DIY Pokedex Place Cards for a Pokemon Birthday Party!

That’s right! I’m back with yet ANOTHER place card DIY project! Truth be told, I’m actually proud of myself for having the restraint to not share one of these per week as I still have SO many ideas in mind 🙊

I actually already have next month’s design planned and half finished! As over the top as I might be going with these creations, I hope you can all at least appreciate how creative and out-of-the-box I am trying to be with them.

Whilst most place cards just use the simple first name design – like my Barbie and SpongeBob-themed ones did – I have also made a design that used the guests’ initials, and today’s project is even more unique by using little PHOTOS of each person instead!

pokemon pokedex place card diy project thesmalladventurerpokedex pokemon diy project place card thesmalladventurer

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I’m not sure how many of you reading this actually watch Pokemon (although surely SOME of you do, right?! Or else why would you be reading this?), so in case you’re someone who doesn’t watch it – or only plays the games, but doesn’t watch the shows – each Pokedex knows who owns it.

In the second episode of Pokemon, Officer Jenny takes Ash’s Pokedex and uses it to confirm his identity. When she does this, a photo of Ash appears on the screen to prove that it is his. Since I still have such a soft spot for the original Pokedex, I knew I wanted to make more things that looked like it.

Whilst in the middle of my latest watch-through of the first season (which I could re-watch a million times over and still not get sick of), I saw the scene with Officer Jenny again and realised I could make Pokedex place cards with photos instead of names!

Even though I don’t make any of my creations with kids in mind – since am the kid that I make it all for 😂 – these would be good for a younger kid’s party since they don’t require the children to be able to read their names. Instead, they’d just look for their own photo. Anyway, onto the project!


♡ Craft foam sheets in red, black, white, blue, green and yellow
♡ Scissors
♡ Double-sided tape
♡ Black and red fine liner pens
♡ Tracing paper
♡ Ruler
♡ Pencil
♡ Masking tape (optional, but helpful)


1. Save a photo of an open original Pokedex on your computer, then open it up and adjust the size until it’s the same size as you’d like your place cards to be. Mine are 13.5cm in width, and 10.5cm in height – on the taller side.

2. Hold or tape your sheet of tracing paper onto your computer screen, carefully trace around the entire Pokedex and all of its details using your pencil. Label each individual piece with what colour it is for future reference, then cut along the outside of the Pokedex.

3. Place your outline of the Pokedex onto your red craft foam and trace around it. Do this until you have as many place cards as required, then cut them all out.

pokemon video pokedex place card thesmalladventurerdiy project pokemon pokedex place card thesmalladventurer

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4. Using the image you saved as a guide, draw the “hinge” that goes in the middle of the Pokedex and the line that matches the right side of the Pokedex with your black fine liner pen, as I have done on mine.

5. Cut out all the smaller pieces of the Pokedex, but keep the very top circle as one piece (so DON’T cut out the blue circle, only the white) and the white square as one piece as well (once again, DON’T cut out the black square that’s inside, only the white one). Don’t worry about the lines on the blue and white rectangles as you will draw them on later.

6. Place each outline piece onto its corresponding colour of craft foam. Beginning with the white shapes, trace around the circle, large square, and small rectangle, then cut them out and place them to the side. Now you can cut out the blue circle that’s within the white one, and the black square that’s inside the white one as well, and place those outlines on their corresponding craft foam colours.

7. Continue to trace and cut out each individual shape from the colour craft foam sheets until you have enough for each place card that you are making. Using the photo as a guide once again, put the small coloured foam pieces in their correct places BEFORE sticking them on to ensure they all fit properly.

8. Once you’re happy with the placing, flip one coloured foam piece over at a time, place some double-sided tape on the back, then flip it back over and stick it down. For the smaller pieces you will need very tiny pieces of tape, but this ensures a much smoother placement than glue would!

pokemon enamel pins thesmalladventurerpokemon indigo league pokedex place card thesmalladventurer

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9. When everything is stuck down, use your black and red fine liner pens to add the remaining lines and dots as seen in your photo guide. Now that the place cards have been made, it’s time to add the photos!

10. Put all the photos of the guests that you will need into one Word document. Measure the size of the black square with your ruler, then alter the sizes of the photos until each person’s face will fit nicely into the black squares. Don’t worry about the background of the photos, as you’ll be cutting the faces out!

11. I just printed out the photos on regular printer paper and it worked perfectly fine. Just make sure to leave them to dry for a while – the longer, the better – before cutting them out to avoid any ink getting on your hands!

12. Add a small strip of double sided tape to the back of each photo, then stick them into the place cards, and you’re done! You now have the coolest party decoration that I wish I had at all my birthday parties growing up 😩🙌

ALTERNATIVE IDEA: If you have any artistic skills (which I do NOT), you could also draw a fun cartoon for each person instead of printing out a photo! That would definitely make these guys fun little favours for each guest to take home, too ☺️

Honestly, nothing tugs at my heart strings more than Pokemon, which is why I can hardly believe the last time I mentioned it on the blog was back in May, when I made the very over-the-top three-coloured triple-flavoured Pokemon Centre cake 😅

I am more than happy to make more Pokemon-themed recipes and DIY projects in the future, so feel free to leave any requests or suggestions on themes/designs/etc in the comments below! ☺️👇

Until next time,
Indya xx

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19 thoughts on “DIY Pokedex Place Cards for a Pokemon Birthday Party!

  1. this is very cool and creative. I would normally buy the cake instead of trying to make it but I am working on being more creative and even implementing my kids in the process.


    • Thanks so much, girl! Honestly I could think of MANY more Pokemon posts to share, but I don’t want those who don’t like Pokemon to get sick of me 😅 I need to re-watch it too! I bought it the day it came out on DVD and haven’t gotten around to it yet!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so cute! I love how to personalized it with the pictures. I used to watch Pokemon when I was little (I still want my own Pikachu lol) and this brings all the memories back.


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