DIY Chocolate Bar Coasters

It’s here: my first DIY project of 2019 ☺️ If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I had to slow down on my DIY projects and baking as I got really sick towards the end of 2018, but as things seem to be looking up now -knock on wood- I knew I wanted to get back into the game, so here I am!

Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate (that being said, I practically ate my weight in chocolate last month since it was Christmas and all!), I do love the look of a classic chocolate bar. I even have a chocolate bar door stop 🍫

diy coasters thesmalladventurer chocolate bardiy (19).png

I knew I wanted to make some more home decor pieces inspired by sweets, which is where the inspiration for these coasters came from! I hope you guys like this project, and I can’t wait to keep trying new things this year and sharing my progress with you all along the way!


♡ Air-dry clay
♡ Rolling pin (NOT used for food) and clay knife
♡ Brown paint
♡ Clay gloss glaze
♡ Paintbrush
♡ Skewer
♡ Ruler (optional)


1. Carefully cut out a chunk of clay with your clay knife. Using your rolling pin, roll the clay into a flat square. It might be helpful to have a mug you use often nearby to test that the coaster is large enough for it to sit on.

I recommend making one coaster at a time to avoid the others drying up before you’ve added your finishing touches to them. Quickly straighten up the edges using your clay knife and/or ruler.

sculpey diy choc bar coaster thesmalladventurer

2. Once you’re happy with the overall shape and size of your coaster, quickly move on to adding the indents before the clay starts to dry. I realised (when it was too late) that I should have my indents rectangles instead of squares as that’s how most chocolate bars seem to be, but it’s up to you which shape you do.

Face any edge of your coaster towards you and pick up your skewer and carefully start pressing the lines into your clay. A ruler would come in handy with this step to ensure that your lines are evenly spaced.

Turn your coaster so that the a different edge is facing you, and repeat this step with the same amount of evenly spaced lines.

3. Allow the clay to dry. I always let mine dry overnight just to be sure. Afterwards, paint it brown. Add any additional layers of paint that you deem necessary.

If you want, you could stop here, but my coasters were really matte and didn’t seem to have much dimension to them, so I decided to try a gloss glaze.

I have never used a product like this before, so I decided to give the first one I found at Spotlight a go, and I’m really happy with the outcome.

You hardly need much product at all (in fact, I think I used way too much), and you just paint it on like you did the paint. It’s super simple, and has such a gorgeous effect!

thesmalladventurer diy project chocolate bar coaster

And, you’re done! How easy was that?! As I am sure it is blatantly obvious, I’m still really new to using clay, but I am determined to improve!

I thought some cute coasters would be a relatively easy project to make, and I was right. Plus, you guys know I’ll about my home decor showing off my love of sweets 😋

Until next time,
Indya xx

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Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 9.30.45 pm


30 thoughts on “DIY Chocolate Bar Coasters

  1. These are so cute! I haven’t worked that much with clay either. Perfect project to do with my daughter.


  2. Well, I’m not a fan of chocolate (unless it’s smothered in caramel), but those coasters are both cute and funny! That would be a great gift for a chocoholic!


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