6 Year Anniversary: Relationship Q+A!

As of today Daniel and I have been together for six years. Crazy, right?! It honestly doesn’t feel that long at all, yet on the other hand I cannot remember my life without him.

I’ve actually known Daniel since 2010, when I moved to the school he went to, but we hung out in different crowds and didn’t really speak until 2013. It was only two short months later that we became a couple, and three months after that that I moved in with him – and we’ve pretty much been inseparable ever since.

I love any excuse to talk about Daniel and our relationship as he truly is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and anyone who knows me in real life will agree with that statement.

He’s made me a happier and stronger person, he constantly does anything he can to make me happy, and most importantly, he helped me escape a violent home life. I will forever be grateful to him.


This post will include some basic questions for those who don’t really know us that well, plus some questions that we get from people – both online and in real life – quite often, as I am surprised that so many people wonder the same things about our relationship. Well, wonder no more, because here are the answers!

How did you meet?

As mentioned before, we first met in 2010, when I moved to the school he was at. I was in year eight and he was in year nine, but we never really spoke as we had very different groups of friends. It wasn’t until 2013 – when we were put into a very small IT class of only five students – that we really begun to get to know each other.

How/when did you become official?

Our anniversary date is June 24th. Two months before that, we started messaging on Facebook, and one month after that we started actually hanging out. As we were both very shy high school students, we actually became “official” over Facebook.

We were up late on the 23rd of June messaging each other, and I could tell that this particular conversation was leading towards the question of becoming official. However, he actually fell asleep whilst talking to me, so he didn’t officially ask me to be his girlfriend until the next morning, on the 24th 😂

Do you two talk about marriage and/or kids?

Yes, all the time. We talk about how much we DON’T want kids and can’t wait to NOT have them. I have never wanted kids in my entire life, and can easily say I never will. Daniel has always said he thought it was something you had to do, but has since realised that you can live your life however you want, and he does not want children either.

We get a lot of comments such as “oh, you’ll want them eventually!” and, in case you’re planning on saying something similar, just know that it doesn’t alter our opinions at all. We’re adults in a long-term relationship and we know what we’d like our future to have, and kids is NOT something we desire.

As for marriage, we talk about getting married all the time. We talk about ring and proposal ideas a lot. We also discuss whether or not we want an actual wedding and – if we do – what we do and don’t want at it. I used to always want a huge, lavish wedding, but now that I’m older I am less obsessed with the idea of getting married and having the perfect wedding.

I always thought I’d get married ASAP, but knowing that I have a partner who I have complete trust in makes it a lot easier to wait, because there’s no feeling of needing to hold him down. Recently, we’ve actually been contemplating just eloping and going on a holiday together instead of having a wedding, but we’re still not sure.

As I said before though, we really aren’t in any rush. People often marvel at how long we’ve been together and yet still aren’t engaged, but we’re still SO young. I’m only 22! Plus, I am yet to find a ring that I like. Considering I’m going to be wearing it forever, I want to make sure I get the right one! 😂

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What does Daniel think of all of your colourful home decor?

This is a question that we BOTH get a lot from other people, and it surprises us both. A lot of people assume that Daniel despises being around so much colour OR that I don’t “let” him choose the decor, both of which are incorrect. Daniel doesn’t really care about physical items. He has his half of our shared office where he keeps anything items that he wants, but he doesn’t like to own much stuff, so he doesn’t. That decision has nothing to do with me.

I, on the other hand, LOVE collecting things and filling the areas around me with items that make me happy, so that’s what I do. It doesn’t phase Daniel in the slightest because I am not forcing him to use my stuff, nor am I denying him the chance to choose what items go into our place. It’s pretty simple: he doesn’t care about physical items, but I love them so I own a lot of them, and he doesn’t mind either way.

Does Indya/Daniel let you do that?

This is a question that the both of us get from time to time, and it baffles us both. If you’re in a relationship where you’re constantly wondering whether your partner will “let” you do certain things, then you’re not in a very good relationship. Aside from certain things which both parties should agree on – such as spending money, etc – you should never have to ask your partner for permission to do anything.

To be fair, Daniel and I don’t really do much so there’s very little that we could do that might upset the other partner, but we’ve both had friends of the opposite sex and hung out with those friends without each other. At one point, when we were briefly homeless, Daniel stayed with a female friend of his because she lived close to his work, whilst I stayed over an hour away with a male friend of his.

