DIY Choc Chip Cookie Charm Bracelet + Matching Earrings!

If you have been part of The Small Adventurer family for more than five minutes – particularly over on Instagram, on Stories – you will know very well that I LOVE making my own accessories!

I have this dream to one day have a wardrobe that is mostly handmade – apart from things such as shoes, jeans etc. Jewellerybags, hats, shirts, skirts, you name it: I want to attempt making it!

I just love the idea of no one else having a wardrobe like mine. Plus, it’s super hard to find many food-inspired accessories and home decor items in regular shops, so if I really want them, I have no choice but to make them myself.

DIY choc chip cookie charm bracelet thesmalladventurer

Anyway, when I was browsing one of my favourite online shops – AKA eBay! – I saw these tiny chocolate chip cookie charms and instantly knew I had to get them, even though I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them.

Alas, as soon as they arrived, it came to me: a charm bracelet with matching earrings! I could not wait to get started on them, and I am super happy with the results, too. Okay, I’ll stop obsessing over them now and teach YOU guys how to make some for yourself! 👇



♡ Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Charms (similar)
♡ Two pairs of tweezers and/or jewellery pliers
♡ Mini hand drill (I got mine from Daiso!)
♡ Two earrings hooks + extra extension chains
♡ Jump rings (I recommend having at least one for every charm you have)
♡ Blank chain bracelet (I used silver chain with a clasp and extension chains to make mine, which I connected using jump rings) + extra extension chains


1. If you’re making a bracelet from chains and jump rings, begin by laying down a chain with a clasp on the table and placing your wrist on top, then add on as many extension chains as needed until your bracelet fits loosely around your wrist.

To attach extension chains, open up a jump ring using your pliers and/or tweezers (I find it easiest to use two at a time, but everyone’s different!), link your two chains onto the jump ring, and close it again. Repeat this method to attach your extension chains onto your earring hooks.

2. Get one of your cookie charms and hold a jump ring in front of it to see how low you can make the hole for it, as the ring will need to be able to bend around the charm and have enough room for another ring to be attached to it, too.

Once you’ve got your placing in mind, put your hand drill in place and start twisting! I found that twisting my drill to the right worked much faster (that might be true of all drills, but I’m not sure as I have never used one 😅).

You may need to place something on top of the charm to stop it from spinning with the drill as you don’t want to press too hard on the drill itself; they are very tiny and may break easily!

DIY project charm bracelet earrings choc chip cookie thesmalladventurerchoc chip cookie charm bracelet DIY project thesmalladventurer

3. Keep twisting until the drill bit goes through the other side of your charm. Using your pliers/tweezers, open up your jump ring and “thread” it through the hole you just drilled, then close it again.

If the hole isn’t big enough for the jump ring, pick your drill back up again and create another hole directly adjacent to the one you just made to make it a little wider.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with all your chocolate chip cookie charms, then place all but two to the side for later. These are for your earrings.

5. Open up a jump ring as you did before, thread your earring hook over one side, and one of your cookie charms over the other. Close the jump ring again, and then repeat with your second earring hook.

6. “Close” your bracelet as if you were going to wear it – but don’t actually put it on your wrist – then lay it out flat on a table while you figure out where each charm is going to go. Place the charms around the bracelet to get a rough idea of how far apart they will be, which will depend on how long the actual bracelet is, and how many charms you have.

7. Figure out how many rings you will have in between each charm (mine were either 4 or 5 rings away from each other) and figure out which ring you are going to start putting your charms on. Open a jump ring with your tools, thread your charm through one side, and your chosen starting point on the bracelet through the other. Close the jump ring again.

You can also make your charms more dangly by adding more jump rings between them and the bracelet, if you wish. However, the more room they have to move, the more likely they are to flip backwards (which doesn’t the same design as the front), so keep that in mind!

DIY project choc chip cookie charm bracelet thesmalladventurerDIY earrings choc chip cookie thesmalladventurer

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8. Continue repeating step 7 until your remaining charms have all been added to your bracelet, then you’re done! You now have a super cute matching pair of accessories that anyone with a sweet tooth will adore ☺️


I can’t help but smile just LOOKING at these accessories! I’ve made a ton of DIY earrings and collar clips this year, but only two charm bracelets so far (the other one being the resin gummy bear design that I shared in February), and that number certainly needs to be increased.

I just adore charm bracelets; they are yet another part of my childhood that I have zero plans to let go of 🙊 Plus, I love the idea of matching your accessories together as well. Fashion can be so much fun! ☺️

Until next time,
Indya xx

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26 thoughts on “DIY Choc Chip Cookie Charm Bracelet + Matching Earrings!

  1. I want to do this with my daughter! So fun! I think it’d be a fun project to do with teenage girls and just have a bunch of different charms available for them.


    • Don’t they?! Sometimes buying from eBay can be a bit of a gamble, but I’m really happy with how these charms look. You can get if I find some tiny milk bottle charms/figures I will DEFINITELY be turning them into accessories! ☺️🙊


  2. OMG INDYA, these are soooo cute! I remember your gummy bear bracelet, I wanted to make them but couldn’t find my mold anywhere. I’m still waiting on my new mold. I think I’m gonna make that one and this one and wear them together, or make one alternating gummy bear charm and chocolate chip charm! I can’t wait!


    • Thank you so much for this lovely comment! It has made my day ☺️ I absolutely love making food – especially sweets! – inspired accessories, and I’m so glad you like them too! I hope you have fun making AND wearing them 😊


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