How To Make Custom Character Cookies Without A Cookie Cutter

Guys, I’m on a bit of a cookie craze at the moment. I follow a lot of people who can do AMAZING things with cookies and it makes me want to practice using fondant and royal icing every single day until I become as good as them!

Don’t worry, I’m still going to bake other things so you guys don’t get sick of me just posting cookies 😂 but I WILL share any cool tips and tricks that I learn along the way, which is exactly what this post is about! I’ve already shared how to make your own cookie cutters which is something I LOVE to do.

However, I understand that it can be a bit tedious to some people, especially if you know you’re probably never going to use that cutter again.

the small adventurer cookies pokemondiy (9).png

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I’ve been making cookies that look the outfits that some of my favourite characters wear, and I found an easier way to ensure you’re cutting out the right shape without having to make an actual cookie cutter, which I’m going to share with you today!

As you’ll be able to see from the photos, this batch of cookies is inspired by one of my favourite franchises in the world, Pokemon. Don’t fear, though, as this technique will work with any design. I just chose Pokemon as I’ve been watching it again lately, and wanted to practice my fondant skills – which I know aren’t perfect, so go easy on me 😅


Unless you’re a natural born artist, tracing is the best way to ensure you’re going to get the most accurate measurements for the character you wish to make out of a cookie.

I simply Googled images of a Pokeball, Pokedex, Ash Ketchum and Misty to make these cookies, and traced not only the outlines, but also all the smaller details as well, onto wax paper. I also made a quick note on the paper of what colour each area was, as this will be useful later on.

These “stencils” actually come in handy twice. First, when you roll out your sugar cookie dough, place the wax paper on top (with the pencil side facing UP, NOT touching the dough!), and use a small knife and/or set of fondant tools to cut out the shape.

Then afterwards, if you wish to cover the cookie in fondant, use the stencils again to trace and cut out the required shapes for each colour of fondant you need.

I just placed the stencils on top of the fondant and used a pointy fondant tool to dot around the specific area I wished to make, then peel off the wax paper and cut around the marks you just made!


I’ve noticed that people either seem to love or hate fondant, but I am definitely someone who loves it. Apparently lots of people dislike the taste, and whilst it is kind of strange, I certainly don’t mind it. Besides, it helps you turn your cookies into works of art.

You can even draw on it with edible markers! People can do breathtaking things with fondant, and the more you practice, the more you will improve.

sugar cookies pokemon thesmalladventurerPokedex Pinata Pokemon Cookies thesmalladventurer

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My fondant skills aren’t even at a level to really call them skills yet, but I have already improved so much, and am excited to see that progress continue.

I shared some of my best fondant AND cookie tips in a post back in August, and I will continue to share any future tips and tricks that I learn along the way, as I want everyone to love making cookies as much as I do!


This is something I am hoping to begin doing once the texture mats I ordered arrived, as adding texture and patterns to your fondant can make SUCH a difference to the end result! I honestly hadn’t even thought of doing this before I started following Inspired To Taste on Instagram. She is a baking GENIUS, and such a huge inspiration to me.

I mean, look how detailed this cookie is 😯 But it was her Velma and Daphne cookies that really inspired me to start playing around with textures. Look at how much more detail things like texture mats and fondant extruders add to the fondant, it actually looks like they’re covered in fabric!


For me, decorating cookies is an all-day feat. The Studio DIY Can’t Clutch This cookies I made took me SEVEN HOURS to decorate because each one was completely different from the last, but they ended up being shared on both Studio DIY and their shop account Instagram Stories, as well as on their shop’s feed, so it was worth every second spent in the kitchen!

Ash Ketchum hat Pokemon cookies thesmalladventurerpokemon misty ash cookies thesmalladventurer

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If you’re going for a lot of different and detailed designs, make sure you plan ahead and have plenty of time to do so to ensure that you don’t get stressed out on the day. I usually like to make my cookies on a Friday night and colour any fondant that I need, then let the cookies cool overnight and spend the entire next day decorating – but everyone will have a different schedule! 

I really haven’t shared a lot of cookie recipes on here considering how much I love to make and decorate them! My two favourite are definitely the disco ball ones from back in January, and the SpongeBob quote ones that I made a year ago. They were a lot of fun 😋

Do you enjoy making or eating cookies? In my mind, nothing beats a good old choc chip cookie as they’re SO simple to make and always delicious, but I also love decorating sugar cookies! I just love cookies 🙊

Until next time,
Indya xx

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16 thoughts on “How To Make Custom Character Cookies Without A Cookie Cutter

  1. These look so great! Awesome job! I am one of the people who is afraid of fondant.. LOL. I’ve never tried it, but it intimidates me! However, I’ve seen some amazing baking creations made with it. I’m just not sure if I am at the skill level yet.


    • I was afraid to play with it for AGES, especially since it can quite pricey! But it’s one of my favourite things to include when decorating now ☺️ However, a lot of people don’t enjoy the taste of it, so that can be an issue!


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