Homemade Sour Gummy Aliens to Celebrate Toy Story 4!

Are you getting sick of seeing and hearing the words “Toy Story” yet? πŸ˜œ With the recent release of the FOURTH instalment in this wonderful franchise, I have been seeing Toy Story everywhereBoth online and off it, everyone is super excited for Toy Story 4 – and I am too!

I knew a while ago that I wanted to make something inspired by Toy Story to celebrate the new movie coming out, as the first two were such iconic movies of my childhood. I adored Slinky Dog and the three Aliens in particular, which is why I created a recipe inspired by them πŸ™Œ (Well, that, and the fact that Daiso have these adorable mini cookie cutters shaped like the Aliens, but I digress).

Before I wrote this post, I decided to watch all three Toy Story movies over the weekend to jog my memory of their greatness, so I have to get some things off my chest before we get onto the recipe.

sour lime gummies alien toy story thesmalladventurerdisney pixar toy story dvd cookie cutters daiso japan australia

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I actually hadn’t seen Toy Story 3 before this weekend just gone, and I was completely gobsmacked the entire time. Don’t get me wrong, it was funny and unexpected and not at all boring, but man, it is SO much darker than the first two!

There’s so much anger, betrayal, and moments of complete and utter despair that I kept crying out “why does the writer of this movie HATE toys?!” My jaw was dropped throughout 99% of the movie because I just couldn’t believe little kids watched this movie without being disturbed by it, when it was affecting ME so much! πŸ˜…

I did like the ending though – particularly Woody’s decision, and the whole flip on the iconic “eternally grateful” line – as well as the introduction of Bonnie and her toys. I am still wondering why they got rid of Bo without any explanation, and how/why she’s back in the new one, but I guess I’ll find out the answers once I see the new movie.


Anyway, even after the emotional roller coaster that these movies have put me through, I still love them, the characters, AND the voice actors. Therefore, I need to pay tribute to this wonderful phenomenon with a fun, delicious, and super easy recipe that you can snack on when you’re having your next Toy Story movie marathon πŸ˜‹ Enjoy!

green aliens toy story sour lime jelly gummies thesmalladventurer

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β™‘ Packet of lime flavoured jelly
β™‘ 2 tbsp caster sugar
β™‘ 1 tsp citric acid
β™‘ 1 + 1/2 tbsp gelatine powder
β™‘ 11cm rectangle baking pan
β™‘ Whisk and/or fork
β™‘ Toy Story alien cookie cutters from Daiso
β™‘ Skewer (optional)


1. Empty your jelly, caster sugar, citric acid, and gelatine powder into a microwave safe bowl.

2. Follow the instructions on your jelly packet as you normally would. Use your whisk or fork to throughly stir the boiling water throughout the mix and ensure that it is ALL dissolved before adding your cold water.

3. Once your mixture is combined and has no more powder or bubbles on the surface, carefully pour it into your unlined baking pan. If any bubbles occur once you’ve poured it in, just pop them with a toothpick!

4. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature, then place the pan inside the fridge overnight to ensure it is as firm as possible for the cutting stage.

5. When your jelly is set, take the pan out of the fridge. Get one of your cookie cutters and slowly press it down onto your mixture, until the cutter hits the bottom of the pan.

6. Carefully lift the cutter back up and then push the jelly out of the cutter onto a plate. You may need to use the flat end of a skewer to push out the smaller parts of the aliens.

During this step, the jelly stayed inside the cutter for me very easily. If you have any troubles, make an incision in the jelly next to the cookie cutter, then slide an angled spatula into that incision and under the cutter to lift it out. However, with all the extra gelatine we added, it should stay put!

7. Once you’ve pushed your jelly alien out of the cutter, thoroughly wipe it down both on the inside and the outside to ensure there’s no leftover jelly that will affect your future pieces.

toy story green aliens sour lime jelly gummies thesmalladventurerlime jelly thesmalladventurertoy story disney pixar daiso japan australia cookie cutter thesmalladventurer

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8. Repeat steps 5-7 with both of your cookie cutters until you have as many delicious, sour alien gummies as you can get. Also, don’t throw out all that leftover jelly! Just cut it into small chunks, place them in a bowl and say it’s “alien goo” – or something to that extent πŸ˜œ It’ll still taste just as good as the alien pieces, I promise!


I had a lot of fun making this recipe. I actually tried a few different variations of jelly to citric acid to extra gelatine powder until I got the right consistency and flavour that I was looking for. I am really glad I didn’t just settle after my first try because these lil guys are MUCH tastier πŸ˜‹

Although, I wouldn’t have complained if I had added a bit more citric acid as Daniel and I are both HUGE fans of sour lollies, but I know not everyone else (if you happen to fall under that category, it’s perfectly okay to be wrong πŸ˜‰).

I hope you’re all having a super sweet week so far! Before you go, you HAVE to tell me: who is your favourite Toy Story character? It can be anyone from all four movies! Let me know in the comments below! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘‡

Until next time,
Indya xx

This post is NOT affiliated with Disney or Pixar in any way, NOR am I making any money from this post. This is just a fun, fan-made recipe inspired by a great franchise!

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26 thoughts on “Homemade Sour Gummy Aliens to Celebrate Toy Story 4!

  1. I remember having similar feelings while watching the third movie. However, it also felt like a great ending point, so I was super surprised when they announced a fourth as the final addition to the films. Aaaanyways – I hope you enjoy it, and enjoy snacking on your super cute gummies! These are beyond adorable!


    • Yeah, I think a lot of people were surprised about the fourth! Especially after everyone made such a big deal about the 3rd one being the end, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they do in the next one anyway 😊


  2. These are super cute! I have to try to find the cutters as we have Daiso here in Japan. I want to try to make these cute gummies!


  3. Toy Story 3 is banned from my house because I cry too much at the end. lol. We haven’t seen Toy Story 4 yet but we’re planning on watching it soon. This is the perfect compliment to a Toy Story weekend!


    • Hahaha you totally sound like me! I probably won’t be able to go through that again either. Same with the movie Up, which I DO adore, but the starting tears me apart every time 😭😩


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