Salted Caramel “Choc Chip Cookie” Meringues

In case you weren’t aware, I adore choc chip cookies! They’re one of my favourite things to make as they’re practically foolproof and SUPER delicious, but also because they’re super cute too ☺️

Case in point: the choc chip collar clips I made a little while ago! How adorable are they?! I definitely need to make more choc chip cookie-inspired accessories in the future, but that’s not why we’re here today.

Today I am showing you how to make delicious, salted caramel flavoured MERINGUES that look like choc chip cookies 😍 Because what’s life without the fun of confusing your taste buds?! 😂 I hope you guys love these tiny treats as much as I do, because if you don’t, we may have to have a serious talk!

thesmalladventurer choc chip cookie meringues


♡ 2 egg whites at room temperature
♡ 1/2 cup caster sugar
♡ Pinch of salt
♡ Brown food colour
Salted caramel flavour extract


1. Preheat your oven to 100C and line a silicon mat (since we’re piping circles, a macaron mat can be quite helpful!) or a tray with baking paper. Whisk both egg whites and the pinch of salt together until a soft peak forms.

2. Gradually add in the caster sugar and whisk thoroughly after each addition. Continue whisking until hard peak forms and you can tip the bowl without the mixture moving.

3. Add a few drops of the salted caramel flavour extract, and one drop of the brown food colour. Whisk again until the colour has been evenly mixed through, and add any more drops of colour that you deem necessary until the entire mixture is beige.

4. Scoop 90% of the meringue mixture into a piping bag with a round piping tip that is about the size of a #8-#10 tip. Pipe out as many medium sized circles as you can onto your mat with your meringue mixture, making sure that you fill in any gaps.

5. Head back to the 10% of meringue mixture that is still in your bowl. Add a few more drops of brown food colour and mix together until it is a dark brown.

6. Transfer to a piping bag that has a smaller circle tip than the one you just used, and pipe scattered dots of dark brown meringue mixture onto your meringue circles. These will be our “choc chips”!

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chocolate chip cookie meringues thesmalladventurerchoc chip cookie meringue collar clips thesmalladventurer

7. Place your meringues in the oven for about an hour. Keep in mind that meringues are quite finicky and every oven will differ! I am still yet to find the right temperature and time for my oven to make perfect meringues.

You want to make sure they’re not chewy in the middle, but also that they don’t brown too much – although that won’t be as bad with this particular design! Just keep an eye on your meringues and go with your gut, really. A great way to test their doneness is to try and lift them up slightly – if they stick to the mat, they’re not ready yet!

I forgot how freaking DELICIOUS meringues are until I made these guys! I ate far too many of them, and ended up having to throw them away before I ate the entire batch myself 🙈

I had never made flavoured meringues before, but it’s definitely something I am going to keep doing! What kind of flavour meringues would you like me to make next? I have quite a selection of flavours which you can see in these photos, but I’m not opposed to buying new ones if that’s what you guys want 😜

Until next time,
Indya xx

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20 thoughts on “Salted Caramel “Choc Chip Cookie” Meringues

  1. You have me in the mood to bake, girl! These look so good and exactly what I need right now. I think I’ll spend the weekend baking up a storm since it’s going to be cold and rainy…AKA perfect baking weather!


    • Thank you so much! They’re not TOO difficult to make, you just have to make sure your oven temperature and time is correct. They’re SO delicious though, I could easily eat an entire batch to myself 😋🙊


  2. They look so cute – like toys almost!

    I never tried to make meringues, because I know they quite tricky to bake, so I kind of avoided them so far. But these look sooo good.


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