DIY Christmas Snow Globe Pinata

It’s here! My first Christmas craft of the year 🙊 If you’ve been watching my Instagram Stories, you’ll know that November has been quite rough for me due to some health issues, so I actually made this little guy to get my mind off of everything, and I loved it so much that I decided to share it on here! ☺️

I love making pinatas and have shared quite a few tutorials for them in the past, because they’re just so much fun to make AND play with! Plus, the possibilities are literally ENDLESS so they can be made to fit with ANY kind of them! AND the materials to make them are super cheap to buy, but you probably have most of them laying around the house already! What’s not to love?!

Before anyone points it out, I KNOW snow globes are transparent so technically the purple part of this pinata should really be white, but you guys should know I’ll allllll about pretty colours 🌈 so I decided to make it pastel purple instead – and I think it looks super cute!

Enough talking, let’s make some magic! ✨

diy christmas snowman snowglobe pinata pastel thesmalladventurer


♡ Thin cardboard box, such as an empty cereal box
♡ Greylead pencil
♡ Sticky tape AND glue
♡ Scissors
♡ Blue and purple streamers
♡ Light pink, dark pink, orange, white and black paper
♡ Ruler
♡ Candy and/or toys of your choice


1. Cut your cereal box so that the front, back, and two side pieces are all separate.

2. Pick up one of your larger cardboard pieces, and sketch out your snow globe shape on the plain brown side. Feel free to use a circular item to trace around for the “globe” part as that’s what I did! When you’re happy with your shape, cut it out.

3. Place your snow globe shape on top of your other large cardboard piece, trace around it, then cut that out too.

4. Using your ruler as a guide, cut your side pieces into strips 3-4 cm wide, depending on how thick you would like your pinata to be. Don’t worry how about long they are, as we can connect them later on with tape.

5. Now it’s time to connect your pieces! Sit one of your snow globe cardboard pieces in front of you so that the brown side is facing down, then get one of your strips and line it up against the straight side of your snow globe (ie: the bottom) so that the brown side is facing you.

Trim the strip so that it’s exactly the same length as the bottom of the pinata, then connect the two edges with sticky tape so that the strip is essentially “standing up” on the edge of the pinata.

6. Line up another strip piece of cardboard along the two shorter straight edges of the bottom of the pinata, then trim to size and tape to the snow globe shape AND the previous strip you added, just like you did in step five. If you get a little confused, just think of it as you’re aiming to make a snow globe-shaped bowl 😂

7. Starting at one of the strips that you just added, add another strip that will eventually curve all the way around the globe and connect on the other side, taping the edge of the strip to the edge of the pinata, and taping the two ends of both strips together on both sides. If the strip you cut isn’t long enough, just get another piece, tape the ends together and keep going. NOW you should be left with a snow globe-shaped bowl!

diy (14).pngsnowman snowglobe diy pinata christmas thesmalladventurer

8. Fill the pinata with candy or toys of your choice, then place the second snow globe-shaped cardboard piece on top, and tape down along the entire outside. When decorating pinatas it’s always best to go from the bottom upwards, as the layers of streamers sit together better that way, so we’ll start with the “stand” for the snow globe first.

9. Choose which side is going to be the back of the pinata, then measure out a strip of blue streamer that’s as long as the bottom of the snow globe “stand”. My streamers were quite thick, so every strip I cut, I also cut in HALF before sticking them on. Fringe the bottom 3/4 of your streamer, then stick onto the bottom of your “stand” by putting a strip of tape across the top.

10. Continue measuring, trimming, fringing and sticking the blue streamers only on your “stand” part of the pinata in the same upwards layering motion. As you go up the stand, the sides will start going inwards, so you’ll need to cut the sides of your streamers to accommodate for that too.

11. When you’re finished with the stand, it’s time to start with the purple streamers! Just like you did with the blue ones: measure, trim, fringe, and stick down in an upwards motion, trimming and curving the edges of each streamer to match the curvature of the snow globe.

When you get to the last strip of streamer, rather than place the tape on top as you have been doing, instead place a few looped pieces of tape under the last streamer, then place the streamer on top.

12. Repeat steps 9-11 with the front of your pinata. Stand your pinata up and do the same thing to cover the edges of the pinata in streamers. Except, once you get to the top on one side, turn the pinata so that the opposite side is facing you and start from the bottom again, so that the streamers end up meeting in the middle on top of the pinata.

pink christmas tree diy pinata thesmalladventurer

13. Now, sketch our your snowman! I cut a simple snowman shape from white paper, cut his hat, scarf and “buttons” from the two shades of pink paper, his nose from the orange, and his two tiny eyes from the black paper. Then, I stuck them all together with glue, and then attached him to the pinata with a few pieces of looped tape! (PS. The heart button are SO MUCH easier to do with a small heart hole punch, like this one! You’re welcome!)

Aaaaaand, you’re done! Whether you choose to use this pinata during a Christmas party, make mini ones for each guest to have, OR just use it as a decor piece, either way it is sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces ☺️

Are you guys getting excited for Christmas?! As much as I love Christmas (which is more than anything else in the world!), Daniel and I like to keep to our tradition of not decorating until December 1st, so I took these decorations out for this photoshoot, and then put them right back – it was kind of sad 😂 But not long until they can all come back out again!

Tell me: what are YOU looking forward to most of all this Christmas?! I personally can’t wait to sit next to my tree with its lights on in a dim room with a cup of hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie! That sounds like the perfect night to me 😋

Until next time,
Indya xx

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20 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Snow Globe Pinata

    • I never think it’s too early for Christmas! As soon as it hits November 1st it’s Christmas in my eyes 😂 but I like having a traditional day each year that we decorate – although Daniel and I just decided to change it to November 25th rather than December 1st, so we get a whole month of Christmas 🙊


  1. This is such a great idea. I love that you made the transparent part purple, it really brings it to life. The final product looks is too good to hit! I think I may make 2, the first for hitting and the second for show.


    • Thank you! I was worried people would find it a little jarring, but everyone seems to love the colours so far! Hahah yeah there’s no way I’m going to be able to destroy this one, it’s too cute 🙊💕


  2. All of my family is home for Christmas this year! It is the first time in 5 years that I will be with all of my brothers. Hot chocolate and a Christmas movie sounds amazing!! I’m also excited to share Christmas movies with my daughter this year.


    • That is lovely! I will also (hopefully) be spending Christmas with my brother and sister for the first time, who I met this year, so this Christmas really is extra special for me ☺️ There are still SO MANY Christmas movies that I need to see, I hope I can cross some off my list this year!

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