The Best TV Dinners (And Shows!) for Those Lazy Nights

First off, I just want to talk about eating dinner in front of the TV, as I know most people frown upon it. Daniel and I did not come from families who ate together every night at the dinner table. Whilst it did happen occasionally, it was not protocol, so it makes sense that it isn’t something we do now as adults.

I know a lot of people find this problematic, but hear us out. I think most families put a lot of importance on eating dinner together as that’s the only time when everyone is home and actually can spend time together. We do not live like that.

Even though we are currently in the busiest time of our lives while we are both at school AND working part-time, we spend every moment that we can together. Even if we’re both doing homework, or Daniel’s on the computer while I’m reading, we’re still usually in the same room and talking most of the time.

We genuinely love spending time together, which is why we do so any chance we get, meaning we don’t have to set aside one hour each night to eat together and make conversation, because we do so all day long.

Instead, our dinner time is set aside for watching our favourite movie and TV shows together, as they are something we both love and bond over. Don’t think that having something playing stunts our conversation, either. We’re constant pause-rs and OMG-let’s-talk-about-what-just-happened kind of people, and we love seeing how each other reacts to certain scenes and plot twists. Anyway, enough talking, let’s get onto the meals and shows!



I had never had pad thai before I tried this frozen meal from Aldi, but man, am I SO incredibly glad that I decided to give it a try, because it is DELICIOUS! I buy this meal without fail every week.

Daniel works a lot of nights and due to my only recently diagnosed epilepsy, it hasn’t been safe for me to use the stove or oven whilst he isn’t home. This means I usually stick to microwave meals on those nights, so I have really come to appreciate the variety that is available in frozen meals these days, because my tastebuds get to go all over the world on a weekly basis!



I swear, I have watched this show more times than I have looked in the mirror. This show is one of my favourite things in the world, and every single episode still makes me laugh AND cry, even though I’ve seen them all so many times.

Season five got put on Australian Netflix recently and I watched it ALL in one day, and then started it again because it was just so good!

I love the relationships between Amy and Jake, and Holt and Kevin. I love the friendship between Rosa and Gina, particularly in the later seasons. I love Jake and Boyle’s undying friendship. There is just so much love in this cast and it makes me so happy.

Even though some of the storylines rip out my heart and shock me to my core sometimes, it’s all worth it to see everything eventually work out again.


Butter chicken is SO good. It’s one of the best tasting meals on the planet, no questions asked. Even though every single kind I’ve had has tasted different to each other, they have all still been amazingly delicious, and this microwave meal from Sunrice is the best ready-to-eat butter chicken meal out there (my favourite butter chicken that you DON’T have to make yourself is definitely the one from Touch of India!).

This tastes like a restaurant made meal, but for a fraction of the price, and it’s ready much quicker as well. For the record, on nights we aren’t feeling super lazy, we love to make butter chicken with this Maggi recipe base. It’s super spicy, and takes a lot more added ingredients to make, but it’s SO worth it!

TV SHOW #2: Will & Grace

I grew up with Will & Grace playing CONSTANTLY at home; it honestly felt like these characters were members of my family. I love both the new and the original series, and I love it even more now that I know what great people Eric, Debra, Sean, and Megan are- and how much good this show has done.

When I heard they were bringing it back, it was like a dream come true, and I really love every thing they have released so far. I cannot wait for more episodes to come out soon! (Also, a tiny part of me is still hoping that Will and Jack might end up together one day, even though I KNOW how different they are! 🙈)

diy (22).jpg


When I say “soup”, I am usually talking about minestrone. I still love other soups – tomato, pumpkin, chicken noodle, etc – and have them each once a year, but I have minestrone at least once a week, if not more.

I think it is SO delicious, especially the brand ‘The Soup Co’ from Aldi (should I write a post on products that I prefer the Aldi brand over the “real thing”? Because there are a LOT of items from Aldi that I love!).

Plus, it has so many vegetables in it, it’s great in helping you reach your recommended daily amount – and it all takes is a few minutes in a microwave! Amazing. There’s no downsides to this delicious soup 😋

When we have our own place and have room for a chest freezer, we’d love to make our own soups in large batches and then freeze it in serving sizes, but canned soup is more than fine for now!


This is a new show to me, I only started watching it a few months ago, but I am already obsessed. Since there’s only two seasons it’s very quick to get through, so I’ve watched both of them twice now, and am on my third watch-through (hey, I need something to do when I’m editing photos or browsing through Pinterest!).

I really like watching shows that open my eyes up to how other people see the world, or more accurately, how the world sees them.

Growing up in a multi-cultural country I always thought most people weren’t racist, but racism is shown through various ways, not just overtly talking bad about someone, and it’s shows like this that teach me things like that.

This show is the perfect balance between serious and comedy, and I think Marlon Wayans is a hilarious actor with a good heart, and I’m so glad I randomly decided to give this show a watch one day!


Truth be told, I could talk about food AND my favourite TV shows forever. They are two things that my partner and I both love and spend a lot of time enjoying together. The right meal and the right show can make any bad day instantly better, especially when you get to share them with your best friend.

But enough about what I like, tell me what YOU have been loving lately! What is your go-to meal when you’re too tired to whip up something huge? And what TV shows or movies have had you gripped to your seat, or laughing until you’re in tears recently? Sound off in the comments below! We’re always looking for recommendations for both things 👇

Until next time,
Indya xx

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29 thoughts on “The Best TV Dinners (And Shows!) for Those Lazy Nights

  1. I love soup as a comfort meal on a TV night! My favorites are old fashioned Campbell’s tomato soup and Amy’s Kitchen “No Chicken” Noodle Soup.


  2. Butter Chicken is a hugely popular dish in India. It’s a pleasant surprise that it has found takers in other part of the globe as well. 🙂 I, too, watch shows on Netflix while having dinner.

    Currently binge-watching “The Haunting of Hill House”. If you love spooky/psychological stuff in the eve of Halloween, it’s highly recommended.


    • Yes, I see butter chicken everywhere these days, which isn’t surprising as it is delicious! The Indian place in the centre I work at makes the best butter chicken, but ALL their dishes look delicious, I really need to give them a try! It’s wonderful trying cuisines from around the world ☺️

      I’ve heard great things about that! Whilst I love spooky shows, I am scared quite easily, so I’ll have to get my boyfriend to watch with me when he’s on uni holidays, haha 🙊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. My husband and I are totally TV watchers while we eat dinner. We spend lots of quality time together and other moments, and talking about or enjoying TV together is important for us too. We are both obsessed with Brooklyn 99! Can’t wait for the new season! Right now we are watching Parks and Rec. I’ve watched it through before but it’s my husband’s first time. We are also watching the Good Place.


    • Yes, I love that! TV does not have to be a conversation stunter unless you let it be! I LOVE Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I watch it over and over again! My partner and I are in the middle of our first watch-through together and I love seeing him burst out in laughter, especially at Holt 😂 I’m also slowing getting through Parks and Rec myself, but I keep going back to B99!


  4. Omg that butter chicken curry sounds amazing! I’ve never watched any of the shows that you’ve mentioned, but I really really want to start watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine though. Right now, I’m currently watching The Good Witch on Netflix, and it’s my go-to dinner TV show.


  5. I’m an eat dinner at the table person, and my husband isn’t, so we do a bit of both. I love nights when I can have a great soup and watch a favorite tv show – they don’t happen often enough!


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