Subreddits That Will Make You Smile AND Teach You Something

I am still quite a newbie when it comes to Reddit. I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter for nearly 10 years, and Instagram for just a little less, but I honestly hadn’t even heard of Reddit until I met Daniel.

Daniel goes on Reddit a LOT – just to lurk, he doesn’t actually post anything on any social media (crazy, right?!) – and always shows me anything he thinks I might like, but it took me five years to decide to make an account for myself.

I originally made an account so I could share my blog posts on there, especially since my earlier posts were often about Sailor Moon and Pokemon, and Reddit has a great fanbase for both those franchises. However, I didn’t realise that there’s pretty strict rules about self promoting on Reddit, so I no longer do that.

Now that my Reddit account is just for fun, I have actually fallen in love with the platform a lot more! There is an endless amount of information on there about the most unique topics; I’ve already learnt so much just from casually browsing every now and then.

thesmalladventurer diy project smiley face confetti

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There is also a heap of uplifting subreddits that are guaranteed to make you happy, so I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you all today! Also, just so you know, you can still browse subreddits even without making an account! How great is that?! ☺️


r/tippytaps – This subreddit is FULL of adorable videos of animals doing tiny, happy “tippy taps”. Daniel and I constantly show each other every post on this subreddit whenever we see one on our home pages. They’re all just too cute!

r/humansbeingbros – This wonderful subreddit will make you realise how much good there still is in the world. Endless stories, photos, and videos of people doing great things for others, even when it inconveniences them, and sometimes without even realising that anyone has noticed what they’ve done. It truly is heartwarming to scroll through.

r/jokes – I am such a sucker for a good joke. Or even a bad one! I suggest searching by “hot” or “top” as there are a lot of things posted on this subreddit and a lot of them are just reposts or jokes that don’t quite make much sense. But the good jokes are gold, and always manage to make me laugh.

r/happycryingdads – Not going to lie, this subreddit is a real tear-jerker. There are some beautiful and heartbreaking stories out there, and all the best ones eventually make it onto this subreddit.

Whether it’s news about their kids having babies, getting married, being accepted into college, or being given something extravagant as a thank you for being such a great parent, these happy crying dads always have the best and most humble reactions. Make sure you have some tissues nearby!


r/whatisthisthing – This is still a new (to me) subreddit, but I already find it super interesting. When someone finds or sees something that they don’t know what it is, they take a photo and share it on here, and almost always get the correct answers, no matter how obscure or strange the object might be.

Apparently crimes have even been solved thanks to this subreddit, as people have uploaded photos of clues of something left behing – such as a mark on something – and someone knew what it was or what caused it, which helped in finding the culprit. So cool!

r/askwomen – This was one of the first subreddits I ever subscribed to, and I still love giving it a read when I have some spare time. It’s basically a place where people can go to ask questions that they want women to answer. Sometimes men ask things in order to better understand women, and sometimes women ask things to see how common a certain occurrence is to womenkind.

Whilst most of the posts I read are about personal stories, I always find myself learning something about just how differently people live across the world, or even in the same country as me. There’s also an r/askmen and an r/askreddit that have similar posts and questions.

r/baking – Of COURSE I’m part of the subreddit that’s dedicated to baking! There a lot more specific subreddits that I also browse through – such as r/cookiedecorating and r/cookingforbeginners – but I like this one because it covers a wide range of foods.

I’m always bound to see or learn something new from this subreddit. Plus, it’s so inspiring when people share their improvement or tips for beginners!

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r/relationship_advice – Okay, I admit it: I’m a little obsessed with this subreddit. I guess it’s kind of like my version of reality TV. For the record, I despise reality TV. I do not understand why people watch something that they KNOW isn’t real, even though it’s being presented like it is. Plus, the personalities of people in those shows makes me want to jump out the window (although I DO like watching baking shows for decorating inspiration..), but anyway.

People post on this subreddit when they’re having an issue with a friend, family member, or partner, and it’s honestly addicting to read. I cannot believe what some people have gone through, or what some people do to the people that they’re meant to love, but that’s not why I’m recommending this subreddit to you.

