5 MORE Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday All Month Long

Just under a year ago, I wrote my most popular blog post to date: 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday All Month Long. Despite my blog being over three years old, and that post not even being one year old, it completely knocks all of my other posts out of the park in terms of views. My next most popular post – my Rick & Morty Portal Cheesecakes – has 400 less views than it 😯

Of course, I knew this meant I had to write a follow-up post for my birthday month this year ☺️ So I have been noting down even more fun-but-simple ways to make each day within your birthday month exciting so that YOU can celebrate your wonderful existence all. month. long! 🎉


Whether you plan on celebrating your birthday month along or with friends, nothing beats a good game night! We’re huge nerds over here at The Small Adventurer household, so we have a collection of consoles and board games to whip out whenever we like.

When we first moved in to our place four years ago, we didn’t have internet for a while, so we had a board game marathon (which is when we discovered that I am actually not a very nice winner, but anyway…) and since then we have collected a few different editions of Monopoly, as well as some other favourites.


Why My Most Important Goal in Life is to Have Fun

If video games are more you’re thing, that’s even better! There’s nothing more fun than a good round of Mario Kart, Wii Sports, or SingStar (or something similar, if that’s not a well known game anymore…).

If it’s a solo game night, then that opens up an even bigger avenue of games! I personally love Pokemon – which is NOT a secret around here – so I’d definitely treat myself to a few hours on my DS, or even indulge in some fun apps on my phone. I could play Solitaire for hours!


In 2014, when Daniel and I moved back to Melbourne, I discovered the wonder that birthday freebies and specials, and life has been amazing ever since then! Heaps of businesses have awesome deals for you on your birthday and it is SO much fun to go redeem them all.

When we were younger, fitter, and had more time on our hands, Daniel and I would spend an entire day or two going to all the different places that had birthday specials and enjoying them all 🙊 You just need to sign up to their email listings and let them know when your birthday is, and when that wonderful day comes around, your inbox will be full of fun freebies and specials!

Here is the most updated list of offers that I could find, which includes lots of entire meals for free. Some of my go-to places is San Churro, which offers free churros for two on your birthday, and Subway, which gives you a free footlong with a drink! How awesome is that?!

Other things include a free Boost Juice, free salad from Sumo Salad, vouchers from various places, and lots more. Just do some quick Googling and soon you’ll have so many options you won’t know what to choose!


The tiny unit that Daniel and I live in is too small to have anyone over, realistically. There’s no parking space ANYWHERE, no dinner table, and the couch barely fits three, so it’s not exactly a prime party-throwing area. However, for an introvert like me, that’s not such a problem as I can just throw a party for myself! 😜

Daniel likes to decorate the place in balloons and streamers as that’s what he had when he was younger, and it’s not too expensive or difficult to do, but the result makes the entire place feel so much more special! I also have many playlists saved on YouTube for different scenarios, so you can bet I have them playing ALL DAY LONG during my birthday ☺️

In my eyes, just having decorations and good music is already the perfect party, but of course you can throw in some delicious food (I usually get a store bought baked good for my birthday, but if you’re feeling creative, we have a plethora of recipes on the blog for you to try!) to make the whole day even better 😋


As cheesy as it sounds, giving to others really does do wonders for yourself as well. We each have our own talents and abilities that we can use to help others, and usually it’s the smallest of gestures that can make another person’s day. Maybe you have a friend who has something coming up that they’re worried about that you could help with, or perhaps they have something coming up that they’re excited about and you could celebrate with them.


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You could even give back to complete strangers too, which is one of my favourite things to do. Sometimes the most simplest actions can mean the world to someone. I saw someone struggling to figure out how to pay for parking at a shopping centre, so I took two seconds to fix their issue, and they were extremely grateful, even though it was such a simple task!

There are so many ways you could help out a stranger. If you see someone struggling with something heavy you can offer to help lift it, you can leave some money at a coffee shop for the person behind you so they get a free drink, you could pick up rubbish that you see in a food court to lessen the cleaner’s work load, and so more. Not only are you doing a great thing for someone else, but you yourself will be left feeling very happy as well. It’s a win-win situation!


I mentioned self care in last year’s birthday celebration post too, but I wanted to mention it again because it’s such an important thing for your wellbeing and because there are SO many options for it! I’ve already shared some of my own favourite self care acts – having hot chocolates, staying in bed a little longer, watching a funny TV show or stand-up comedian – but the list of possibilities really is endless.

You could make yourself a lovely bubble bath, order some take out so you don’t have to cook, buy yourself a present online so you don’t have to leave the house because you deserve to relax for the day, or dress up nicely even if no one is going to see you and take some photos to look back on in the future! Whatever activities make you happy, try to do as many of them as possible this month, because life is rough and you deserve a break 💕

However you decide to spend your birthday month, I truly hope it is filled with every and all of the things that make you happy! As for me, September IS my birthday month, so I still have a few weeks left of treating myself and celebrating each day as it comes ☺️

My actual birthday isn’t until the 16th (when I will be turning 23! Ahh!). I don’t have anything planned this year since I have a few trips to the hospital this month, which requires Daniel and I to take days off of work. We didn’t want to take even more days off just to celebrate my birthday, so this year’s birthday celebrations might go into next month when we’ll have some time to celebrate with other human beings! Hopefully 😅

Until next time,
Indya xx

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32 thoughts on “5 MORE Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday All Month Long

  1. happy early birthday!!! I’m all for celebrating alll month long!! I need to do better about getting all the freebies!


  2. Loveeeee this so much! I always try and delay my birthday celebrations over like a week but im turning 21 next year and tempted to book 2 weeks off work and make a proper fornite of it and these ideas are fab!


  3. I think I do self-care every year on my birthday. It’s a must to indulge myself with a LUSH bubble bar and a glass of wine to end (or begin) the day. Love this list of MORE things hehe (your original post is one of my favorites).


    • That’s great to hear! Everyone deserves self care, especially on their birthday ☺️ Thanks for your love for my original post! I honestly can’t believe how many people still view it each day. I don’t think I’ll ever write such a popular post again! 😂


    • Thank you! It makes me sad that some people don’t like celebrating their birthdays. My partner and I didn’t have the best birthdays growing up, so we make sure to make the most of them now that we’re in complete control of them 😊


  4. Love these ideas! My birthday is in the January which means Winter here, and although I love Winter my friends mostly do not lol, so anything that can make my birthday month feel extra festive is good by me!


    • First of all, I am SO JEALOUS that you get to celebrate Christmas during Winter 😩 but I’m happy for you that your birthday is within a season you love 😊 I hope your friends manage to rally together – even in the cold – to celebrate for your benefit!


  5. Happy Birthday (early!) I hope you have fun celebrating all month long. I definitely try to celebrate as much as I can before/on my birthday since mine is 4 days before Christmas, so it’s already a busy time but I love making some time to celebrate my birthday each December!


    • Thank you so much! Oh, I’ve heard it can be rough having a birthday so close to Christmas, so I surely do hope that you make sure that you get your own celebration within all the craziness that is the holiday season! 😊


  6. I love celebrating my birthday all month and my next one is a biggie – 30! So I will definitely be indulging in all of these things, especially the self care lol


    • Ooh, happy birthday for whenever it arrives! 30 certainly is an important one – I’ve heard countless people say that their overall lives and happiness really improved after turning 30 – so I do hope you celebrate this birthday as much as possible 😊


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