Obviously, this was out of necessity and we hated being away from each other, especially during such a rough time, but there was never a question of whether these decisions were “okay” with the other person, as we both have undeniable trust in each other.

Since you enjoy baking, do you also do the cooking at home?

This is a question I get quite often, and people are always surprised to hear the answer, which is that Daniel does the cooking almost exclusively at home! This is for many reasons. For starters, I was never taught how to cook – nor was I even allowed to use the stove or oven growing up – whereas Daniel has been making himself food since he was a teenager.

I also have epilepsy, which makes it dangerous for me to do any cooking when Daniel is not home, as trying to use the oven and having a seizure does NOT go well together. Also, since Daniel has a cleaning job, that is the last thing he wants to do when he gets home, so I do the cleaning, and he does the cooking. There are certain instances where we help each other with both those tasks, but generally speaking, he cooks and I clean!

What are some of your favourite things to do together?

Daniel and I like to bring anything that makes us happy into our day-to-day lives as often as possible. Some of our favourite things include seeing animals, eating good food, and watching movies/TV shows/videos together.

When we feel like getting out of the house, we often visit the Melbourne Zoo, SEA LIFE Aquarium, or the small petting zoo that comes to town during the school holidays. Most of the time we stick to our beloved movie dates though, whether they be at an actual cinema, or just at home on the couch!

Our ideal night is making one of our favourite meals (which we have a LOT of!) and watching a funny movie or TV show together. Part of our nightly ritual when we get into bed is to watch lots of funny and adorable videos of animals together, too! It actually makes me look forward to going to sleep, which is a plus.

Whew! That was a lot of writing and photos! Congratulations if you made it all the way through. Now, here’s a super old and slightly embarrassing photo of baby-face Daniel and I for you to enjoy:


We don’t even look like the same people, do we?! It’s honestly SO strange to look at this photo 😅 I’m pretty sure it was taken around 2015/2016, as I still have (uneven) blonde hair.

It’s so weird to see Daniel without a beard, and me without much make-up on and with much thinner eyebrows than I have now. Add in my choker and nose ring and I can honestly barely recognise myself 😂

Thank you for sticking around this long and letting me rave on about my perfect boyfriend and the wonderful six years we have had together so far.

We have already been through so much together, and made so many wonderful memories, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us ☺️ Have a great week ahead of you!

Until next time,
Indya xx

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32 thoughts on “6 Year Anniversary: Relationship Q+A!

  1. I love that you two are being true to yourselves when it comes to having kids! I think so many people feel pressure, and do so out of a sort of obligation, and I love that you’re fighting against that. I am a new mom, and I was 30 before I had my son, and I would not recommend anyone have children unless you REALLY want them, because it’s so hard. Good job staying true to yourself. You sound like a fun couple, too.


    • Thank you so much for this comment! It’s honestly the most respectful comment we have ever received about our choice to not have kids. You’re right, it’s clear to see that having children is a VERY hard thing to do, so I don’t understand why people try to convince others to have them when they clearly don’t want to. That isn’t going to end well for the parent OR the child.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Enjoyed reading your story as it’s so different from mine (I met my husband when we were in our late twenties and we had our firstborn before our first wedding anniversary!) Sounds like you have a lovely relationship. xo Nipa


  3. Ahh I loved reading this so much. Happy anniversary to you two, cuties. Your love for each other makes my heart just super super happy. It makes me giggle and simultaneously makes me sad that you have the same view on having children as I do – yet you also get the same response I do. Gosh, when will people mind their own business on this, eh? But HEY – at least your man is on your side. Here’s to many more happy years for you two!


    • Thank you so much for this comment! It used to really frustrate us that no one would ever listen to what we said about kids, but now it’s just amusing because we know we don’t need to prove anything to anyone. We know how we want to live our lives and that’s all that matters!


  4. Congratulations on six years together, that is quite the accomplishment especially at such a young age. You guys seem perfectly suited for one another ❤ I also agree there is no rush on a wedding, being with the person you love is enough! A wedding can happen if you guys want to have one to celebrate your love but it certainly doesn't make your relationship any stronger just because you celebrated it with other people!


    • Thank you so much for this lovely comment ☺️ We are very happy together, and never expected to find another person with whom we get along with so well and can enjoy the company of day after day after day.

      We both definitely want to get married, but having an actual wedding doesn’t seem as important anymore as that’s really not the point of getting married. As you said, it’s just a way to celebrate with other people, whereas we’re more focused on the commitment that we would be giving to each other. 💞


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