Multiple Ways to Use Flavour Extracts & Essences

Aside from food colours, flavours are some of my favourite baking items to collect! I have acquired an awesome range of different flavours that are really fun to play around with in the kitchen when I’m creating.

I thought I’d write a little post about the many ways you can use these delicious little bottles of flavour goodness, as you may not have thought about some of these yet!

You can get a better look at all the flavours I have in my baking shelf reveal, so feel free to let me know if there’s any flavours that you’d like to see in a recipe, as I really don’t use them enough 😋



We’ll start with the most obvious one: icing. Everyone who is at all familiar with baking would be aware that you can add a few drops of a flavour essence or extract to a bowl of buttercream or royal icing to give it a bit of a kick.

You can also add flavour to fondant by kneading some drops of essence or extract into it, much like you would if you were trying to colour it (let me know if you’d like a post on how to colour fondant – or any other tips for working with it!). 


You can do this to both hard and gummy candy, although I will admit I’ve only tried adding the flavour to gummy candies once and I couldn’t taste it, so I mustn’t have added enough.

That being said, I am dying to make some more candies and making them bubblegum or strawberries and cream flavoured! How delicious does that sound?! 😋 I’d also like to give hard candies a go, but of course I’d have to find a really cute mould to pour them into, otherwise this wouldn’t be The Small Adventurer 😉


Fairy floss will ALWAYS be one of my all-time favourite sweets! I’d honestly eat it every single day if it wasn’t just pure sugar 😂

Fairy floss is something that I am perfectly fine eating without any flavouring in it as it’s still super sweet, which is really my only requirement, but I bet adding a fun flavour to the mixture would make it even more perfect!


I’ll be honest here: I’ve never actually done this with any flavour other than vanilla because I just love vanilla cakes so much, but I’ve seen plenty of people who have.

Just add a few drops of your preferred flavouring in lieu of vanilla, and you’ll have yourself a very unique tasting cake! I’m definitely going to give this a try next time I whip up a cake; I think adding a little lemon extract to a cake batter would be really nice.


Making your own sprinkles is a super fun and easy way to make your baked goods uber unique! I made cactus-shaped ones a few months ago, and am dying to make SO many more designs.

All it takes is some royal icing, food colour and a piping bag – oh, and some flavouring extracts! I didn’t flavour the ones I made simply because I didn’t think they were going to workbut you can bet I will next time!

I don’t usually make treats for other people, but I would love to make someone a cake or cupcake and decorate it with unique sprinkles that represent something they like, and then watch their amazement when they realise they’re also flavoured! I know that would surprise ME if I were them!

diy (20).jpg


The only time I have tried this is around Christmas time when I like to add a little peppermint to my hot chocolates (which is super yummy!), but I’m sure it would work just as well with other flavours, too!

I did some research to see what kind of drinks people like to add flavour extracts too, and was surprised at all the different kinds of drinks people use. Some example include sparkling water, iced tea, coffee, and more!

I would really like to try it in a milkshake, though. My salted caramel or banana flavours would be SO good in a milkshake, don’t you think?! It would also be great alternative to when bananas aren’t in season, too (they’re currently around $4 a kilo where we live, and considering Daniel and I like to eat them daily, it can get very expensive!).


Meringues have been one of my favourite desserts all my life, but it took me 22 years to try one that had an actual flavour added to it! I shared the recipe on here last month, and it honestly blew my mind how much a few drops of a flavour extract could improve an already perfect recipe, but it did.

I’m thinking of testing out all my flavours in meringues and seeing what flavour suits them the best. However, I’ve always had a soft spot for my bubblegum flavour extract (when I made bubblegum flavoured buttercream last year, I fell in love with it!), so I think that might win 🙊

The majority of my flavour extracts are from my favourite baking ingredients brand Queen Fine Foods – except for my coffee extract which is by Stonemill, and the banana and musk flavours, which are from Robert’s Confectionery (who are another Australian company that I adore!).

Anyway, those are all the ideas that I have for different ways to use your flavour extracts and essences! I am always looking for new things to try, so if you have any suggestions (or dares 😜) on unique ways to use specific flavours, then please leave them in the comments below, and I’ll try to give them a test!

Until next time,
Indya xx

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14 thoughts on “Multiple Ways to Use Flavour Extracts & Essences

  1. These are great ideas! Most of the baking I do is cookies and I have some random extracts. I actually did add some mint extract to my chocolate protein shake one morning and that was pretty good! (Also I wouldn’t mind a post about working with fondant… my one attempt at it was not the best!)


    • Cookies are my favourite thing to make too – and eat 😋 I’ve shared some posts about fondant tips in the past, but I think I should make one big post with all my tips in it so they’re easier to find! I’ll work on it ☺️


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