3 DIY Googly Eye Accessories to Wear this Halloween!

I’m going to be honest with you all and say that Halloween is far from my favourite holiday. In fact, it’s probably my least favourite holiday 😅 (Despite having a fun Halloween-themed Pinterest board that’s filled with many projects and recipes that I honestly adore!)

Still, each year I try to encourage myself to create at least ONE Halloween-inspired project since I know many of you love this time of year, so don’t say I never do anything for you 😉

diy project earrings bracelet collar clips halloween thesmalladventurergoogly eyes halloween diy project collar clips thesmalladventurer

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These projects are actually ones that I genuinely love and plan on keeping, which I’m sure won’t be of any surprise to my regular readers as it is well known that I am obsessed with making accessories out of EVERYTHING! 🙌

Today’s post is even more fun-filled than most of my DIY projects as I am going to show you how to make THREE different googly eye accessories! These are all super easy to make, and are the perfect solution if you’re going to a party where dressing up is mandatorybut you do NOT feel like wearing an entire costume 😂

Keep on reading to find out how YOU can make a googly eye charm bracelet, pair of earrings, and/or some collar clips that will make people feel like they’re being watched all night long! 👀


♡ Googly eyes in various sizes (I got mine from Daiso!)
♡ Earring hooks
♡ Two pairs of small pliers and/or tweezers
♡ Push pin or sewing needle
♡ Hot glue gun
♡ Ruler
♡ Mini pegs
Jewellery chains with clasps (mine are silver, although they look gold in this lighting 🤔)
Exstender chains (I recommend these as each ring can be opened, which is great for making each accessory as long as you’d like!)

halloween diy project googly eye charm bracelet thesmalladventurer


For the charm bracelet:
1. Place one chain with clasp and one extension chain in front of you. Using your pliers or tweezers, open up the last ring of the extension chain, then loop the last ring of the other chain onto that, and close the loop again.

2. Test to see if the bracelet is large enough to fit in your wrist without being too big. The perfect charm bracelet hangs down off your wrist a few centimetres, but isn’t long enough to go anywhere near your elbow, as that will look strange and be annoying to wear. If the bracelet is too short to fit around your wrist, attach another extension chain to the end!

3. Once your bracelet is long enough to fit your wrist, take it off and leave it unclasped and laid out straight in front of you. Measure your bracelet with a ruler, take off one centimetre from the total length, then use your calculator on your phone to divide that number by 7 (or as many googly eyes as you’d like to attach to your bracelet- I personally used seven).

The reason for eliminating one centimetre is to ensure they’re sufficient space between each googly eye. If you put one at both ends, they’ll be too close together when you’re wearing the bracelet.

4. To avoid this, look at the number on your calculator – let’s say it says 1, meaning 1cm – and place your first googly eye 1cm down from the beginning of your chain, then continue to place your googly eyes the same distance apart from each other.

We’re not attaching them yet, so just lie them in front of the bracelet. (If you have different sized googly eyes, I recommend going in a pattern of small, big, etc!) Keep the ruler and calculator nearby as you’ll want to double check the spacing later on.

5. Get your push pin or sewing needle and, one by one, pierce a hole at the very top of each googly eye, then put back in place. Be careful not to crush them in your hands or accidentally pierce the actual “pupil” of the eye either!

6. Using your pliers or tweezers once again, take off one ring from another extension chain and thread one end through your first googly eye. Double check using your ruler and calculator where this first eye will go, then thread the open ring through the corresponding ring on the bracelet, then close the loop.

7. Continue step six for the remaining eyes, remembering to double check the spacing as you go to avoid having to go back and move them. After that, you’re done! You now have a super cute and spooky charm bracelet that is sure to catch everyone’s eye 😜

diy project halloween googly eye collar clips thesmalladventurer

For the collar clips (I recommend using larger googly eyes for this project to ensure the pegs are hidden behind them!): 
1. Heat up your hot glue gun, then add a strip of glue to one side of a mini peg, then press that onto the back of your googly eye. Do the same with another peg to the other googly eye. Turn off the hot glue gun for now.

2. Place the collared shirt that you plan to wear with these clips in front of you so you can ensure the chain will reach across. Hold up an extension chain and see if it will reach from one collar tip to the other.

3. If it doesn’t reach, use your plies and/or tweezers to open up the last ring on one end, thread the last ring from another extension chain through the open ring, then close it up. If the chain is now longer than you would like, use the same method to take a few rings off the end.

