DIY Barbie Inspired Place Cards for Your Next Girl’s Night!

It’s official: I am obsessed with place cards! I have been brainstorming and making SO many different designs this month, and I can’t wait to share them all with you – but I’ll try to space them out so you don’t get sick of them 😂

If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram posts, then you’ll know both my partner and I have not had a smooth month health-wise. One of those reasons why is that my epilepsy has taken a turn for the worse, rendering baking a dangerous activity, which means this month will be mostly focused on DIY projects!

thesmalladventurer place card DIY project barbie logoDIY project place cards barbie logo thesmalladventurer

                   DIY for the Sparkling Heart decorations pictured above is coming soon! 👀

Truth be told, I wasn’t actually a huge Barbie girl as a kid – I MUCH preferred Bratz – but I appreciate all the things that Barbie has done in recent years, and how much variety there is within the dolls and their careers.

Plus, one of my closest friends LOVES Barbie, so I’ve had the word “Barbie” noted down in my project ideas for ages.

Obviously, you can’t find the actual font for the Barbie logo online – at least not to download, which we need to do in order to make our Cricut machine cut it out.

So, after browsing through the various logos that Barbie has used, I searched the web for a font that most reminded me of them, which I link to below.

I just think this super pretty and girly font, paired with a gorgeous pink sheet of vinyl, makes the sweetest place cards for your next girl’s event ☺️ I hope you like them too! 💖


♡ White craft foam sheet
♡ Pink adhesive vinyl
♡ Cricut Explore Air 2
Realistica Font (it’s free!)
♡ Transfer tape
♡ Scissors
♡ Pencil

THIS place cards barbie logo DIY project thesmalladventurer copyDIY project barbie logo inspired place cards thesmalladventurercharm bracelet DIY project thesmalladventurer

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1. Download the Realistica Font from Da Font and follow these steps to upload it to Design Space.

2. Open up a new project in Design Space and select the text option. Type in your first name, and adjust the size to your preference. All of mine were roughly 8cm/3.1 inches wide.

3. Click away from that text box, then add another for your next name, and continue until you have all your required names.

4. Set up your Cricut machine with a sheet of pink vinyl, turn the material dial to “vinyl”, and let the machine cut out all your names.

5. Once all your names have been cut out, get a pair of scissors and cut around each letter individually. The reason for this step is so you can stick each letter down one by one onto your foam, which allows you the freedom to overlap the letters so they look likr they are linked.

6. Place all the letters for one name and the white foam sheet in front of you. Pick up your first letter and peel off the excess vinyl. Cut out a piece of transfer tape that is as big as the letter, peel off the backing, place the sticky side of the transfer tape on top of the letter, and smooth down.

7. Very gently, peel the back of the letter off so you’re just left with the transfer tape and the letter, then press that onto your craft foam. Use your finger or a small, blunt tool to smooth down each corner and crevice of the letter, then carefully lift up the transfer tape, leaving the letter on the foam.

8. Repeat steps 6-7 with your second letter, and then do the same with the rest of the name, but place the other letters slightly overlapping the one before it, so that they become joined.

9. Once you have your first name completed, draw around the entire name with a pencil, following the shape of the letters. Remember to leave a 1-2cm gap between the vinyl and the pencil line, then cut inside the outline that you drew.

10. Repeat steps 6-9 with your remaining names, and you’re done! You now have some super cute party decor items that are sure to catch people’s attentions. I’m not even having a party, but I’m holding onto the one with my name because it’s just so pretty 💕

barbie logo DIY project place cards thesmalladventurerTHIS thesmalladventurer barbie logo place card DIY projectbarbie logo place cards DIY project thesmalladventurer

Since I just love making place cards for the fun of it and aren’t actually throwing any kind of party or event, it can be kind of difficult to think of what names to use 😅

I alwas use my own name, because I like to keep them afterwards. You never know when you might need a quirky, last minute name tag! 😜

You may have noticed that I also used “Alexis” in my chocolate bar place cards, and that’s because Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham are the stars of one of my favourite TV shows: Gilmore Girls! Also, I’m pretty sure I was listening to a Julia Michaels song whilst making these, hence the “Julia” card.

What do you guys think of place cards? I hope you love them as much as I do, because I want to make a lot more in the future! I have a two-in-one design coming up that’s inspired by another one of my favourite TV shows.

They could be used for a double birthday party, or even a wedding where one person’s guests have one design, and the rest have the other.

If you have any design ideas and/or requests, be sure to leave them in the comments below 👇 I’d love the challenge of making one of YOUR ideas come to life!

Until next time,
Indya xx

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26 thoughts on “DIY Barbie Inspired Place Cards for Your Next Girl’s Night!

  1. These are so cute! I loved Barbies growing up. Though I feel a bit old now because I think Bratz dolls were just a little after my time, haha!


    • Thank you! Yeah, I’m pretty sure I was at the exact targeted age for Bratz when they were at their peak, so that’s why I liked them more aha. Barbie has been around a lot longer though, and is far more well known, so she’s clearly doing something right!


    • Thank you! Neither was I, but I do appreciate what the company is trying to do in terms of inclusiveness and motivating girls to have big dreams, etc. I need to start throwing some parties too, so I can actually use all the party decorations that I make 😂


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