Homemade Bubblegum Gummy Bears

Is there any candy that is quite as iconic as a gummy bear? I personally don’t think so. They’re such adorable and delicious little treats 🙊

Ever since I made that resin gummy bear bracelet last month, I wanted to try my hand at making actual gummy bears, so I did!

It took a few tries until I got the taste and consistency that suited my own preference, but there’s plenty of room for wiggle room if need be.

For instance, these gummy bears are not as firm as store bought ones as I didn’t want the gelatine powder to overpower the flavour extract, so they more so resemble jelly (or jell-o, if you’re American!).

queen fine foods bubble gum gummy bears thesmalladventurerqueen fine foods bubble gum flavour extra food colour thesmalladventurer

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If you’d like yours to be more solid, you can always up the quantity of gelatine, I just recommend making these in advance if you’re going to use them for a special occasion to ensure that the finished product is exactly to you’re liking.

Also, in case anyone’s wondering, I did NOT use the same mould that I used for the resin bracelet because that would be dangerous as heck – instead, I bought one mould and cut it in half. I use one half for crafts, and the other for recipes! Now, let’s get onto how YOU can make some of these tiny cuties yourself 😋


Gummy bear mould
♡ 3/4 tsp Bubble Gum flavour extract
Blue liquid food colour
♡ 2 tbsp caster sugar
♡ 1/2 tbsp gelatine powder
♡ 50ml boiling water
♡ Two pipettes
♡ Toothpick (this will be a great help during the de-moulding!)


1. Place gelatine and caster sugar together in a heatproof bowl. Put your gummy bear mould onto a plate or in a container so it’s easier to move later on without the risk of spilling.

2. Fill a kettle with a small amount of water and turn it on. Once it boils, measure out 50ml and pour it slowly into the bowl whilst whisking the ingredients together. Scrap the sides of a bowl with your whisk or a spatula to ensure you get all the gelatine and sugar.

gummy bears bubble gum thesmalladventurermckenzies foods gelatine powder thesmalladventurer gummy bears

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3. Add in flavour extract and 1-2 drops of food colouring using one of the pipettes. Less is more when it comes to the food colouring as you want the gummy bears to still be transparent, and to ensure the food colour doesn’t effect the taste.

4. Using your other, clean pipette, slowly suck up small amounts of your mixture and drip it into your gummy bear moulds. Make sure you get into every arm, leg, and ear crevice as this mixture won’t automatically fill the space on its own. If any bubbles occur, use your toothpick to pop them.

5. Place in the refrigerator overnight to set.

6. If you really want your gummy bears to keep their shape well, you need to be very patient during the de-moulding stage. I ran a toothpick around the outside of each bear very gently so that they wouldn’t be completely stuck to the mould, then slowly starting pushing from the other side of the mould at the feet area.

Don’t push too hard or fast or the bears will break and fall to pieces, as jelly does. If you added more gelatine to your mixture, this step might be a little easier, but either way you’ll get them out. If you get some that have missing ears or arms, just put them at the bottom of the bowl and no one will even notice 😉

bubble gum flavoured gummy bear thesmalladventurerthe small adventurer gummy bears bubblegum

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That was super easy, wasn’t it?! The most annoying part is the waiting around, but I just LOVE the fact that I can now make my own gummy bears and have them be any flavour I want! You all know how many flavour extracts I already have, so the possibilities are practically endless 🙈

If you’re not a huge fan of flavour extracts, you can also use juice or soft drinks instead! Some people also add fruit to their jellies, but I think that might be a tad difficult when making such tiny portions. What would YOUR ideal gummy bear flavour be? Let me know in the comments! 👇

Until next time,
Indya xx

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16 thoughts on “Homemade Bubblegum Gummy Bears

  1. This looks OUTRAGEOUSLY delicious! I also love the shade of blue on these bears, it’s incredible how vivid and bright the bears are! You are so freaking talented it shocks me! Great post girl! xoxo


  2. This looks like so much fun to do! Would totally be an adorable favor for a boy baby shower as well! Ill have to keep this for my records to try in the near future.


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