In August…

This month did NOT get off to a good start. I had more seizures in the first two days than I did in ALL of July. I also got my first migraine – which was SO bad I now no longer hate my seizures – and my doctor said I was now at risk of having a stroke.

That meant that I had to stop taking some medications, add in some others, and put a lot more effort into having a normal eating, sleeping, and drinking water routine. And then I got a cold that lasted almost two weeks! Not fun 😩

Regardless of all of that though, I still enjoyed August. I had fun creating new things, most of which were just for me and not the blog, which was a change of pace. With my seizures acting up, baking was even more out of the question than usual, so I made a lot of earrings and charm bracelets for myself, as well as a few home decor pieces out of clay. I’m usually super intimidated by clay, so I was really proud of myself for that!


♡ As I said above, I dealt with my first migraine EVER this month – after a bout of seizures – and it was the most painful thing ever. The doctor (not my usual one, though) was concerned with my chances of having a stroke since I’m on the pill, so I had to stop taking that and get the implanon put in instead, which I was nervous about, but it went fine.


♡ Daniel got a mole removed from his back and needed a few stitches. We were both nervous as neither of us had had either of those things done before – nor the anaesthetic that you get beforehand – but it went really smoothly and wasn’t anywhere near as painful as Daniel thought it was going to be… However, he did collapse whilst walking out of the doctors, which caused me to collapse into a ball of tears straight after as I had NO IDEA what was going on.

The doctors looked after him so well – I swear they ALL came out of their rooms to see what was going on – and the lady who takes the blood tests sat and talked to me to calm me down as she knows us quite well, and I will be forever grateful for her doing that. We were told not to let him drive for a few hours so we sat down for a while, ate some lunch, and did some light shopping until he felt better. It was a very stressful day!

♡ In even more medical news, I was put on a new medication for my epilepsy last week, but it’s too soon to tell if it’s working or anything. I also got given some dates for more tests (a PET scan, and a SPECT scan) to be done next month in a different hospital than the one I usually go to. I’m not too concerned about them, but I am worried about the results, as they will hopefully enlighten everyone on exactly where my epilepsy is coming from and why. That will be good information to have, but it could also mean finding out what WON’T work for me, and I don’t like the idea of not being able to try everything in order to stop my seizures.

♡ We found out that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was being taken out of the MCU, which honestly crushed me. I’ve always loved Spider-Man, and Tom Holland is definitely my favourite version of him, and Marvel set it up so that he would be the next Iron Man, so I honestly have no idea what they’re going to do now. I do think it’s ridiculous that Marvel went from asking for 5% to 50%, but Sony are also kidding themselves if they think the next two Spider-Man movies are going to be anywhere near as good as the first two without Marvel’s help.

♡ The Small Adventurer turned three! I honestly can’t believe it’s already been three entire years since I started this blog, yet on the other hand I cannot remember what on Earth I did with my time before I spent all of it on this blog 😂 I shared a fun Q&A post to celebrate, if you’d like to give it a read.


♡ WATCHED: HEAPS more of Will & Grace, but stopped for a little while once I got to season six as things get quite serious from then on, and with everything else happening this month, I just needed something to cheer me up. I watched all of Brooklyn Nine Nine within a WEEK as it is the best show ever, and then I started Gilmore Girls for the fifth time and remember how much I love that gosh darn show.

♡ BOUGHT: This 5-in-one Toy Story 4 puzzle set, which I found at ALDI, SO MANY THINGS from Daiso including a few adorable keychains, some really awesome thrifted items such as the sign pictured above, Detective Pikachu (I cried the entire time we saw it in the movies!), and a lot more. I regularly share all my hauls over on my Instagram Stories if you’d like to keep up with them!

LISTENED TO: Taylor Swift’s new album!!! I will always be a ride or die Taylor Swift fan – she’s the only person whose CDs I actually buy (other than Bring Me The Horizon) AND the only two concerts I’ve been to were both hers – but I was nervous about this album. I felt that “ME!” and “You Need to Calm Down” were missing the true essence of what I love about Taylor. However, I really love this album and can’t stop listening to it! “Cruel Summer”, “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince”, “Daylight”, and “It’s Nice to Have a Friend” are my current favourites.



