Fairy Floss Buttercream Cupcakes for Cupcake Day

A few years ago, I was a huge fan of the make-up scene. I’d watch all the famous make-up YouTubers, buy the make-up they recommended, I even enrolled in a specialist make-up course, but our location closed and moved to the city before I could graduate.

Anyway, a very common video that a lot of make-up YouTubers did (and probably still do, I just don’t watch them anymore) were videos called “full face first impressions”. Basically, they tried to use as many brand new products as they could in one look.

Well, that’s exactly what I did in today’s post! In this just-for-fun recipe I try out a new flavour extract, silicon mould, sprinkle pack, AND a new chocolate food colour. It’s actually quite strange to get out of my comfort zone and make something that I didn’t have an end design in plan for; I just made it up as I went along.

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Sometimes, not having a design or a plan is good though. It allows you to try new things and think outside the box. Plus, I was able to test out multiple products before I planned on using them for a specific purpose. Luckily I liked each new product I tried – which meant I had a new recipe in time for Cupcake Day, which is June 14th – so I know I can use them in future recipes without worrying 😊 Enjoy!


For the 6 cupcakes:
♡ 1 cup flour
♡ 62g butter, softened
♡ 1 tsp baking powder
♡ 6 tbsp (85g) caster sugar
♡ 1 egg
♡ 1/4 cup milk
♡ 1/2 tsp vanilla essence

For the buttercream:
♡ 60g butter, softened
♡ 1 cup icing sugar
♡ 1 tbsp milk
♡ Pink food colour (I used this one that was sent to me by Queen Fine Foods)
♡ 1 tsp fairy floss flavour extract (I used this one that I bought at Spotlight Australia)

For decorating:
♡ 1/4 cup white chocolate melts
♡ Heart silicon mould (mine is from Daiso)
Purple chocolate food colour
♡ Pink cupcake liners
♡ Piping bag with a star-shaped tip


1. Preheat oven to 200C and line a six hole cupcake pan with cases.

2. Beat the butter and sugar together until smooth.

3. Add in your eggs one at a time, beating throughly between each one, and then add the vanilla extract.

4. Combine the flour and baking powder together. Add it your mixture in increments, alternating with the milk, and beating after each addition. Try to end with the milk to ensure the batter is a nice, pourable consistency.

5. Equally distribute the cake batter between the six cupcake pans and bake for 10-15 minutes, or until a cake tester comes out clean.

baking tools equipment thesmalladventurerfairy floss buttercream cupcake week thesmalladventurer

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6. While your cakes are cooling, start on your decorations. Place your white chocolate melts in the microwave and heat in 30 second increments until melted.

7. Add in a few drops of your chocolate food colour and mix with a spoon until all the chocolate is the same colour.

8. Scoop the melted chocolate into the heart moulds. Everyone has their own method of doing this, but my go-to is to pick up a spoonful and scrape it out using a butter knife.

If you accidentally spill outside the mould, you can wipe it up while it’s still melted, or just snap the excess bits off once it has set. Place the mould, with the chocolate still in it, aside for later.

9. Now it’s time to start making your buttercream! Begin beating your butter (wow, that was a lot of B words!) until it starts to go pale

10. Alternate between adding the icing sugar and milk, and beat in between each addition.

11. Drip a few drops of pink food colour into the mixture, along with the fairy floss extract, and mix until your buttercream is completely pink.

12. Scoop all your buttercream into a piping bag that is fitted with a star-shaped piping tip, and frost each one of your cupcakes. I started on the outside and frosted inwards as we’re going to be covering up the middle with a piece of chocolate, so it doesn’t matter what the middle looks like.

13. Carefully pop your chocolates out of the mould and place one on each cupcake. You’ll notice that you have more chocolates than cupcakes, which I planned in case some broke during the de-moulding. If you were lucky enough to have them all come out perfectly, feel free to add more to your cupcakes!

14. Finish off your decorating by adding your sprinkles! The sprinkle mix I used came with four different designs, but I only used three as I didn’t want the cupcakes to come across as too loud/busy as there’s already a LOT going on! You do what makes you happy, though 😊

roberts edible craft confectionery magic colours thesmalladventurerfairy floss buttercream cupcakes cupcake week thesmalladventurer


Now you know how to replicate this design, let me tell you what I thought of all the new products I used:

 The adorable silicon mould I used worked perfectly, which I thought it would as I’ve used Daiso moulds before. It wasn’t particularly hard to clean either, despite being so small, but I DO have a silicon mould guide coming that’ll have tips and tricks on how to clean the most detailed moulds, so keep a look out for that!

♡ I’ve had my eye on this fairy floss flavour extract for a while as it just sounds so fun, but as my boyfriend pointed out, fairy floss can be whatever flavour you want it to be.

Without adding a specific flavour, it’s really just “sweet”, and that’s how the extract came across too! It wasn’t an obvious or specific flavour – such as banana, bubble gum, etc – it was just sweet, but I still liked it very much 😋

♡ The purple chocolate colour is the second chocolate colour product that I have used – both from the same brand – and I was still blown away the second time by the fact that the chocolate DIDN’T seize!

Whilst I did think it was going to be a darker colour, I’m sure I could achieve that shade by adding a few more drops next time. The best thing – and something I was concerned about beforehand – is that it didn’t alter the taste of the chocolate at all, so that’s a plus!

♡ Last, but certainly not least, the SPRINKLES. If you’ve seen my baking shelves, you’ll know I certainly didn’t need more sprinkles. Dollar Sweets already sent me more sprinkles than I could have EVER imagined, but when I saw their unicorn pack at the supermarket, I just couldn’t turn away!

dollar sweets roberts confectionery magic colours thesmalladventurer

Multiple Ways to Use Flavour Extracts & Essences

Whilst I knew the confetti and nonpareil sprinkles would be fine, I WAS a little concerned that the rainbow candy ones would be quite hard and would hurt to bite down on, but that was all for nothing!

They practically turn to nothing when you bite into them, yet they’re still delicious. I could easily eat a handful of them at a time. They are SO good 🙌

What do you guys think of this more casual kind of recipe post? Would you like to see me do similar things in the future where I stock up on new items and try to implement them all into a single recipe together?

It won’t be too often (as you all know how much I love making things that look like other things); it’d just every now and then. Let me know what you think in the comments! 👇

Until next time,
Indya xx

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22 thoughts on “Fairy Floss Buttercream Cupcakes for Cupcake Day

  1. These are so cute! I feel like they would be great for Valentine’s Day. Also… how did I miss Cupcake day and not have a cupcake??


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