My Colourful Home Office Room Tour!

I know I love a LOT of things, but one of my all-time favourite things is being at home. That means quite a lot to me since, as a child, I hated being at home and would do everything in my power to be anywhere else or to have someone come and visit me.

Now I love being at home, and I love putting lots of time into making our space a happy, colourful, fun place to be, which means both decorating and organising have become some of my favourite hobbies ☺️

donut memo board diy project thesmalladventurerdessert pink home office decor thesmalladventurer

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I got the idea for this bowl of confetti from this post on Aww Sam where she says she has a drawer full of confetti. My desk doesn’t have any drawers, so I made do with a fish bowl instead. It’s SO much fun to look at! ✨

Our office has always been my favourite room of the house, but it is tiny so I have to do most of my DIY projects in the lounge room instead.

Due to its small size – and the fact that is houses my collections of mugs, Pokemon items, hole punches, books, ALL my craft supplies, stationery, and more – it is almost ALWAYS cluttered, so I’ve never shared many photos of it.

Until now! I’ve been working hard on making better decisions in terms of what to keep around the house, where everything should be, how to organise everything, and more – and now I finally have an office space that I am happy enough with to share with you all!

Keep in mind that what you see in these photos isn’t the ENTIRE office. The other half is Daniel’s side – which we have fun plans for in terms of organisation, but that’s going to take a while – plus there’s a very full closet with my books, a ton of boxes, and a huge stuffed panda that you really don’t need to see 😂

daiso ice cream photo frame thesmalladventurerice cream mug home office decor thesmalladventurer

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Also, whilst my Pokemon collection is kept in the office as well, I am going to save the updated photos of that shelf for its own post.

Pink is clearly my favourite colour and I never try to hide that fact, but I think my office really shows how much I love it more than any other room of the house. As you’ll be able to see, my passion for food is also deeply integrated into most of my home decor items, too.

Since I couldn’t put the pizza and donut memo boards on the walls, I added some velcro to the back of them and the wall of my desk so I could hang them up! #RenterHack 😉

Most of the items you’ll see in this post came from Daiso, Kmart, or thrift stores. If you scroll through my Instagram or look through my “Haul” highlight, you’ll be able to find where most of the items in these photos came from. If there’s anything specific you’d like to know about, just let me know!

burger sticky notes timer home office thesmalladventurerpizza memo board diy project fries keyring thesmalladventurer

It may be hard to tell from these photos, but the left side of my desk is where the donut memo board, colourful notebooks, and bowl of confetti are. When you go to the right side – which is the side of the room that Daniel’s desk is on – my decor “morphs” into more savoury-themed items. 😋

This is where I have my pizza memo board with the fries keychain, a burger-shaped sticky notes pad, a burger timer just for fun, plus a photo of Daniel with one of my oldest and best friends. However, I didn’t include that in these photos as I don’t think my friends likes that photo of herself, and I didn’t want to upset her!

As you will see in the photos below, the space above my main desk area features some oddly shaped shelves. This is where I keep my collection of craft foam, felt, vinyl, hole punches, some of my fabric collection (for now, I have some ideas for a better craft area in the lounge room that I’ll start to implement soon), and other bits and pieces.

craft foam home office thesmalladventurerstationery home office thesmalladventurerfelt fabric collection home office thesmalladventurerhole punch stationery collection home office decor thesmalladventurer

You may also notice than in my very extension collection of hole punches, there isn’t even one that’s just a normal circle shape! Whoops 😅

Another reason I don’t often share photos of large areas of my house is due to the colour of the walls. They’re a very gross off-white cream colour that look even worse on camera, but we’re not allowed to paint them so we’re stuck with them for a while 😕

Under my desk is just a storage area that isn’t very interesting or pleasing to look at. In it, I keep some small sets of drawers and boxes to store random items in such as streamers, birthday cards, and lots of assorted stationery and craft items such as styrofoam balls, push pins, heaps of coloured paper, ribbon, drink stirrers, and so much more.