DIY Barbie-Inspired Place Cards – It’s no secret that I love making place cards, and I just adore how sweet and girly these ones came out! I’m also super glad that I got some use out of my Cricut machine this month, as I really haven’t gotten my money’s worth from it yet 😅

Even More Ways to Be Environmentally Friendly in the Kitchen – I’m always looking for small tweaks and changes that I can make in my day-to-day life to ensure that I’m not making anymore damage to this Earth than I need to be, so I thought I’d share my latest ideas with you all, and I got a great response (plus even more ideas!) from you all ☺️

My Colourful Home Office Room Tour – I have been frustrated with how unorganised my side of the office has been for a while now as I keep buying things even though my space hasn’t been getting any bigger… but I eventually figured out some better organisational tips and finally created a space that inspires creativity and makes me feel happy instead of overwhelmed whenever I go in there.


♡ These painted seashells are SO pretty! Definitely need to collect some next time I go to the beach.

Monica from Popcorner Reviews shared my “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” scones on her Facebook page which is the sweetest thing EVER ✨

♡ My jaw dropped when I saw these Burger Ring earrings by Cute and Clayful. I seriously can’t believe they’re not real! 😯

♡ I recently discovered the super sweet and creative JosyandJoan on Instagram and fell in love with her creations. I just can’t contain myself every time I see her Corgi Butt Felt Brooch in particular 😂 Plus she’s from Melbourne, just like me!

♡ An important and enlightening post on how to nurture your creativity.

♡ The ever-gorgeous Kaitlin from Auburn Artisan made these super cute clay pencil toppers that you just can’t help but smile whenever you look at them!

♡ On a more serious note, this article titled What Happened After My 13-Year-Old Son Joined The Alt-Right was an absolute roller coaster, and very eye-opening to how the other side thinks.

Whew! August was a long month. I didn’t get to do a lot of the things I had hoped to do, but that’s part of life. Lots of good things still happened this month, and now we are another month closer to my birthday (September 16th!), Daniel graduating from uni (in November!) AND Christmas, so there’s plenty of good things still to come too 🙌 How was August for YOU? Let me know any highlights – or lowlights – in the comments below! 👇

Until next time,
Indya xx

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14 thoughts on “In August…

  1. Dang, the first part of August doesn’t sound too fun with all the health stuff! I hope you’re able to get some answers soon. August was a fairly normal month for me, I did almost finish writing my novel so I’m excited for that to be finished and to go to the next stage of editing!


    • Thanks for your well wishes! Unfortunately, it will probably be a long time before I really find anything to help, but I have a lot of support around me which is all I can ask for 😊 Ooh, that sounds like so much fun! I’ve always thought my entire life that I would love to write a book, but the actual idea of WHAT to write about is yet to come to me!


  2. August was a really nice month for me! I learnt so many awesome things at work, I met nice people and I started to being more active


  3. I’m also so bummed about Spiderman and the MCU! I really hope they can still work something out. And I’m sorry to hear you’ve had some medical struggles. I had a mole removed myself about 5 years ago with stitches and everything and the same thing happened to me where I passed out right after. I just got really bad anxiety and felt so light-headed and sick. Except my doctors were really mean. One of them actually told me “I hope you’re not planning to have kids because if you can’t handle this, childbirth is 100x worse.”


    • Me too! I don’t know what is going to happen to the MCU after this, it was set up so that Spider-Man would be the new leader! I’m so sorry to hear that you had a similar experience, but this comment actually made both me and my partner feel a lot better 🙌 He felt very annoyed and confused as to why it happened, but knowing that he’s not alone helps! I am VERY sorry that you had such awful doctors though! That is just a disgusting thing for them to say. I’ve had some disappointed experiences with doctors in the past, but it’s important to remember that some of them are truly great! Hopefully next time you need one, they’ll be kinder 💕


    • Yeah! Haven’t you heard?! There was a huge disagreement between Marvel and Sony. Marvel went from asking for 5% profit from the standalone Spider-Man movies to 50%, which Sony of course said no to, and now Spider-Man won’t be in any future MCU movies. That means there will no mention of any Marvel characters in the next two Spider-Man movies, and who knows what this means for the MCU as Spider-Man was meant to be the new leader!


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