DIY Lucky Charm Marshmallow Nail Decals for St. Patrick’s Day (Free Dowloads!)

Here it is, just as promised, a DIY project involving my Cricut machine! Last week I shared a post of all the signs that you should get your own Cricut machine, and a lot of you said you’d like to see more DIY projects using my Cricut machine, and I am nothing if not accommodating 😉

I’ve been toying with the idea of making my own nail decals for a while now. Nail art has always been an interest of mine, and now with the combination of a Cricut machine and the wonderful material that is vinyl, I knew a whole new world of nail art was right around the corner!

DIY project lucky charms vinyl nail decals thesmalladventurer

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Before we jump into the tutorial, I want to talk about my design inspiration for these decals: Lucky Charms marshmallows! As you may know, I’m from Australia, so we don’t have Lucky Charms here 🙁

BUT I do see this cereal all over social media quite often and have always been in love with the tiny marshmallows that come with it, and when I realised St. Patrick’s Day was coming up, I knew it was the perfect time to make something inspired by them 🙊

So, if YOU want to find out how to make your own Lucky Charms-inspired nail decals with your Cricut machine, keep reading! And yes, I HAVE included the exact graphics that I personally made for my decals as a free download for all of you who wish to give this a try ☺️ Happy crafting!


♡ Heart, horseshoe, balloon, rainbow, and crescent moon graphics (downloads below)
♡ A Cricut Explore Air 2 OR Maker
♡ Transfer tape
♡ Vinyl in pink, red, blue, yellow, and purple
♡ Ruler (optional, but recommended)


1. Turn on your Cricut machine and launch Design Space. Begin a new project and upload each one of the graphics, then upload the rainbow graphic another two times. Whilst the graphics I’ve supplied are coloured, Design Space won’t realise that on its own, so you need to click on each graphic and colour it again on Design Space.

There isn’t an option to colour the rainbow three different colours, which is why I advised you to have three of them. Colour one blue, one yellow, and the last one pink. We’ll cut them to size later on.

2. Decide what graphics you want on which finger, and measure your fingernails so that you know how small each graphic needs to be. I measured my fingernails by centimetres, then converted them into inches, as that’s what Design Space uses.

Once you have your size in inches, click on the graphic you want to change, then edit the text at the top that says “size”. I only worried about measuring the width, and the height figured itself out. Do this for all your graphics.

lucky charms marshmallows rainbow nail decal DIY project thesmalladventurerthesmalladventurer (4).jpg

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3. Click “Make It” on Design Space and begin loading your Standard Grip mat in your machine, equipped with the colour of vinyl that you will be cutting first. Continue to load, cut, and upload your mat as directed until all your shapes are cut from your vinyl, remembering to carefully remove each vinyl sheet before adding the next.

4. Cut around each tiny shape that is now outlined on your vinyl. Put the three rainbows aside, as we’ll be dealing with them last. Then, one by one, remove the excess vinyl around the shape and discard it. Cut a small square of transfer tape out, remove the cover, place it sticky-side down onto one of the vinyl graphics, and press down hard all over the shape.

5. Very carefully peel the transfer tape up with your vinyl shape stuck to it, then place it back down again on the nail that you want your shape to go on. Press down on the shape so that the vinyl sticks to your nail, then slowly peel the transfer tape off again and discard. Repeat steps 4-5 with your remaining shapes, except for the rainbows.

6. Now to create your three-coloured rainbow! Once you have peeled away the excess vinyl around each rainbow, leave the blue rainbow as it is. Trim around the yellow one with scissors so that it is shorted and thinner than the blue, and then trim the pink so that it’s slightly more shorter and thinner than the other two.

7. Place a small square of transfer tape onto the blue rainbow, then peel it back up and place it on your nail. Since this is the most detailed design, I chose to put the rainbow on my thumb nail as it is the biggest. Whichever nail you choose, I recommend placing the blue rainbow slightly higher than the centre of the nail, so there is room for the other two colours beneath it.

