My Food Colour Collection and Review!

I said I’d do it and I finally did: I am sharing my complete food colour collection and review! Since I started baking back in 2017, I have acquired a truly tremendous food colour collection that makes my heart swoon whenever I look at it 😍

I am so incredibly lucky to have all the baking equipment that I have, especially considering a lot of it was sent to me by the actual companies, which is a concept that I still can’t wrap my head around honestly.

I always share when I get new packages from companies over on my Instagram, but as I go through the companies and colours in this post too I’ll be sure to mention what was sent to me, and what I actually bought, just so you all know.

Do keep in mind that no baking companies has ever asked me to promote their products or use them in a certain way; they’ve simply seen that I enjoy baking and/or their products, and offered to send me more, and I could not be more grateful 💕 Now, let’s get onto the reviewing!

queen fine foods collection liquid food colour thesmalladventurerqueen fine foods rainbow food colour gel thesmalladventurerqueen fine foods gel food colour collection thesmalladventurer

Queen Fine Foods: Ol’ Reliable

You don’t have to be a very constant reader of The Small Adventurer to know that I LOVE Queen Fine Foods. They’re an Australian brand that I grew up seeing on supermarket shelves, so I’ve always been familar with them. When I started baking, I started to collect their various liquid food colours and flavours as they are easily accessible to me AND they’re super cheap, and I was not disappointed! I’ve loved every Queen product I have ever used.

They soon took note of my fangirling over their products and offered to send me one of their new flavours (my food flavour collection will get its own post soon!), and have since sent me quite a few packages of goodies and I am telling the complete truth when I say that I cry every single time I open up something they send me.

I still can’t believe a company that I admire so much actually thinks I’m worth sending products too, and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it 😭 I purchased all the liquid food colours on my own as they are super cheap, and work really well for liquid colours.

The colours always come out super bright, pigmented, and the exact shade that the bottle shows. Do keep in mind that certain things work better with gel food colouring, whilst others work better with liquid, so every item has their time to shine 😊

I had actually never tried Queen’s gel colours until they sent me the hot pink, purple, and teal shades last year and I instantly fell in love with them and purchased the rest myself! They are SO cheap for gel colours, and they are such gorgeous colours. I wish I could paint my house with them, honestly!

Queen Fine Foods will always be my favourite baking brand. Their products are always reliable, super easy for me to access as they’re Australian just like me, and the people that run the business and their Instagram account are really kind, passionate people who love what they do, and it really shows ☺️

To get an idea of how well Queen’s food colours work, some posts where I use them include: Fairy Floss Buttercream CupcakesRick and Morty Portal Lemon CheesecakesKiwi Fruit Cupcakes, and lots more.

chefmaster gel food colour thesmalladventurer

Chefmaster: Worth The Money

I first picked up a Chefmaster product on a whim. I was at Spotlight and saw that their food decorating pens were on special and decided to give them a try. I instantly fell in love with them – I mean, they allow you to DRAW on FOOD! – and let the company know just how much I loved their product. They really appreciated that, and offered to send me some of their food colours, and thus a new love was born!

EVERY single Chefmaster product you see was sent to me by them, and I still can’t believe how generous they were. They also sent me four of their natural colours, but this WAS over a year ago, so they went out of date before I got around to sharing this post 😅 Now that I’ve gotten a taste at how great Chefmaster’s products are, I am definitely hooked in for life!

They are quite a bit more expensive than Queen’s products – one of Chefmaster’s gel colours is $6, compared to Queen’s $2.50 gel colours and $1.10 liquid colours – but they work SO well and come in a large range of colours!

The black and red colours are my particular favourites as they are difficult colours to get right – especially with stubborn buttercream and royal icing – but nothing is a match for Chefmaster’s gel colours. I will definitely be re-purchasing their black and red colours as they really do work amazingly.

To get an idea of how well Chefmaster’s food colours work, some posts where I use them include: Fran Fine Outfit Sugar CookiesLicorice Allsorts Petit Fours, Sailor Moon Sugar Cookies (I coloured the fondant using Chefmaster gel colours, AND decorated it with their pens!), and many more.

americolor food colour airbrush thesmalladventurer

AmeriColor: Household Favourite

It honestly seems like everyone in the baking world is in love with AmeriColor! I have seen countless people rave about them and swear by them, so they must be doing something right.

