Behind The Words: The Small Adventurer’s 3rd Birthday Q+A!

As of August 14th, The Small Adventurer is officially three years old! I honestly can’t believe so much time has passed already. It feels like I just started this blog yesterday, yet I also can’t remember how I used to spend my time before.

My last two blog-iversary posts were very blog-focused, which I suppose is to be expected. The first post was filled with all the things I had learned in my first year of blogging, and last year’s post took a closer look into the name “The Small Adventurer” and what it means to me.

This year, I am digging a little deeper and talking more about the blogger BEHIND the blog – AKA, me! I asked my followers on Instagram to send some questions for me to include in this post, plus I included a lot of questions that I tend to get regularly from new friends and/or readers ☺️ Let’s get to know each other!

TRY THIS FORme swing eastland thesmalladventurer

Whilst we’re getting to know each other around here, just a mini fact about me: I don’t have my nose pierced anymore! I took it out a few months ago. Once upon a time I had my nose, tongue, AND belly pierced, now I only have my ears! I also now wear glasses 👓

Can you tell us about your name?

Well, it’s pronounced exactly like the country India. Most people pronounce my name correctly, but I get called “In-die-a” a few times a year. I hated my name growing up and swore I would change it to Chloe or Lily once I turned 18, but I never bothered.

I no longer hate it, but I do worry that it might cause offence to other people, since it is the name of a country that I have never even been to. I much prefer being called “Indy”, but really only Daniel does that.

Just HOW small is The “Small” Adventurer?

I recently got measured at the doctors and they said I was 152cm! When I Google “152cm in feet”, it says 4 foot 9. However, when I Google “five feet in cm”, it comes up with 152cm, so I’m really not sure how tall I am! 😅

What books do you like reading?

I pride myself on reading a wide variety of books. Whilst most of my favourite books are probably YA novels, I also love psychological thrillers and non-fiction books. I am currently slowly reading my way through the Rory Gilmore Challenge. You can keep up with my latest reads over on Goodreads!

What are some of your favourite TV shows?

I’m ALWAYS watching a TV show! I love them so much; I didn’t grow up with Disney like most people did, I grew up with sitcoms and stand up comedians. I’ve watched Friends, Will & Grace, and Brooklyn Nine Nine so many times I have lost count. I also really like Gilmore Girls and The Big Bang Theory, as well as shows from my childhood such as SpongeBob, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon.

Favourite memory with Daniel?

There are SO many! I make yearly memory books on our anniversary that are filled with wonderful moments. One that particularly stands out is the time he drove us to the beach in the middle of the night because we didn’t want to be at home. It was such a wonderful adventure that I will never forget. I wrote about it on here a few years ago!

What’s your favourite DIY project that you’ve made so far?

As much as I love baking, I think I’m much better at crafting, so this was a hard one! I’m pretty happy with how my Mean Girls Burn Book pincushion came out (thanks to my Cricut machine!), but I also love any project that allows me to show off my love of sweets via my home decor, such as my sweet treats pillows or my junk food memo board makeovers!

What’s your favourite recipe you’ve shared so far?

I always smile when I look at these chocolate chip cookie meringues because I love both meringues AND things that are shaped like other things. I am also particularly proud of how far I’ve come this year with decorating larger cakes, such as this popcorn box cake. However, my Rick and Morty portal cheesecakes are my most popular recipe by far!

diy (5).png

What treat do you like to bake the most often?

I like to make sugar cookies often because they’re so much fun to decorate, but they’re quite time consuming. If I’m making something specifically just to eat it, I either make my favourite banana bread recipe which I shared in a previous blog post, or good ol’ chocolate chip cookies.

What do you do for work/study?

I work part time at a fast food place. I’ve been there for four years now, and have shared in the past how much I love working there, and that is still extremely true. I work with some amazing people, and have many regular customers who are so kind and sweet I couldn’t imagine not seeing them every week.

