Tips and Tricks That Help Me Read Books Faster

I don’t want to jinx things, but man, I am on a ROLL with my reading this year! Last year I only read 23 books in total, but we’re only halfway through the third month of 2019 and I’ve already read 28 books! I am super pleased with myself, and excited at what number I might reach by the end of December.

I’ve never had any problems with reading. In fact, I’ve always been quite a fast reader. The most books I’ve ever read in one year was 64, which was back in 2016, before this blog was a big part of my life, and before I discovered my passion for baking and crafts of various kinds. Since then, the amount of time I have put into reading has dwindled, but my love of reading has not!

I really do love reading, and always have. There’s nothing better than a good book, whether it’s one that warms your heart like a good Rainbow Rowell or Markus Zusak novel, or one that shocks you to your core and makes you wonder what on Earth you just read, like any of the psychological thrillers that have been taking over the world lately.


Whatever kind of books you’re into, one thing that everyone can agree on is that it can be difficult to actually make time to read, which is where this post comes in! I’ve been trying to find any spare moment I can to read, and have found that it’s actually a lot easier than I thought.

I mean, considering I work on this blog for hours each day, binge-watch far too many TV shows and work part-time and I have STILL read 28 books so far, it’s clearly not that difficult to find time to read, you’ve just got to look! In today’s post I am going to share the specific moments in my day-to-day life that I now fill with reading.

Even though some of them are fairly short stints, they all add up eventually and make that “to read” list of mine grow smaller each day, which is a truly amazing feeling. I hope some of these tips help you out, and happy reading!


We all have limbo time; time where we waiting for something to happen, and there’s little that we can do until it does. Examples include waiting for laundry to finish, for food to cook, for hair dye to develop, for a bus to arrive, for something to download or upload, for a reply from someone, and so much more. These small moments of empty time are perfect for getting some quick reading in, even if it’s only a few pages.

It might seem fruitless, but once you realise how often you’re actually in limbo time, you will find that it adds up quite quickly. Make sure that you bring your book with you everywhere and soon you’ll be picking it up whenever you find yourself waiting for something without even realising it! My limbo time – which mostly involves food or hair dye – is to thank for most of my reading that has been done this year.


Of course, this depends on your schedule, so you may need to alter this a bit to suit your lifestyle. For me, I often start work at 12 in the afternoon. Since I live so close to work, I could get up at 11am and make it there on time.

However, due to the fact that I have to take my epilepsy medication at 10am and 10pm every day, I wake up an hour before I need to get ready, and what a better way to spend that hour than by reading? I keep my glasses and book beside my bed, so when I wake up and take my medication, I barely have to move in order to start reading.

Another time I like to get some reading in is at night. Daniel often works both day and night shifts, the latter which cause him to get home between 10pm and 11pm. I wait for him to come home so I can greet him at the door, then we quickly eat together, and after that I hope into bed and start reading.

This is when he does various tasks such as exercise, shower, etc, that he didn’t get to do throughout the day. So he gets some time to himself after work, and I get an hour or two just to relax, read, and get ready for sleep. Afterwards, I place my glasses and book next to the bed ready to pick back up again in the morning!

diy (4).jpg


And I mean super small. Read one or two chapters, or to a certain page number (I always say I have to read to an even page number, or one that ends in 5 😂). Set a timer and keep reading until it goes off. Setting yourself small goals like these ensures that you will actually reach them, which makes you feel good, and motivated to keep going.

Even the best of books can have their slow moments – particularly in the beginning – which is when I find these kind of goals most helpful. For example, our washing machine has a spin dry function that goes for an hour, so I’ll often make myself read for that entire hour, and most of the time afterwards, I find myself genuinely intwined in the story and wanting to continue, which means I read even more than I had planned to! Small, achievable goals are the key to success in life.


Some books take longer to read, even if you love them, and it’s not always because of the number of pages. Bridge of Clay is 464 pages long, and it only took me 5 days to read, which is fairly quick for such a long book – for me, anyway. The reason I was able to finish it so quickly is because it was modern so the language was easy to follow, plus I am very familiar with Markus Zusak’s writing that I found it easy to get lost inside the story.

On the other hand, the novel Lolita – which is only 417 pages long – took me a lot longer to get through, despite the fact that I adored the language and was very engrossed in the story the entire way. I have found that older books take a little longer for me to read as the language is different than what I am used to, and that’s okay, but that also means that I should try to mix up the kind of books that I read in order not to get discouraged.

If I read multiple long, old books in a row, I might only get through two or three of them in a month, and that number will affect my motivation. So, after I’ve read something that took me a little longer than usual, I will allow myself to read something lighter, such as a fun YA novel, as I will blast through it quickly, therefore reigniting my love of reading, and of the feeling of having finished a book.

As much as I personally want to read every classic in existence, there is also nothing wrong with reading shorter, lighthearted books if that’s what YOU like to read – and don’t let anyone else tell you different!

There you have it: three super simple ways to ensure that you are reading regularly and slowing chipping away at that ever-growing “to read” list that we all have!

I am often overwhelmed thinking about all the books that I am still dying to read, that are waiting patiently on my shelf, or that I haven’t been able to find whilst thrift shopping yet, but then I remember that I am still super young and have many, many, many more years ahead of me to make my way through them all.

Now, tell me: what have YOU guys been reading lately? Anything that you particularly loved, or even hated? Let me know in the comments below! 👇

Until next time,
Indya xx

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14 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks That Help Me Read Books Faster

  1. thank you for the encouragement. i love to read but find it difficult, as you pointed out. I do keep a book with me at all times to make use of times i spend waiting. love how many books you have read already this year. do you have a favorite book of all time?


  2. Thanks for the tips! I always wondered how you managed to read so many books. At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to read a book a month. Finding the time to read was really difficult. I decided to replace my night time phone browsing/Youtube watching with reading instead because this way I can give my eyes a break from the “tech light”. Since I do daily masking every night I have 15-20 minutes to kill so this is the perfect time to read. Since doing this I’ve managed to read four books and I just started my 5th book a few days ago! I’m really proud of myself!

    I’m only reading one book at night but I’ve been thinking of adding a second book because I like to read self-help books but somethings I want to get engrossed in a fiction book. I would love to see more posts on books. Maybe your favorite books in different genres? ♥


    • I do only work part-time too, so I have a lot of time to myself 😊 Although I do spent most of that time cleaning 😅 That’s great that you’ve been finding some time to read at night though! I used to think reading more than one book was bad, but I love it now! I only ever have two going at one time, but I find that it’s quite helpful because you’re right, sometimes you want to learn and other times you just want to get sucked into a story 💕 I do have a few posts on my favourite books and authors if you have a look through my “read” category ☺️


    • That’s great if that works for you! Not sure that would help me though. Especially since I’ve been reading psychological thrillers, and if miss you even a tiny detail it can throw you off the entire plot! Every little thing counts in those books.


    • I’ve thought about joining a book club, but I’d hate to feel the pressure of being told what to read, and how long to read it in. But it must be a lot of fun to discuss books with other people 😊


  3. I try to read a book every day. I should read in the morning and night but I am not a morning person. I do read before I go to bed. And I do read during limbo time.


  4. I totally agree on using ‘limbo time wisely’! I absolutely LOVED The Silent Patient and Daisy Jones and The Six-I didn’t like After He Died and now I’m reading Breaking the Lore!


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