DIY Chocolate Bar Place Cards for the Sweetest Valentine’s Day Dinner

How freaking CUTE are these?! I love anything shaped like chocolate bars – especially mini ones! – and these place cards are one of my favourite creations yet.

I’ve been toying with ideas for DIY place cards pretty much since I started The Small Adventurer, but it took me a while to think of a project that felt really “me” – then these babies popped into my mind!

I think it’s pretty perfect timing with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, but these guys could be used for any sweet occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, date night, and more!

THIS diy project place cards chocolate bar thesmalladventurer

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Heck, if we actually ate the table (rather than using it as a photography table), I would definitely make some unique place cards just for Daniel and I each week πŸ˜‚Β I do love a good craft. Anyway, let me tell you how to make these super sweet, super cute place cards!



β™‘ Brown and red paper (or foam sheet, if you’d prefer something thicker!)
β™‘ Aluminium foil
β™‘ Pencil
β™‘ Ruler
β™‘ Scissors (or a Cricut machine – I didn’t use mine, but it would have looked a LOT neater if I had!)
β™‘ Craft glue AND glue stick
β™‘ Toothpick
β™‘ Small letter stickers (or a black pen, if you have nicer hand writing than me)


1. Decide how big you’d like your rectangular chocolate bars to be, then rule out as many as you will need onto your brown paper. Remember that you’ll need more later on for your squares. Cut out your brown rectangles.

2. Rule – if you’d like to be more precise – or freehand cut out tiny squares from your brown paper. I decided to have twelve squares per chocolate bar, but whatever number you choose is fine!

3. Map out where the squares are going to sit on your rectangle pieces, then glue them down. I like to press something flat on top of each square for a few seconds afterwards to avoid any lifting of the corners.

thesmalladventurer place card diy chocolate bars

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4. Place one of your brown rectangles on top your red paper, then trace around it. Do this until you have the same number of rectangles drawn on the red paper, as you have brown rectangles. Cut each one out.

5. I chose to rip my red rectangles so it would look more like an open chocolate bar, but the rips ended up getting covered with foil anyway. So whether you decide to rip or cut them, I do recommend lightly sketching with a pencilΒ whereΒ you would like the opening to be.

Keep in mind that you want to see enough of the brown underneath so that you can tell what the design is, but also make sure you have enough of the red to write people’s names on.

6. Once you’re happy with your red pieces, glue them on top of your brown rectangles with the glueΒ stick.Β I don’t recommend using the craft glue for this part as it may make the red paper bubble up and sit unevenly. Don’t press to hard on the red paper either, as it may warp the shape.

7. Next, get out your aluminium foil. Cut off strips that are 2-4mm thick, and a little wider than your chocolate bars. Make sure you have one strip per bar.

8. Pour some craft glue into a small dish. Dip your toothpick in it, then spread a light layer of glue across the edge of the red paper, where it meets the brown.

Working quickly, before the glue dries, carefully scrunch up one of your strips of foil and place it across your strip of glue. Hold down the foil for a few seconds until the glue starts to dry. Repeat with your remaining chocolate bars.

9. Now it’s time to add your names! I initially tried to write the names onto the paper, but I’m not a huge fan of my handwriting, so I decided to use small stickers instead.

Whichever method you choose, keep in mind that names with “dangly” letters will need to be place slightly higher than those without.

Once you’ve added everyone’s names, you’re done! Now all your friends will know where to sit at your wonderfully sweet event (as someone who is very nervous at social interactions, I personally wish there was assigned seating EVERYWHERE).

thesmalladventurer chocolate bar place card diy party decorplace cards diy project chocolate bar thesmalladventurer

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If you’re wondering why I chose the names I did, I obviously chose mine and Daniel’s names because we both knew about this post, but I felt weird about using the names of people I knew in real life.

I chose Lily as it isΒ one of the names I wish I had instead of my own. Another one of them is Chloe, but I know a few of them in real life so I didn’t use it. I also chose Alexis as I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls again, and I thought Rory and Lorelai were too unique to use for this project.

I’ve wanted to make some DIY place cards before, and believe me when I say that this will NOT be the last time you see them here on The Small Adventurer! I love that there is an endless amount of designs you can choose, and you can make them to suit any kind of themed party or event you might be hosting.

What is YOUR ideal theme for a party? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see what projects I can come up with inspired by it! πŸ‘‡

Until next time,
Indya xx

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22 thoughts on “DIY Chocolate Bar Place Cards for the Sweetest Valentine’s Day Dinner

    • Oh, I bet your Christmas place cards are always gorgeous! I love seeing how creative people get with them. I think I’m going to start making them more often ☺️ I agree, Easter place cards would be adorable! Thank you so much Aycan, I’m so glad you like them πŸ’•


  1. Super cute! I think I said this about another DIY of yours, but you should add a secret golden ticket to one of these! And maybe that person gets a prize. I’ve got Willy Wonka on my mind, I guess!


  2. This is just the sweetest thing. That was 100 percent meant to be punny. However when you mix personalized sweet gestures and candy these are the best. It’s a thoughtful and memorable thing. And to boot The recipe/steps is easy enough! Pinning for next year.


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