As for study, I used to do a specialist make-up course until it relocated to the city and I couldn’t continue. I also used to do an online university course for professional writing and publishing, but decided not to continue. I have always loved writing, but I’m not sure if making a living off of it is for me. I am perfectly happy in any regular day job!

What made you start blogging?

Honestly, since the first time I ever saw the Hilary Duff movie ‘The Perfect Man’, I have wanted to start a blog. It just seemed like so much fun, plus I’ve always loved writing. That movie also cemented my love of baking (or the idea of it, anyway), and it’s crazy to think that I waited so long to start doing either things!

What is your most popular post?

I actually thought my Rick and Morty portal cheesecakes that I linked earlier were my most popular post overall, but it turns out they’re just my most popular recipe post. My most popular post of all time is 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday All Month Long, followed closely by The Best Quotes from Avengers: Endgame (spoilers!), and then the Rick and Morty cheesecakes.

What are your future plans for The Small Adventurer?

I hope to continue The Small Adventurer for a very, very long time. I hope that it keeps helping me grow as a person, as it has done such a wonderful job since its inception. I hope to continue sharing my creations and passion for life itself with the world, and hopefully inspire others to fall in love with their own lives along the way.

One goal that crept into my mind earlier this year and only seems to be growing with time is opening up an online store and selling the things I create. I’ve had people ask to buy a few things I’ve made before, but I hadn’t truly considered doing so until I shared my ice cream sandwich pincushion on Reddit and heaps of people asked how to buy one from me.

I still don’t think my pincushions are worth selling (never say never, though), but I have been practicing using clay and other craft mediums behind the scenes in hopes of expanding my skills and creating things that I think are actually worth buying. My main passion is home decor so most of the things on my to make list fall under that category, but I’d also like to experiment with Christmas decorations and fashion accessories.

At the end of the day, I just want The Small Adventurer to remain a source of happiness and inspiration for myself, as that was my initial goal. So I’m open to new opportunities, but I’m also okay knowing that they may not pan out for me, or bring me any joy. We’ll see where life takes us!

Now enough about me, tell me about YOU! I love getting to know the people behind their blogs, comments, and/or social media accounts, as there’s just so many smaller details that can get overlooked.

Let me know in the comments: what are you currently obsessed with? Do you have something planned for the near future that you’re really excited about? What’s your favourite or least favourite food? Leave a fun fact about you below! ☺️👇

Until next time,
Indya xx

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22 thoughts on “Behind The Words: The Small Adventurer’s 3rd Birthday Q+A!

    • Well done for getting it right! I also worry that I pronounce people’s names wrong who I know from the internet, because you just never know 😅 I think everyone goes through a stage of hating their name. I support anyone’s decision to change it if it really makes them unhappy, but I think most people stop worrying about it when they get older.

      Ooh yes, I’ve bookmarked your video to watch it at a later time! I don’t usually watch videos, but I am definitely going to check yours out as I am super excited for you to be trying out a new (and pretty scary!) avenue of creating 😊 I’m so glad you’re loving it already!

      Video content is definitely the way of the future, but it’ll be a while before I embark on it as it totally out of my comfort AND knowledge zone 🙊 Also can’t WAIT to hear about your Paris trip!!! Hope you have the best time. I completely disagree with you about onions though 😜


  1. Love this! Congrats on year 3 of blogging, I find it so inspiring (I just started mine a few months ago) to see what other established bloggers are up to. Also, I’m a huge fan of Rick & Morty so I’ve got to check out that recipe.


    • Thank you so much! Welcome to the blogging world 💕 There are a lot of amazing, inspiring, and motivating people out there, I hope you find some great blogging friends who make you love the whole process even more ☺️ Hope you like the recipe!


  2. Well this officially takes the cake for my favorite blog post of yours, because I LOVE learning all about you!! I’m so excited that you’ve celebrated three years of blogging. Here’s to many more wonderful years to come – filled with DIYs, adventures, cute nerdy/geeky things, and lots of happy memories.


  3. I loved getting to know you a bit more! I think you could definitely open an Etsy shop or something and sell what you make – I think you’re underestimating yourself and it would be extremely popular!


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