisp and white 😍 (Unlike the walls behind them, as I am sure you’ll all notice 😩)

Don’t worry, they’re not just pretty, there’s also practical too! The shelves themselves are quite deep, so you’re able to fit a lot on each shelf, which was very important to me as my collection is always growing.

BUT, without the right organisational pieces, any shelf can easily turn into a chaotic mess, so I made a list of what items I had the most of (ie: food colours, sprinkles, cake pans, and utensils) and figured out what products would help keep everything well organised AND easily accessible.

food coloursfood colours and dollar sweets sprinkles

Most of the food colours and flavours on the top shelf are from Queen Fine Foods, and most of the decorative pieces on the bottom shelf are from Dollar Sweets, but feel free to ask about specific items in the comments if you’re curious!

I am SO happy with the pieces I chose – and the best part is, they’re super versatile so you can use them for any kind of shelving, not just baking ingredients! These life-saving items include:


I looooove me some tiered shelves! They’re perfect for stacking items that are the same size, so that you’re able to see the face of each one and know exactly what you have. I bought two – one for my food colours, and the other for the majority of my sprinkles –  from The Reject Shop as they are white and I wanted them to match the shelves, but you can also get a grey version from Kmart that are a little cheaper, if you’d prefer them!

fairy floss machine long shot thesmalladventurersprinkles lazy susans


Also another product that I am OBSESSED with! Of course, I love these ones even more because they’re PINK 💕

These are also super helpful for when you have a lot of items and want to be able to see your selection – especially when the containers you’re using as clear like these adorable jars from The Reject Shop – as you’re still able to see what’s at the back even though they aren’t on a shelf!

Another reason I love Lazy Susans is because you don’t have to reach over as many other items to get to the one you want, as you can just spin them until they’re facing you!

jars and cake board shelf


I’m sure you’re getting sick of me obsessing over everything on these shelfs, but these jars are AMAZING! You want to know why? They’re only $3-$4 EACH! As soon as I saw them on the shelves at Big W, I immediately saw my dream baking shelf being filled with them, and now I actually have that!

I use the bigger 2000ml ones for the ingredients I used a lot – such as caster sugar and icing sugar – and the slightly smaller 1600ml ones for things I don’t use as much of, or at least not in as big portions, such as brown sugar and almond meal (my regular flour I keep somewhere else in a HUGE tub that’s on wheels, as I buy it in large amounts at Costco!).

I still can’t get over how cheap these jars are for how professional they look. I then bought these blank pink labels and cut out the words from adhesive vinyl with my brand new Cricut machine!

thesmalladventurer baking shelf cookie cutters hooks


Removable hooks are awesome storage hacks for small spaces! I use them on the sides of many of my shelves to hold items that didn’t fit on the shelves, or that just don’t need to be on the actual shelves themselves.

I originally started using them to hang my most used cookie cutters on after I saw Baked Idea’s impressive wall of her own (she was also the person who taught me how to make my own cookie cutters!), but have since utilised their handiness to hold other hanging items, such as oven mitts and pot holders. Even if you’re not a baker, I can guarantee that you will find SOMETHING to hang on some removable hooks!

cake moulds file dividers


Once again, Kmart saves the day! I have been looking for file dividers FOREVER because I have a lot of purses and clutches that don’t sit well in my closet and I knew these would fix the problem perfectly, but all the ones I had seen were super expensive – until I found these!

Kmart’s home office section is one of my FAVOURITE sections in the entire store, and they have a range of colour options – including gold! – so you don’t have to get the pink ones that I got if they’re not your thing! I have three on the bottom of my shelves to help stack my cake pans and moulds and they’re PERFECT. I’m hoping to pick up some more to help organise my closet and office a bit better too!

dollar sweets pen holder.jpg

Some other little tips on organising your baking shelf:

♡ Use pen holders for tall items, such as fondant tools, food markers, and other utensils. I used to put these items in a drawer and it was a nightmare to find anything I wanted!

It’s much easier now that they’re standing up and I can see them all. My donut one – pictured above – is an old purchase from Typo, but my rainbow one that you’ll see in a photo below is still available at Kmart for only $3!

measuring cups shelftins shelf

♡ Use decorative baskets or trays for miscellaneous items that are used regularly. Piping bags, hooks for your mixer, extra cookie cutters that you still need to get hooks for 😂. No matter what is on your shelves, there’s almost always going to be an array of random items that don’t fit in elsewhere – which is where cute, decorative pieces like this come in handy! They’re also a fun way to add more colour to your shelves – and, when they’re only $3 for 4 of them, they’re almost impossible to walk away from!

♡ Use tins for small items that you don’t need as often, and would otherwise get lost. My fondant stamps are all very tiny and would also constantly get lost no matter where I put them, until I put them in these adorable tins together.

Now I always know where they are, and they’re not constantly rolling to the back of a drawer or the bottom of a large container to be lost forever! The two that I’m using were lucky finds at Savers. Keep your eye out at second hand stores, random $2 shops, and eBay for things like these!

♡ Accept that you can’t always fit everything together nicely! This was one of my biggest issues with these shelves, but once I realised I had to take some items away, everything else came together much better.

I have a lot of bigger trays that just didn’t fit, so I put them in a kitchen cupboard. My cookbooks also didn’t make the cut as they are just too big, and I don’t use them very often, so they got shipped off to another shelf.

Plus, there’s still lots of cake moulds and other very unique baking items that I own but just don’t use, so they are packed away in boxes until we move to a bigger place.

As a collector of collections, it’s hard to know what to keep and what to put away, but if you want your shelf to be pretty AND practical, you’re going to have to give some things up! It’ll be tough, but SO worth it in the end!

spice rack shelfdollar sweets shelf

Whew! Congratulations if you made it all the way through this post! I know I can talk a lot, but this is definitely one of my most wordy and photo-filled posts – and I still don’t know if I got a good photo of everything! Be sure to let me know if there’s an area that you would like a better look at.

I am really happy with how everything came together. I love playing around with my home decor, especially when it involves getting the most of out small spaces, as I do have a maximalist decor taste even though I live in a tiny unit 😅

If there’s an item featured in any photos that you would like to know where to purchase, just leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to help you out! *Most* of the items on these shelves are pretty new – which is so unusual for a weekly thrift shopper like me! – so I should be able to provide you with a link. Anyway, I’ll shut up now! I hope you all like my new shelves as much as I do ☺️

Until next time,
Indya xx

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  1. This looks so amazing – I LOVE all the color! And it really pops so well against the white shelves. Everything is so organized too!


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