DIY Sweet Treats Pillows – FOUR Different Designs!

For those who might be new around here, I’m OBSESSED with anything sweet! It is my life dream to have a house that can accurately described as a “dessert museum”, and I am slowly working my way towards that dream with super cute DIY projects such as this one.

Home decor items are something I absolutely adore, but because of my very specific style needs (AKA things shaped like food, food, and more food), it’s often hard to find the right thing for my taste – which is why I make my own!

Pillows are actually the first thing I ever learnt how to sew, and are still my favourite sewing craft so far. Even though I got my first sewing machine for Christmas last year, I still love hand sewing so I chose to hand sew ALL FOUR of these pillows – and yes, it took quite a long time! 😅

choc chip cookie donut dessert pillows DIY project thesmalladventurerchoc chip cookie pillow DIY project thesmalladventurer

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There are SO many ways to incorporate your own personal style wishes and wants into your decor through the magic of DIY, and homemade pillows are definitely one of the best options.

The materials needed are super cheap and easy to find (especially if you use the fabric from thrifted clothes, like I do!), the design possibilities are endless, AND they are the perfect beginner’s sewing project. Don’t forget what our motto is here at The Small Adventurer: “if I can do it, you can too!” 🙌 Have fun creating!

For the chocolate chip cookie pillow:


♡ Light brown and dark brown fabric
♡ Pencil or pen
♡ Ruler
♡ Scissors
♡ Sewing needle and pins
♡ Light brown and dark brown thread
♡ Pillow stuffing


1. Draw or trace two identical circles onto your light brown fabric and cut them out.

2. Cut out a bunch of oddly-shaped mini circles from your dark brown felt. These will be your choc chips.

3. Play around with the placing of your choc chips onto one of your light brown circles. When you’re happy with their placement, pin them in place, then sew them on using your dark brown thread.

4. Get a piece of thread and wrap it around the outside of one of your light brown circles. When you reach the beginning of the thread, cut it to size. This is how long your middle piece of fabric needs to be.

5. Lay your piece of thread down flat onto your light brown fabric. Using a ruler and pen or pencil, rule a line that is as long as the piece of thread that you just cut. Continue ruling until you turn that line into a long rectangle piece that is 3cm thick, then cut it out.

6. Place the rectangular piece of fabric that you just cut out on top of the fabric circle that has the chocolate chips on it, so that the very top edge of the rectangular piece is touching the top edge of the circle.

7. Use a sewing pin or two to keep the edges aligned at the start, then sew all around the edges of both pieces with your light brown thread.

8. Get your second brown fabric circle and pin the edges of the circle to the edges of the rectangle piece (the side that is NOT already connected to a circle). Sew about 80%-90% of the edges together with your brown thread, leaving the last 10% open so you can clip the pillow inside out.

9. Once you’ve flipped your pillow inside out so that the chocolate chips are on the outside facing up, fill the pillow with stuffing until it is nice and full, then sew up the remaining opening. It will be at the back of the pillow so you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing the thread!

chocolate bar pillows DIY project thesmalladventurer



DIY Chocolate Bar Place Cards for Valentine’s Dinner

For ONE chocolate bar pillow:


♡ Pink and/or brown fabric
♡ Pink and/or brown thread
♡ Pencil or pen
♡ Ruler
♡ Scissors
♡ Sewing needle and pins
♡ Pillow stuffing


1. Rule out two 20cm x 30cm rectangles from your fabric of choice, and cut them out. Then, rule and cut twelve 5cm by 5cm squares from the same colour of fabric. Finally, rule out two 5cm by 30cm rectangles and two 5cm by 20cm rectangles, and cut all four of them out.

2. Lay one of your large rectangular pieces of fabric in front of you and arrange where your square piece will sit on it. Since the squares are 5cm wide, they should sit 1.25cm away from each other (and the edgeshorizontally, and .8cm away from each other and the edges vertically. 

3. When you’re happy with the placement of your squares, pin them in place, then sew around the edges of them with the thread that matches the fabric you’re using until they are all sewn on!

4. Get one of your 5cm by 30cm rectangles and lay it on top of your chocolate bar so that the left edge of the rectangle piece lines up with the left edge of the chocolate bar perfectly.

5. Place some sewing pins to keep them together, then sew as close as possible to the two edges, using the same thread as before.

6. Get one of your 5cm by 20cm rectangles and place it on the very top of the chocolate bar, so that the top edge of the rectangle is perfectly lined with the top edge of the chocolate bar. Repeat step 5 with these pieces, then sew the two edges of the rectangle pieces together as well.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 with the last two rectangle pieces until you have something that resembles a shallow, rectangle box – made of fabric, of course 😂

8. Lay your last large rectangle on top of the “fabric box”, and pin the edges to the side pieces of fabric. Sew around 90% of the rectangle, then stop and flip the pillow inside out so that the squares are on the front.