It’s the responses to the questions that really make this place special. You can read someone’s post and think you have your own opinion on what they should do about it, but I can guarantee you that reading through the other responses will surprise you for sure. It’s amazing how differently other people think, and what advice they come up with.

I constantly find myself thinking “huh, I didn’t think of it like that”. Plus, a lot of the time the people answering have been through a similar situation, and therefore have a little bit more of an edge when helping out. Whether you like the trainwreck that is unfortunately reality, then you’ll enjoy the posts, but if you like solving puzzles and helping out others, then the comment section is where you should go!

Whilst there are an endless amount of subreddits that will appeal to a large audience, the best thing about Reddit is also how quirky and specific some of the topics are. I personally love looking through r/coolcollections, as I too am a collector, and I love seeing what other people like to collect.

It’s also a great place in the way that it makes you feel less alone. I joined both r/epilepsy and r/celiac recently, and both subreddits have made dealing with those issues a lot easier for me. Everyone on there is really supportive and often have similar stories to me, which is really what helps the most.

Illnesses of all kinds can often be very isolating – especially if you don’t know anyone who also has them – so it’s great to find a community of people who know exactly what you’re going through and can help you through it.

So if there’s anything in your life that you’re feeling upset, stressed, or even just curious about, have a look around on Reddit and see if there’s a community for it, because there probably is one. Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead of you!

Until next time,
Indya xx

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30 thoughts on “Subreddits That Will Make You Smile AND Teach You Something

  1. I’ve been on Reddit for a few months now but I’ve only recently started looking for subreddits for things other than memes, haha. 😂 I’ll have to check out some of these though, especially tippytaps and baking!


    • Hahah, nothing beats a good meme! There is SO much to discover on Reddit, though. I think there’s even a button or function that sends you to a random subreddit to help people discover new things they’ve never thought about before!


  2. This is such a novel post-idea. Kudos to you for coming up with the idea. 😀 Would like to join in most of them, especially r/whatisthisthing.


  3. I’ve looked into Reddit a bit in the past… I’m convinced I would really like it! I’m not sure I’m ready to make an account yet though. No doubt I would get sucked into the true crime subreddits. When I do make an account I will check back with this post for some ideas on the subreddits to follow!


    • If you don’t want to actually post, then you don’t really need an account, although you can “save” posts to look at later if you do make one! Ooh, I know true crime is a SUPER popular topic these days, so I bet there’s a ton of subreddits about it! I am far too much of a baby to read through them myself, though 😅


  4. I really like reddit and find something new every time I’m on there, but am not an expert. I’m not totally sure how to use it! This is super helpful, thank you!


  5. I’ve heard reddit is pretty amazing! I don’t really frequent it myself, mostly because I don’t need another time suck. But I have friends who use it and they send me amusing things when they find them 🙂


    • It definitely is quite a big time suck! However, since I feel it benefits my mental health and own knowledge better than other websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, I allow myself to spend some time browsing through it at night just for some light reading ☺️ I always manage to learn something new!


    • I actually use it more than Facebook or Twitter, although I still browse much more than I post. I just like learning about new topics, and seeing how differently everyone thinks. People are a lot more open on Reddit as there’s a lot more anonymity than on other social media sites. Of course, that comes with it’s problems too, but overall I’d say Reddit has helped me out more than most other websites that I’ve browsed 😊


  6. I honestly don’t think I have ever gone on Reddit so this was a cool read! Who knew it had so much information on it?!


  7. I love Reddit! I’m going to subscribe to r/tippytaps right now, that sounds super adorable. I love r/baking as well, and you should check out r/askbaking. It’s less active, but you can learn some really neat tricks!


  8. I am not a big fan of subreddits as I had bad experiences with users on certain ones. But, these ones you mentioned look ok!


    • Yes, unfortunately that’s always a risk on the internet, especially with a site that has so much anonymity, as Reddit does. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t make an account for so long, but you’ve just got to find the right subreddits and you should be okay 😊


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