Neon Pink + Purple Halloween Petit Fours

I did it! I found a way to make Halloween into something more me: by focusing on the CUTE rather than the scary – and adding some gorgeous, neon colours instead of the boring usual black and orange 🙊

I’ve been DYING to make more petit fours since I had so much fun with my Deadpool ones back in May, and now I finally have! I decided to do separate designs on each one, rather than a “puzzle” like last time and I’m super happy with how adorable they turned out – and how bright the colours are! 😍

neon fondant petit fours halloween thesmalladventurerthe small adventurer petit fours halloween


♡ Cake of your choice, cut into 7 small squares
♡ Pink and purple fondant (I dyed some white fondant with Chefmaster’s neon pink and purple food colours!)
♡ Black food marker
♡ Rolling pin
Circle fondant stamp OR piping tip
♡ Pastry brush
♡ Toothpick or cake tester
♡ Small knife
Fondant tools (optional)


1. Roll out your pink fondant and cut it into seven squares that are the same size as your petit fours. Do the same with your purple fondant.

2. Lightly brush the bottom of each pink fondant square with water using your pastry brush, and press them onto your petit fours. The water makes the fondant sticky so that it stays in place better!

3. Get one of your purple fondant squares, and lightly sketch/poke out a ghost shape with your toothpick or cake tester. If you mess up any of your designs, just roll out the fondant again and restart. Once you’re happy with the design, cut it out with your small knife.

Use the side of your knife or your fondant tools to smooth out any edges or curves as needed. Lightly brush the back of your ghost with water, and place on top of one of your petit fours.

petit fours thesmalladventurer neon halloweenneon halloween petit fours thesmalladventurer

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4. With a second purple fondant square, use your toothpick to sketch out a pumpkin shape. You may want to make yours slightly more rounded than mine, as apparently SOME people were not aware that mine was a pumpkin 😅  When you’re happy with your outline, cut it out with your knife, smooth any edges, then cover the back with water and place onto one of the petit fours.

5. Sketch out a witch hat and cat design on two of your purple fondant squares, cut them out with your knife, smooth out the edges, and stick them onto two more of your petit fours.

6. Now, for the more detailed designs! Sketch out the main part of the cauldron onto one of the purple squares, cut it out, smooth it, and stick it onto one of the remaining plain petit fours. Then, grab a TINY pinch of purple fondant, roll it into an oval shape, then cut that it in half. These will be the “feet” of the cauldron.

7. Grab three more tiny pinches of purple fondant, roll each one between your fingers, then flatten them. These are your bubbles! Add a tiny dot of water onto the bottom of each piece, and place them on the same petit four as the cauldron.

8. Get your second last purple fondant square and lightly press the circle fondant stamp or the large end of a piping tip in the middle of the square. We don’t want to cut out the circle just yet, we just want to know how big it is going to be.

halloween bat petit fours neon thesmalladventurerpetit fours thesmalladventurer halloween

Once you’ve done that, use your toothpick to sketch two ears on top of the circle, and two wings on either side, to make a bat. Use the same tool as earlier to cut the circle out, then get your knife and cut out the ears and wings. Brush the backs of each piece with water, and stick them onto a plain petit four.

9. Once again, lightly press your circle fondant stamp or piping tip onto the middle of your last purple fondant square, but don’t cut out the circle just yet. Sketch out eight tiny legs – four on each side of the circle – and then cut out all the pieces and stick them onto your last petit four.

10. Now, go back to your witch hat petit four and draw on a “band” with your edible marker. Then, add smily faces to the cat, bat, spider, pumpkin, and ghost, and you’re done! You now have now made the CUTEST petit fours ever!!! 🙊

Halloween ideas are something I really struggle with as it’s just not a big holiday here in Australia, but I am pretty happy with these adorable tiny treats, and I hope you guys like them too!

Christmas is definitely more my kind of thing. I actually already have a heap of fun recipes and projects in mind, but I’ll TRY to wait until November before I start posting them – no promises, though! 😂

Until next time,
Indya xx

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28 thoughts on “Neon Pink + Purple Halloween Petit Fours

  1. I love these. So cute! Halloween is always dark and gloomy (obviously), but it’s so nice to see something that’s bright! I’m sure a lot of little girls would love to make these!


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