9. Fill your pillow with stuffing so that it’s nice and evenly full, then hand sew that remaining opening closed. Repeat this tutorial with your other colour of fabric and BAM: you have two super cute, almost-good-enough-to-eat chocolate bar pillows!

donut choc chip cookie pillows DIY project thesmalladventurer


For the donut pillow:


♡ Light brown fabric
♡ Pink fabric
♡ Orange, yellow, and red felt
♡ Pencil or pen
♡ Ruler
♡ Scissors
♡ Sewing needle and pins
♡ Brown, pink, orange, yellow, and red thread
♡ Pillow stuffing


1. Draw two identical circles onto your brown fabric to be your donut shape. I decided to trace around a plate for mine to ensure they were the same size. Then, draw (or trace) a smaller circle in the middle of both of those; these will be your donut holes.

2. Cut out ONE of your brown circles, and the circle in the middle of it. Place your now ring-shaped piece of brown fabric on top of your pink fabric, and trace around the outside and inner holes.

3. Using the lines you just drew as a guide, lightly sketch out your “icing” shape onto the pink fabric, then cut that out.

4. Place your pink “icing” fabric on top of your brown ring fabric. When you’re happy with the placement, pink it in place, then sew the “icing” onto the donut – both around the inside and outside rings – using your pink thread.

5. Cut out an assortment of sprinkle shapes from your felt and play around with the placement on top of your “icing”. Pin them in place, and then sew them on with their corresponding thread colours.

6. Use a piece of thread to “trace” along the outside of one of the brown fabric rings. Once you’ve wrapped the thread all the way around the ring and it loops back to the beginning, cut it. This piece of thread will be the same length as you need your side piece – or outer ring – of fabric to be.

7. Lay the piece of thread out on your unused brown fabric. Rule along the thread so that you’re left with a line on the fabric that is as long as the string. Using your ruler, turn that line into a long rectangle that is 3cm thick, then cut it out.

8. Place your iced donut ring in front of you facing upwards. Lie the brown rectangle fabric on top of the donut so that the rectangle top is touching the edges of the donut. The lower half of the rectangular piece will be covering up the icing at this part, but we’re going to flip it over later on.

9. Using your brown thread, sew all around the very edges of the donut ring and the rectangle fabric piece until they’re combined.

10. Get some more thread and use the same method as step 6 to “trace” the donut hole. Cut the piece of thread to size, then lay it down on some more brown fabric. Rule a line as long as the thread onto the fabric, and follow step 7 to turn that into a 3cm thick rectangle as well, and cut that out.

11. Lay your new rectangle piece of fabric on top of your iced donut so that the bottom edge is aligned with the edge of the donut hole, then sew them together. Your pillow probably looks like a hot mess right now, but it’ll all come together soon, I promise! 😂

12. Cut out your second donut ring that you traced earlier, and the donut hole in the middle too. Pin the outer edges of this ring to the outer edges of the large rectangle piece – the side that ISN’T already attached to the other ring – and sew them together.

You should now have two rings (the iced one being on the bottom. facing up) that are joined by the outside with the same rectangular piece of fabric, as well as another rectangular piece of fabric that is connected to one side of the inner donut hole.

13. Flip your pillow inside out from the middle, so that the iced part of the donut is now at the top, facing up. Generously fill up the entire pillow with stuffing, and pin the remaining open part of the donut hole to the side piece of fabric to keep it in place while you stitch the last opening closed. Since this part will be on the bottom of the overall donut, you won’t need to worry about people sewing the thread. Then you’re done!

DIY project chocolate bar pillow thesmalladventurer

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Whew! I applaud you if you made it through all of that; there were a LOT of words! 😂 This pillows took a couple of days to make, but I find hand sewing such a therapeutic thing to do, so I like to take my time with it.

Plus, you guys know how much I love watching my TV shows (Daniel and I are currently watching Arrested Development and I’m LOVING it!), so this kind of project is perfect to work on during an afternoon watch-fest. Let me know what YOUR favourite kind of food is, and I’ll see if I can make a pillow out of it! 😜👇

Until next time,
Indya xx

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14 thoughts on “DIY Sweet Treats Pillows – FOUR Different Designs!

  1. OMG this is such a cute DIY project!! I love it!! I’d love to make this for my fiancé’s little sister. She’s 9 and loves chocolates and desserts lol! Amazing idea! x


    • Thanks so much! I’m super happy with them, which doesn’t happen very often with my own creations 😅😂 I truly believe that anyone can make these though, no matter what their sewing experience is!


  2. These are so adorable – the donut one is my favorite! I have a sewing machine but haven’t done much with it. I’d love to play around more.


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