My Food Flavour Extract Collection + Review!

After weeks of saying I’d be sharing this post eventually, it’s finally here: my food flavour extract collection! Back in August I shared my food colour collection as my collections are some of my favourite kind of posts to share, plus it was great to be able to view each brand overall rather than doing a review post for each item as that would have taken FOREVER.

Annoyingly, since it took so long for me to test each item after I had already taken the photos, I have now acquired more flavours that won’t be included in this post – AND more colours that aren’t included in the food colour post – but I’ll be sure to update both collections once I have tested them all. Now, let’s get onto the collection!

queen fine foods flavour extract thesmalladventurerqueen fine foods flavour essences thesmalladventurer

Queen Fine Foods: Always My Favourite

Just like I said in my food colour post – and every time I ever mention Queen Fine Foods – this is my FAVOURITE brand for a multitude of reasons.

They’re an Australian brand, they have a range of great products, their prices are ridiculously cheap for how great they are, and all the conversations I’ve had with their social media team have shown me just how lovely, passionate, and creative they are ☺️

I have 13 of their flavour extracts and essences (some of which were gifted – mostly the limited edition ones) and I am yet to be disappointed in ANY of them! They can be used in cakes, icings, jelly, soft AND hard candy, drinks, and more.

My favourite flavour that they have released so far is definitely their salted caramel one – which I used recently in my flavoured sugar cubes – but each one has an amazing, strong taste that is sure to liven up your creations 😋

Other recipes in which I use their flavour extracts here on the blog include: my Giant Popcorn Box Cake, Homemade Gummy Bears, Triple-Flavoured Pokemon Centre Cake, Salted Caramel “Choc Chip Cookie” Meringues, Cactus Gummy Candy, Strawberry Fudge Treats, and my Squidward Tentacles’ “Bold and Brash” palette knife cake.

roberts edible art food flavour collection thesmalladventurer

Robert’s Confectionery/Edible Art: Delightfully Unique

Whilst I’m not 100% sure whether they go by Robert’s Confectionery or Robert’s Edible Art, one thing I AM sure of is that these guys have some really fun and creative flavours! I’d been spying them on the shelves at Spotlight for months before finally breaking down and trying one, and I was instantly hooked.

Whilst my collection is now up to seven (although I am yet to try my newest flavour – boysenberry – just yet), I still feel like I have barely scratched the surface when it comes to their amazing selection.

It was their musk flavour that I just could not resist any longer; I ended up purchasing myself a bottle as I was dying to recreate the very unique – and my favourite – candy that is musk sticks. Thanks to this spot-on flavour extract, I was able to do so perfectly!

Other times I have used their flavour extracts in my recipe posts including my Banana Buttercream Marshmallow-Filled Cupcakes, Pickle Rick Marshmallows, Fairy Floss Buttercream Cupcakes, and Lips-Shaped Marshmallows. The banana and fairy floss flavours are definitely my next favourites, after musk. I am still yet to try the cookies and cream flavour, but I hope to do so soon!

chocolate coffee flavour extract thesmalladventurer

Stonemill: First Impressions Matter

As you will be able to tell from the photos, I only have one Stonemill flavour so far. It’s their coffee one which I found at ALDI during one of their baking item week specials. I recently used it for the first time in my flavoured sugar cubes and it honestly BLEW ME AWAY!

The smell is exactly like coffee – which is amazing smell, even for someone like me who doesn’t really drink coffee – and it TASTES exactly like it too! The entire time I was making those sugar cubes I just knew they were going to taste amazing, and they did 😋After I tried one in a hot chocolate, I ate the rest as is because they were so good!

Another big plus in my books is the fact that it’s alcohol free, which means I can use it in no-bake things such as icing, etc and not have to worry about it affecting my epilepsy medication 🙌 Unfortunately, like most of ALDI‘s products, I am unable to find any trace of it or the company that makes it online!

Chef’s choice: Good So Far

This is another brand that I have only dipped my toes into so far, but am thoroughly impressed already! Ticking my boxes quickly by advertising the fact that it is alcohol free (which means I don’t have to stand in the aisle reading the ingredients to find that out 😂), I was instantly drawn to this extract.

