Simple DIY Doorstop Makeover – Three Ways!

It may seem a little strange, but door stops are high up on my life of favourite home decor pieces. Whilst the few I have so far are nothing compared to my collections of money boxes, cookie jars, or novelty lights, they still manage to put a smile on my face everyday, as they are things that I actually use.

The doors in the place we are currently in are awful at staying open on their own, and we soon got tired of having to use shoes and other random items to keep them open, so I ended up buying some novelty shaped ones – a high heel, an ice cream, and a chocolate bar, as you’ll see in the photos – online.

the small adventurer diy projectDIY doorstop makeover thesmalladventurer

However, since buying them, I have noticed it’s really hard to find them online for a NOT ridiculously expensive price (I found the red shoe for $8 but with $50+ shipping!). Whilst I always like to encourage people to indulge in cute n’ quirky home decor items, I know that spending a heap of money on a door stop is not in everyone’s budget – and nor should it be.

So, what IS the best alternative to something that’s too expensive? DIY it, of course! My passion for being thrifty has inspired some fun crafty projects in the past, and it has done so again this time ’round.

Instead of buying some overpriced door stops, I am going to show you how to turn plain wooden door stops – which you can find at most $2 shops, home decor places, and even craft stores – into THREE super cute, unique, and customisable decor pieces!


♡ Wooden wedge-shaped door stop (I share a list of places to get them at the end of this post!)
♡ Primer
♡ A sealant or overcoat
♡ Paint brush
♡ Red, black, green, yellow, orange, brown, and grey acrylic paint
♡ Small objects to sit the door stops on while they dry


1. If you got the same door stops as me, you’ll know that they come with “handles” attached by a screw. I decided to take mine off with a screwdriver, but you could easily leave them on without the designs being interrupted if you wish.

Otherwise, cover each door stop in a coat of primer. I use this one as it is a primer, sealer, undercoat, and stain blocker all in one, but any primer you have will do the trick.

2. Paint the end on one door stop green for the watermelon, the end of another brown for the pizza crust, and then paint the third one entirely yellow. I didn’t bother painting the bottom of them since they have some grip tape on them, but you won’t be able to see the bottoms anyway! Once dry, repeat with another layer if needed.

watermelon doorstop diy thesmalladventurerdiy thesmalladventurer

3. Once your first coats are completely dry, pick up the watermelon one and hold it by the green end whilst you paint the rest of it red. Then pick up the pizza door stop by the brown end and paint the rest of that one yellow.

4. While your other two door stops dry, mix your orange paint with some yellow to make it a little lighter, then pick up the yellow door stop and paint different sized circles in a random patten on the front and sides.

These will be your “Swiss cheese” holes. You could probably look up on YouTube how to paint with different shades to make the holes look more realistic, but there’s a reason this project is titled “simple” 😜 Set aside to dry.

5. Once your other two door stops are completely dry, paint small black seeds in a random pattern on the front and sides of the red one. I know that you’re not even meant to eat the seeds in a watermelon – and we have learnt how to grow them to be seedless nowadays – but I still think they are an integral part of a watermelon design!

6. Now it’s time to paint on your pizza toppings! It’s really up to you what toppings you’d like to add to yours, but I chose pepperoni, black olives, green capsicum, and mushrooms are they are all different colours so they helped add a bit of variety to the design.

In real life, I would actually put RED capsicum and sun dried tomatoes on my pizza, but that would have been too much red for this project.

cheese doorstop diy thesmalladventurerdoorstop makeover DIY project thesmalladventurer

7. I don’t usually bother to add a sealant or overcoat (I’m not very knowledgable with the specific terms, okay?! 😅), but as these will be kicked around a lot and have doors resting on them, I would recommend to add some kind of overcoat to prevent the paint from chipping.

I have an aerosol version that I really like as it’s super quick to apply! Whatever you decide to use, make sure it is completely dry – I’d leave it overnight to be sure – and then you’re ready to use your super cute, super fun new doorstop! ☺️

I had a lot of fun painting these guys; I love the fact that you can buy something plain then add a quick coat of paint to it, and it turns into something completely new and unique! There’s no better way to customise something to you’re liking than by giving it a little makeover 😉

In case you’re wondering, the exact door stops I used are available at Kmart in Australia for only $2 each, but you can get similar ones from Bunnings, eBay, Amazon, and even Etsy for under $10 each. Now, tell me: what would YOUR ideal design be for this project?! Let me know in the comments below 👇

Until next time,
Indya xx

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26 thoughts on “Simple DIY Doorstop Makeover – Three Ways!

  1. Girl, okay, after being an avid reader of your blog I highly HIGHLY want to suggest you to open an ETSY shop! These would sell so fast to elementary school teacher, I just know it! Your crafts are INSANE and I know you could definitely sell your items! You’re amazing girl! xoxoxo


    • This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me, I don’t even know what to say! 😭 Thank you so much for this lovely comment. Honestly, I’ve never even thought about selling anything I create, but perhaps one day it’ll be something I try out! Thank you again for being so kind 💕


  2. These seriously are so cute and creative!! I love the high heel one too. Kmart in Australia seriously has such cute stuff!!


    • Thank you so much! How annoying is it when the doors just won’t stay open?! It became a nightmare to bring in food shopping with the front door constantly closing on you and you didn’t have any free hands to open it again, so a door stop was a necessity! 😂


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