5 Key Elements in The Small Adventurer Closet

This post might surprise my regular readers as this blog is quite far from a fashion or style blog.

Nevertheless, when I saw Erica from Coming Up Roses’ post about the 10 things that her closet always contains, my mind instantly started thinking about what my favourite clothing pieces and accessories are.

I then realised that no one really knows what my own personal sense of style is like at all, since I am not a fan of showing my face online.

That is something I hope to change in the future, but for now, I can still share with you all my favourite fashion pieces that fill up my closet. So, here are the five key elements that make up The Small Adventurer’s closet!


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Boy, oh boy, do I love myself some ankle boots! For a few years now I have taken part in the routine of buying the same pair of black ankle boots from Kmart, wearing them until they fall apart, and then buying another pair.

As an avid thrift shopper, I don’t usually like to spend so much on one item of clothing, but considering I’ve only gone through one pair of boots in four years (meaning I’m currently on my second pair, which I’ve had for almost two years), those bad boys are worth every penny 🙌

I recently have been trying to get outside of my comfort zone in terms of fashion though, which means adding more colour. Whilst every other aspect of my life – my recipes, DIY projects, Instagram, and 90% of my home decor – is full of colour, my wardrobe was not, so this year I’ve been purchasing more colourful pieces whenever I see them on sale.

This means I now have three other pairs of ankle boots in different colours and my heart honestly swoons whenever I look at them! No matter the occasion, when I walk out my front dooryou can bet I have a pair of ankle boots from 😍 (And, at only five feet “tall”, I really need them!)


I loooove to mix and match, and it’s very rare that I find a piece of clothing that I genuinely LIKE, which means that when I do, I aim to get it in as many colours as possible.

For me, basic top clothing pieces include t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, and collared shirts, so I have many of each item, although most of them are still black and white. Basic bottom pieces for me would be jeans (which I recently bought a pink pair of for only $3!), denim shorts (I know have them in white, black, blue, pink, AND red), and skirts (whilst mine are still mostly black and white, I also have a few pink and dark red ones as well). 

I prefer to stick to these kind of simpler, single items – rather than jumpsuits or play suits that seem to be taking over the world – since I can mix and match both the colours and the patterns depending on my mood, and what accessories I wish to wear.

I’m hoping to start making my own clothes one day so I am able to have one item in every single colour I want! Isn’t that the dream?! 🌈

novelty crossbody bag collection series thesmalladventurer


Okay, this won’t be a surprise to anyone who has taken a glance at my Instagram before, as I am often sharing photos of my novelty bags on both my feed and my Stories. I even shared a collection post of all my bags and purses here on the blog, which I am constantly updating! For once, my obsession with these items actually came from their practicality.

I usually cling onto to something just because it’s cute even if it is a nightmare to use, but for these, it was the other way around. As much as I love clutches and larger handbags, there’s no denying how handy crossbody bags are.

They’re not too heavy so they don’t way you don’t, they don’t require you to hold onto them, and they are a lot safer from handbag snatchers since they go OVER your body, rather than just hanging loosely on one shoulder.

As a very anxious person, the knowledge that someone wouldn’t be able to grab my bag and run off with it – at least, not without breaking my neck too – was enough to make me fall in love with them.

I then discovered how many adorable designs they come in, and the rest was history! I have my eyes on both a strawberry and red crab design to add to my collection next.


I can practically feel my own stomach cheering for this item! As a gal who loves to snack, drink a lot of soft drink, and who actually lives like that cliche saying goes – y’know, the “my kind of exercise is walking to the fridge” one – showing off my stomach is NOT one of my favourite things to do, hence the love of high waisted skirts 🙌

High-waisted skirts are great at hiding bloated bellies as they sit higher than your waistline and help to keep things sucked in a little tighter than usual. I also love them because they allow you to show a little more leg than a regular sized skirt would.

As someone who is only a few inches from legally being a midget, I will take all the tips and tricks on how to look taller that I can get! (If any other short people are reading this, clothing with vertical stripes are another way to appear taller!). As I said in the beginning of the post, I don’t often show my body and/or face online, but when I DO, I am usually wearing a high waisted skirt; these six outfit shots prove that.

lipstick thesmalladventurer closet

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Nothing gives me more confidence than a gorgeous lipstick that is so obnoxiously vibrant that you can see it a mile away. Whilst no colour can beat the iconic red lip in my eyes, I’m also a huge fan of any shade of pink, orange (it goes really well with my hair!), and purple. I even have yellow, black, brown, and blue lipsticks, although I don’t wear them – but I used to wear black lipstick quite often! Glad I grew out of that 😅

Lipstick is also great at enhancing the size and shape of your lips. Without lipstick, my lips are very thin, but add a little colour and some gloss and they start to resemble something other than a pancake (y’know, because pancakes are flat). They also help to draw attention away from my eyes, which I like.

Whilst I like the colour of my eyes, I don’t like that they are so deep set as it makes putting on eyeshadow practically impossible and useless, plus one of my eyes are slightly lazy – but no one pays attention to that when you have lips so shiny they might blind someone 💋

There you have it: the main five elements of The Small Adventurer closet! Now you have all the info you need to dress as well as me 😉 Long time readers might be wondering why on earth I didn’t mention my quirky jewellery collection and, to be honest, that’s because I haven’t begun to wear them as often as I’d like.

The huge storage board that I made to keep them on is kept in our office since there’s no room anywhere else, and I honestly just forget to go in there and change my earrings, so they don’t get worn very often!

If/when I start to leave the house more regularly – and for more fun activities than food shopping (although I still love that because it involves FOOD) – I’ll be sure to start wearing them! 💖 Before you go, let me know in the comments what YOUR favourite things to wear are! 👇

Until next time,
Indya xx

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14 thoughts on “5 Key Elements in The Small Adventurer Closet

  1. I love ankle boots so much, ankle boots are for sure a must have in any closet, however I only have black and brown boots, I would love to try more colours, like yours ankle boots.


  2. Well I’m certainly not even the slightest bit surprised that your wardrobe is just as colorful as your crafts and your foods! You’re just the cutest little rainbow unicorn of sunshine and happiness! I love it all!


  3. I love high waisted skirts! And your bootie collection is awesome. I seriously love those colors and it’s making me want to go out and buy a rainbow of shoes, haha!


  4. It’s so fun to get a sense of your fashion personality through this post! I am very tall and still love ankle boots, there is something so wonderful about the way they make my legs look. And yes yes yes to statement lipsticks!! Every so often I’ll see a celeb in a shade I REALLY like and then go hunt down a similar shade at my favorite makeup stores.


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