DIY Donut Door Hanging

There’s no denying that sweets have taken over the world. With places such as the Museum of Ice Cream, Sugar Republic, and Dessert Museum, it seems that the whole world has fallen in love with colourful, fun, and sugary goodness!

Desserts have always been a huge love of mine, so I’m certainly not complaining about this latest trend, and seeing these amazing events and exhibitions come to life has inspired me to turn my own home – and life! – into a gallery of sweets.

DIY project thesmalladventurer donut doorway hanging

I’ve already made myself a donut tray, a pop tart tissue box, and filled my house with every dessert-themed home decor piece that I can get my hands on, but it’s just not enough!

So, today I am taking a leaf out of Dessert Museum’s book and making it rain donuts with this super fun doorway hanging DIY 🍩 I hope you love it as much as I do!



♡ Barnes Easycast Polyurethane
♡ Measuring cup (NOT used for food)
♡ Silicon mini donut mould (here)
♡ Brown, pink, blue, yellow, red, and purple paint
♡ Small paint brushes
♡ Roll of pink ribbon
♡ Dowel rod
♡ Masking tape


1. Follow the instructions that come with the Easycast Polyurethane on how to mix it, using your measuring cup as a guide. Exactly how much you’ll need depends on how many moulds you’re filling – if I remember correctly, we made 10 donuts (although we only used eight for this project) mixing 50ml of one of the liquids, and 45ml of the other. Keep in mind though that some were more filled than others.

2. After your donuts have all set, pop them out and paint them all brown. Wait for them to dry completely, then flip them over and paint the backs brown as well. Repeat with more coats if necessary, but remember you’re going to be covering up most of them with other colours soon!

3. Once your brown paint is dry, get a thin paintbrush and paint your “icing”. If you’d like to do a light outline of the icing before painting, by all means do that, but I just winged mine as I went and it actually wasn’t too difficult!

Remember our mottoif I can do it, you can too 😜 Paint as many coats as required until you can’t see the brown underneath your icing.

doorway hanging DIY the small adventurer donutsdiy (12).png

4. Wait for your icing colour to dry, then paint scattered, short lines in various colours on top to be your “sprinkles”. There’s no wrong way to do this, so just have fun with it!

5. When your sprinkles have dried, get your donuts and lay them out in front of your dowel rod to play with how they’re going to be arranged. I tried to make mine evenly spaced, but I also wasn’t TOO concerned about it.

6. Once you know where along the dowel each donut will go, cut your ribbon to various lengths so that they’re not all the same height. I tried to go with a pattern by having the end ones really long, then the next ones shorter, and the ones after that a little longer, etc, but it’s up to you how you cut your ribbons!

It might be an idea to use a measuring tape from the top of your doorway to see how far down you’d like them to come, so they don’t end up hitting you in the face or something 😅

7. Tie one end of each ribbon around the dowel rod, and pull it tight so that it won’t come loose. You may want to double-knot them just to be sure! Then, thread the other end of the ribbon through the donut and tie a knot, pulling each one tight.

8. Now, sit the dowel rod on top of your doorframe and put some masking tape over it to secure it in place. Then, you’re done! Now every time you walk through your doorway you’ll be showered in donuts – and who wouldn’t want that?! 😍

home decor DIY project thesmalladventurer donuts

I’m serious about making my house an actual museum of sweets, so don’t expect this to be the last post about it! I’m not going to stop until everything around me is so sweet that you’ll get a cavity by just walking through my front door 😜 If you have any ideas or requests on things that will help me achieve this goal, then feel free to leave them in a comment below! 💕

Until next time,
Indya xx

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16 thoughts on “DIY Donut Door Hanging

  1. These are the cutest ever!!! I love how simple yet fun and colorful they are! I think it’s important to have a little fun in life, it makes everything so much better!


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