One day I hope to have a lovely organised and on display craft supply storage system, but that day is not today! The most important thing is that it’s neat and tidy and under control. For a maximalist hoarder who has 1000+ hobbies, that’s all I can really ask for whilst living in such a tiny space! 🙌

home decor office shelfie thesmalladventurersnowglobe home office decor thesmalladventurerice cream home office decor thesmalladventurer

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To the left of my desk is a set of shelves that I have dubbed the “props” shelf, as most of the items on it are mostly used as props for blog photoshoots, but it has a more than that too.

It holds my enamel pin collection, as well as my Powerpuff Girls Pop Vinyl set (including the villains, too!), things I have been gifted from friends and family, knickknacks from holidays Daniel and I have been on, and some of my favourite Polaroid pictures.

Mostly though, it features things that I have picked up, said “oh, this could be a fun prop!”, and bought – such as: random lights, “squishies”, novelty sponges, money boxes, past crafts of mine, ornaments, patches, notebooks, and kids’ decor items.

I’ve said this in a lot of past posts, but command hooks are the BEST THINGS EVER. Y’all know I LOVE to shop, and organising all the very random items I have can be a nightmare, but ever since I started putting hooks on the sides of my shelves – which I first did back when I put together my baking shelves – getting things organised has become SO MUCH easier!

rainbow shelfie home office decor thesmalladventurercolourful home office decor polaroid thesmalladventurerpink decor items home office thesmalladventurerdiy burn book pincushion thesmalladventurer

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They are so cheap, easy to place and remove, and quite strong for such tiny things! I didn’t think they going to be able to hold my disco ball fairy lights (pictured below) as they’re quite heavy, but they’ve been going strong for days now!

That was honestly a huge weight off my shoulders as I have a few different fairy lights around the house and storing them can kind of be a nightmare, but with command hooks, they are stored safely without wrapping the cords too much AND they’re still on display so I can see them even when I’m not using them! Win-win 😊

(I swear this isn’t sponsored at all! I also call them “command hooks” by habit, but they have lots of different names depending what store they’re from, and I am yet to find any “bad” ones!)

As you will see in some photos later on, next to my prop shelf is one of my favourite decor items yet: a cupcake bean bag! I have a donut one in my lounge room that I bought ages ago, and this cupcake one was given to me from a friend 🧁 It is SO dang cute, and all my handmade sweet treat pillows look so good on it too!

disco ball lights home office decor thesmalladventurerfun pink home office decor thesmalladventurerhome decor diy project dessert pillows thesmalladventurer

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You can get a slightly better look at the cupcake bean bag in this old Instagram post of mine, but like I’ve said a million times by now, our place is TINY, so the corner where these guys currently live is super squishy, hence the awkward angle.

As much as I like to complain about how small our place is, we honestly do love it. This place saved us from brief homelessness when we had to escape my violent mother, so it will always have a special place in my heart.

Plus, it’s perfect for where we are in life right now! We’re young, we’re messy, we’re exhausted from our opposite schedules, we’re somewhere between broke and constantly spending too much money on things we don’t use, and this place represents all of that.

We don’t mind the small rooms and windows that don’t close because we have each other, and we know our future is going to be even brighter and more colourful than where we are now ☺️ 🌈

Until next time,
Indya xx

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38 thoughts on “My Colourful Home Office Room Tour!

  1. Wow! I love all the fun colors and things you have sitting around! Definitely makes this space one you’ll want to spend a lot of time in. Just looking around it puts me in a good mood 🙂


  2. Your office looks precisely how I would imagine it to! It’s full of color and cheer, cute little knick-knacks, food items, adorable pop culture references, and just screams your name! I love it so much. Honestly, it cheered me up just looking at these photos!


  3. I love how your office is so bright, cheerful and full of character. It would be difficult not to smile working in your office. I love the Mean Girls Burn Book and disco balls!


  4. I LOVE how colorful and fun your space is! And the fact that you have fun things that are personalized to you – it feels so much more homey than a stark white office.


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