8. Once you’ve placed the blue rainbow on your nail, use your transfer tape to place the yellow rainbow on top but slightly below the blue one, and do the same for the pink – once again, slightly lower. Aaaaand, you’re done!

the small adventurer DIY projects nail decals lucky charms marshmallows

Now, as you may notice, these particular decals are NOT on my actual nails and that’s because I have bitten them all off 😅 I go through phases of being really good at not biting my nails, and other times where I just can’t stop doing it. I’m currently in the latter phase.

However, I believe adding these decals to some of my adhesive nails actually made the process a lot easier than if I were to add them to my own nails. If you ARE planning on adding these to your natural nails, I recommend having someone nearby to help you out the actual application if possible – although I’m sure you’re all capable of doing it by yourself if need be 😊

Whilst doing research about this magically delicious cereal (😉), I actually discovered that each marshmallow has its own meaning, so I included the meanings behind the designs that were included in this post – along with a link to the free download of the graphic – below!

♡ The RAINBOW marshmallow represents “instantaneous travel from place to place”. Click here to download the rainbow graphic!

♡ The RED BALLOON marshmallow has the “power to make things float”. Click here to download the red balloon graphic!

♡ The HORSESHOE marshmallow has the “power to speed things up”. Click here to download the horseshoe graphic!

♡ The BLUE MOON marshmallow has the “power of invisibility”. Click here to download the blue moon graphic!

♡ The HEART marshmallow has the “power to bring things to life”. Click here to download the heart graphic!

THISS lucky charms marshmallows nail decals DIY projects thesmalladventurer.png

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I truly hope you have as much fun making this DIY as I did! I’m going to try really hard to stop biting my nails so I can do more nail decal projects, and actually be able to put them on my own nails 😂

Now tell me, if you could be any one of the Lucky Charms marshmallows – and there’s more to choose from than just the five I’ve included in this post! – which one would it be?☺️ As much as I adore rainbows, I think I’d be the heart marshmallow, as I have made it my life’s goal to instil happiness within others and help bring them back to life 🙊

Until next time,
Indya xx

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30 thoughts on “DIY Lucky Charm Marshmallow Nail Decals for St. Patrick’s Day (Free Dowloads!)

  1. This is absolutely the cutest idea and I love the colors! I have never done nail art at home but might try with your instructions. Thanks!


  2. Lucky Charms have always been my favorite cereal, but a few years ago I found out I’m allergic to oats and I can’t have them anymore 😦 Thankfully the brand came out with a Frosted Flakes version I can enjoy, but hey – the marshmallows are the best part anyways. This nail art is beyond adorable! I hope they bring this treat to you soon!


    • I’m so sorry to hear that! I’m currently in the middle of being diagnosed with a gluten allergy, so I can’t have many of my favourite foods – including countless cereal – anymore and it DOES suck. I feel your pain 💕 but yes, at least you can still have marshmallows 😋


    • No, all the best cereals seem to be from the US 😩 I probably can’t eat them anyway since my doctor thinks I have Celiac disease, which means I can’t have anything with gluten in it. I used to LOVE painting detailed designs on my nails too, but now I bite them too much 😅


  3. I’ve been wanting a cricut for the longest time. This adorable nail art project is just another reason I should just go ahead and purchase one. I had no idea that was something I could do with that machine.


  4. I never would have thought of this! I wonder if you would have any trouble removing them from your natural nails or if they would peel off okay. I can’t do adhesive/fake nails (I have to keep mine pretty short) so I usually do the Jamberry nail wraps which have been great. It would be fun to make my own though!


    • I did wonder about that, too. I was actually convinced the vinyl would cause the fake nails to peel or flake off, but it actually came off super easy so I think natural nails would be fine too! Ooh, I still haven’t tried nail wraps. Have to add that to the to do list! 😊


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