Whilst with certain things – such as icing – you could simply add cocoa powder to make it chocolate, as someone who loves to make lots of jelly and other candy creations (both edible, and NOT! 😜), I knew having this flavour in liquid form would be great, and it is!

I made some homemade jelly with it as soon as I bought it (which I’ll probably share the recipe to very soon!) and was very impressed with the flavour; you could instantly tell that it was chocolate. I have a lot more ideas for recipes to use this flavour in, so keep an eye out for them!

lorann oils thesmalladventurer

LorAnn Oils: Tiny But Powerful

I am hesitant to give a full review on my LorAnn Oils flavours for a few reasons. For one, I’ve only tested them all once each in batches of buttercream, and some flavours do better in different recipes. For example, buttercream has a very strong butter taste – as the name would imply – but royal icing has a less strong taste on its own, so flavour extracts would be more prominent.

I also feel as though I chose poorly in terms of the actual flavours. All three that I bought – marshmallow, cake batter, and cinnamon roll – are all quite vague flavours; epsecially the first two. When I think of marshmallows and cake batter, all I think is “sweet”, as marshmallows and cakes can be any flavour at all. So, whilst I wasn’t able to taste much of the flavours during my first test, I have far from given up on LorAnn Oils yet.

I’ve seen many bakers love their products as you need very little to get much flavour, which is why the fact that they’re in such tiny bottles shouldn’t be a downside to them. I also love their uniqueness in terms of flavour; I had never seen any of the three flavours I purchased before, which is why I was intrigued by them.

Next time I will try out flavours that I am more familiar with. I’m particularly interested in trying their Cherry, Mint Chocolate Chip (which is the best flavour for ANYTHING, hands down), Peanut Butter, Green Apple, and Red Licorice. They still have SO MANY MORE FLAVOURS than what I’ve listed, and I’m honestly dying to try them all! 🙊

There you have it: my food flavour collection so far! I am so lucky to have the incredible amount of flavours that I do already, but I’m also really excited about working on increasing the amount I have. There are so many more flavours from beloved companies I’d like to try, and a lot of companies that I haven’t yet tried that I’d really like to!

I’m particularly interested in trying some powder flavours out, as my friend from Marshmallow Club uses a lot of powder flavours in her marshmallows and the ones I have tried tasted AMAZING. She introduced me top the company Berry Fresh’s powder, which I have seen lots of people rave about their incredible taste.

She also told me about a brand called Melbourne Food Ingredient Depot, which I am dying to get my hands on as they have some really unique flavours such as hamburger with the lot, cheese flavoured powder, passionfruit powder, and more. Hopefully I get to test them out some day! Before you go, let me know what YOUR favourite flavour is in the comments below 👇

Until next time,
Indya xx

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24 thoughts on “My Food Flavour Extract Collection + Review!

  1. So many delicious sounding flavors! I’ve used a few extracts in baking but nothing fun like this… I might have to experiment! Salted caramel sounds really good.


  2. I love how you got so in-depth which each of the brands. It makes me want to start creating fun treats for me and my husband. Maybe one day when my kitchen isn’t the size of a dollhouse haha!


    • Oh, I’m so glad you think so! I was worried I didn’t go into ENOUGH detail, but I didn’t want the post to be a million miles long 😅 I definitely understand what it’s like to live with a tiny kitchen – most of ours is taken up by our fridge! 😩


  3. YUM! Now I really want to go buy some of these and start baking with them. We mainly use vanilla, but I think it would be fun to branch out a little and try some new flavors!


  4. I truly had no idea there was such a range of flavor extracts out there!! These would add such dimension to my baking, I’ll need to grab a few to incorporate in my future projects. 🙂


    • Trust me, there is at least 10x more flavours out there than the collection I have! I’ve had a list of flavours I want to try forever, and I swear it keeps getting longer before I have a chance to actually buy any of them 😅😂 They really are a lot of fun to play with, and can completely change a recipe! I hope you have fun with them!


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