For Christmas last year, Daniel bought me an airbrush machine plus a set of AmeriColor air brush colours. This was my first time ever using AmeriColor products – or any kind of air brush machine – and they both worked really well!

However, due to our very limited space in the kitchen, it’s near impossible to use my airbrush machine without tripping over cords or ripping them out of the wall, or without getting colour sprayed all over the bench. I hope to really get into air brushing when we move to a bigger place, but I’ve put it on the back-burner for now.

I can still honestly say that I was super impressed with how gorgeous and pigmented AmeriColor’s airbrush colours were considering they are sprayed on?! Whilst I haven’t tried out their gel colours, my online friend Karyn from You Can Bake It Too uses them a lot, with everything from cookie dough to macarons to buttercream icing – and everything she makes comes out looking amazing 🙌

wilton paste food colour collection thesmalladventurer

Wilton: The Name We’ve All Heard

Before I really started to get into baking, I thought Wilton was the be-all-and-end-all of baking products. I thought their products sounded amazing, especially considering how much they are used by famous baking YouTubers.

Their high prices meant that it took a while for me to try a range of their products, and if I’m being truly honest, I was more often than not left disappointed afterwards.

I was most excited to use their Candy Melts as I had heard how impossible it was to colour chocolate on your own (I have also since discovered Magic Colours chocolate food colouring, which is awesome!), but I really didn’t like them.

You’re meant to be able to melt them in the microwave, but when you do so, they either come out still super thick which makes them difficult to use, or they burn super quickly (and I have a really weak microwave, it never burns ANYTHING). 

Wilton do have a melting pot specifically for their Candy Melts, but it’s over $100 here in Australia, and I think it’s ridiculous that you need a specific item to use something that you should be able to use in your own microwave or stove.

Their food colours, on the other hand, do work, I will give them that. They’re still quite pricey at $6 a bottle, but in this case, I don’t think they are worth the money. They come in pastes, which I have found sometimes tend to clump up when you’re trying to mix them into something, and therefore you’re left with uneven colouring and random chunks of food paste in your creation.

It’s also super messy to get the colouring out of the tub since they’re pastes; it’s so much easier to be able to use a squeezy gel food colour, or get a pipette to use with liquid colourings. End verdict: Wilton is just not for me! 🙅‍♀️

I really don’t like being negative, so writing that last product review was tough for me, but I had to be honest. Since joining the online baking community throughout the blog world, Instagram, and various Facebook groups, I have learnt that a LOT of people agree with me: that Wilton products are overpriced and don’t work well as well as they should. However, I always encourage others to do their own research and test out whatever products they are interested in, as everyone is different! ☺️

Now, before you go, tell me: what are some of YOUR favourite food colour brands? Are there any that you think I should try out? I know I had more colours than I could ever possibly need, but I do love discovering new companies and products so I am open to any and all suggestions! Let me know in the comments below 👇

Until next time,
Indya xx

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26 thoughts on “My Food Colour Collection and Review!

  1. I’ve heard so many nice reviews about AmeriColor, I agree with you, it seems that this brand is doing something right!


    • Thank you! I also have an awesome food FLAVOUR collection that I plan on sharing too 😊 I am so, so blessed to have everything I have, and to have companies who actually want to send me their products! It still doesn’t seem real, honestly 😅


  2. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of coloring products! And Wilton is the only one I’ve heard of, of course. Good to know there are other options out there (hopefully available here in the US too!)


    • Oh there are SO, SO much more than these ones! This is just what I’ve gotten my hands on, but there’s lot of others companies I’d love to try. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of AmeriColor as it’s huge in America, and Chefmaster is from there too! 😊


  3. So THIS is your secret to those deliciously adorable and colorful treats! I don’t think I own any food colors at all, which is a real shame. I borrowed some of my mom’s for a punch I made in February, but I don’t cook or bake enough – and especially not colorful things – to own a collection. Yours is quite impressive!


  4. You have an awesome collection here! I don’t think I have any food coloring at the moment. I haven’t had much time to bake lately, but it’s so fun when I can do it!


    • Thank you so much! Unfortunately I have health issues that prevent me from baking as much as I’d like to (which would be all day, every day!), so I am very appreciative of the times that I DO get to bake 😊


  5. Thank you for your recommendations 🙂 I want to get more into baking and the more technical sides of things like colouring so I will definitely check these out


  6. It was lovely read your reviews of the different brands. I haven’t tried Wilton food colour gels yet but I’ve heard that their colour gel system is amazing not the small jars though.


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