4. Flip over your googly eyes so that the peg handles are facing you. Turn on your hot glue gun again, add a small dot of glue to the back of the googly eye (make sure it’s NOT touching the peg!), use your pliers/tweezers to press one end of the chain into the glue, and add a bit more glue on top to ensure it stays. Do the same for the other eye and other end of the chain.

ALTERNATIVE STEP: If you’re not a fan of the chunk of glue holding the chain in place, you can easily pick it off without damaging the googly eye, and then use the tweezers to peel the glue off the chain.

Then, pierce the BOTTOM of both googly eyes with your needle or push pun, and thread the ends of the chain through that hole, just like you did to make the chain in the first place! Takes a little bit longer than glueing, but it leaves a much cleaner result.

halloween googly eye earrings diy project thesmalladventurer

For the earrings (I recommend using larger googly eyes for this project so you can see them better!):
1. Using your sewing needle or push pin, pierce a hole at the very top of both googly eyes so you can thread a ring through it. Be careful not to stab your own finger OR the “pupil” part of the eye!

2. Lay an extension chain in front of you. With your plies and/or tweezers, open up the third ring on the chain, then take off the longer end and place it to the side. Then, with your three-ringed chain, carefully thread the open ring through the hole you made in the googly eye, and close the ring. Repeat with the second googly eye.

3. Now go to the other end of your three-ring chain (so the one that ISN’T threaded throug the googly eye) and open up the end ring with your pliers or tweezers, thread the earring hook onto the open ring – pay attention to which way the earring hook is facing to ensure that the front of the googly eye will face outwards! – and close it up. Do the same with the other eye and earring hook, and you’re done 💁‍♀️

ALTERNATIVE STEP: You may be able to tell from the photos that I didn’t thread my chains through the googly eyes as I describe in these steps. This is because I followed the hot glue gun method from the collar clips.

That worked fine for the collar clips as they don’t move and therefore you never see the glue at the back. However, earrings DO move and spin around, and I didn’t like how the glue looked at the back, so I recommend following these steps instead!

halloween googly eyes diy project charm bracelet thesmalladventurer

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And there you go! Three simple, cute, and not-too-creepy-but-still-Halloween-themed accessories 🙌 Hopefully you all haven’t shunned me for not liking Halloween 😅 It’s just not really a big thing here in Australia.

The first time I went trick-or-treating was when I was 17, and I really only went because I never had before. Whilst I like dressing up, I don’t like the whole “scary” theme that is what Halloween is all about. I’m sure anyone who has taken a simple glance at my Instagram won’t be surprised by the fact that I like a LOT of colour in my life! 🌈💕

For those of you who DO like Halloween, what are some things you’ve done to celebrate it? Do you dress up every year? Do you carve pumpkins? Most importantly, do you love the spooky aspect to this holiday – or do you find anyway to incorporate some pink into it, like I do with every holiday? 😂 Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Indya xx

PS. This year’s charm bracelet is SO much better than last year’s, isn’t it? 😅

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30 thoughts on “3 DIY Googly Eye Accessories to Wear this Halloween!

    • You guys have a LOT more holidays this time of year than we do! Most people I know only celebrate Christmas – and just skip over Halloween – and then *some* people do something for New Year’s, but since we don’t drink, there’s not really much to do for that celebration over here! I still think of this as the holiday time of year though, as my birthday is in September and then I immediately start planning for Christmas ☺️🙊


  1. OMG – how perfect are these for Halloween? I honestly adore them! They’re just so fun and cheerful – none of that haunting, creepy stuff that Halloween can be known for. Definitely up my alley!


    • For us here in Australia, Halloween is in the Spring, so many of the Halloween decorations don’t make sense, which might be why it isn’t such a popular holiday over here! Thank you, they were fun to make ☺️


  2. I love googly eyes! Once I though to put them on everything we had in the fridge, just for fun.

    They look super cute and in the necklace you can’t even tell the are googly eye – probably until they move.


    • I love them too!!! I used to put them all over the house and it always made me laugh 😂 I didn’t make a necklace so I’m assuming you mean the charm bracelet. They did photograph quite “normally”, but yes, once you put it on it’s a different story!


  3. I hate to admit it but, I’ve never been good at making Halloween a big event for my kids. I’ve always admired our friends who turn their homes into haunted houses though, so maybe someday!? These googly-eye pieces are so much fun! These would be cute for a monster themed party too. xo Nipa


    • Halloween is not a big deal AT ALL here in Australia. I don’t think I’ve even heard someone say the word “Halloween” in YEARS! I do like making some crafts and recipes inspired by it though, just to get out of my comfort zone 😊


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