Sour “Ditto” Jelly/Jello Slice for Pokemon Day

Today is officially my favourite day of the year: it’s Pokemon Day! Every year, February 27th is known as Pokemon Day as it marks the anniversary of the original release of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan. As a diehard Pokemon far for my entire life, I clearly had to make something to mark such an occasion – but don’t worry, this recipe is easily adaptable for those of you who aren’t into Pokemon!

I’ve mentioned before that jelly is a staple in The Small Adventurer household. It’s one of Daniel’s favourite things to eat AND it’s something super easy for me to whip up so that it’s ready for him when he finishes work! (How 50s-housewife does THAT sound? 😂) When I found that you could just add plain cream to jelly and it would set in two separate layers as if by MAGIC, I knew I had to give it a try for myself, so I did!

strawberry sour jelly slice ditto pokemon day thesmalladventurerpokemon day ditto strawberry jelly slice thesmalladventurer

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But I wanted to make it more unique, so I decided to add some citric acid to see if I could create sour jelly – and it worked! I was so surprised AND delighted, as Daniel and I are both big fans of anything sour 😋

This recipe is SUPER simple to make, and can be easily tweaked to suit any kind of theme or colour palette that you’re going for! Just choose what kind of flavour jelly you’d like (and add some food colouring if you want it a different colour!), some cream, and a fun-shaped cookie cutter and you’re good to go! 😊


♡ Two packets of your chosen jelly + water as directed
♡ Cookie cutter of your choice (here’s a link to how I made this Ditto one!)
♡ 1 cup cream
♡ 1 tbsp gelatine powder
♡ 1 tsp citric acid
♡ 8″ x 12″ sheet pan


1. Make your two packets of jelly as directed with a large bowl and wooden spoon or spatula. Make sure you add in the gelatine powder and citric acid BEFORE you add your cold water, so that they dissolve completely.

2. Once all your jelly crystals have dissolved and your mixture has cooled down, slowly stir in your cream until it combined, and the mixture is all one colour.

3. Line your sheet pan with baking paper, leaving excess paper hanging over the edges. This will make it a lot easier to remove from the pan once it is set.

4. Slowly pour your mixture inside and refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours, or until set.

pokemon day ditto jelly slice thesmalladventurerpokemon day mew plush toy thesmalladventurer collector collectioncupcake spatula strawberry jelly slice thesmalladventurer

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5. Carefully take out your jelly slice by lifting up the edges of the excess baking paper (and be amazed that it actually DID separate into two layers 😂), then start cutting out your desired shape with your cookie cutter(s). Slide a butter knife or angled spatula underneath each piece to move it onto a plate, and enjoy!

I was SO happy that the jelly separated into two different layers, I just love how it looks 😍 I also love how easy it is to alter this recipe to suit any kind of design you want. Just swap the flavour of jelly and the cookie cutter that you’re using and the possibilities are endless!

Okay, now back to Pokemon. I will always love this franchise with all of my heart. For our anniversary this year, I’m asking for a Nintendo Switch and Let’s Go, Pikachu from Daniel and I cannot WAIT to play it 🙊

I’m also super excited for Detective Pikachu, and am practically giddy at the thought of what this could mean for future live action Pokemon movies. I will indulge in anything that Pokemon and Nintendo want to give us, but I am a little worried about the MewTwo Strikes Back remake as it was such an iconic movie. I just hope the remake does the original justice 🙌

Until next time,
Indya xx

PS. I know that’s a Mew plush in an above photo, NOT a Ditto, but I don’t have a Ditto plush and Mew is another one of my favourites ☺️

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34 thoughts on “Sour “Ditto” Jelly/Jello Slice for Pokemon Day

    • Thank you! I’ve always adored Ditto; I have such a soft spot for any pink Pokemon! Haha that’s brilliant, I might have to start doing that to my boyfriend too. I have plenty of plush toy Poke Balls to use!


  1. I’ve never heard of jelly slices before! But they sound delicious! Is the consistency like Jello-O? Or like a gummy bear? Have you watched the new Detective Pikachu trailer? We’re super excited for that movie!


    • It is kind of a strange recipe, I will admit. The consistency depends on how much gelatine you add to it, but this one is still very soft, like Jell-O. I love gummy bears, but find them quite hard to bite into, so I wouldn’t recommend making a slice recipe that is quite as firm as they are! YES I saw it and am so freaking excited. Pokemon’s one of my favourite things in the WORLD so naturally I was tearing up the whole time. It honestly feels like they’re coming to life 😭 🙌

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sooo cute. I didn’t know the 27th is Pokemon day although now that you say it I was wondering why there were so many Pokemon posts around that. Do you know about the Pikachu parade each year in Japan? Thousands of Pikachu descend upon Yokohama for a day and there are lots of Pokemon events. Just one more reason for you to come visit Japan. 😀


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