Sailor Venus Love-Me Chain: DIY Gummy Candy Necklace

Guess what tomorrow is!?! It’s Sailor Venus’ birthday! Ever since Daniel got me a Blu-Ray DVD Player for my birthday, my love of Sailor Moon has deepened SO much more as I was finally able to watch the anime!

I bought myself the entire re-dubbed series (sans Sailor Stars, as that’s coming out later this year), but wasn’t able to watch it due to the DVD player on my laptop not working properly AND the fact that I accidentally bought one season in Blu-Ray, so I couldn’t use my other DVD player. Whoops 😅

Anyway, after my birthday back in September, I started binge-watching Sailor Moon and was already halfway through season three before I knew it. Once I realised I’d already watched over HALF of what I had, I took a break because I didn’t want to watch it all at once, but my love for all things Sailor Moon still remained!

candy necklace love me chain sailor venus thesmalladventurer

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I started planning future blog posts (such as this one) AND Daniel ordered me a bunch of new items to include in my collection, which I will update the photos of sometime this month once I give the entire area a tidy and re-organise 🙌 Okay, I’ll stop talking now – let’s get onto the recipe!


♡ 1 and 1/2 tablespoons gelatine powder
♡ 1 teaspoon flavour extract of your choice (I used LorAnn Oils’ Marshmallow flavour)
♡ 1/2 cup water
♡ Orange liquid food colour
♡ Six cup silicon cupcake/muffin pan (any silicon pan or tray will do, as you’ll be creating the shape after the jelly is set)
♡ 2 tablespoons sugar
♡ Non-flavoured/scented dental floss string
♡ Mini heart cookie cutter (I got mine from Daiso)
♡ Sewing needle
♡ Two pipettes/eye droppers (optional, but helpful!)


1. If you need to make some orange food colour, use your two pipettes to add a few drops of yellow food colour and one drop of red food colour to a small dish. Mix around by moving the dish and/or using a spoon until they become one colour. If it’s too dark, add some yellow. If it’s too light, add a tiny bit more red. Continue until you have your desired shade of orange.

2. Place gelatine and sugar into a heatproof bowl. Add some water to a kettle and allow it to boil. Pour out 1/2 cup of boiling water, then slowly pour it into your bowl whilst you whisk all the ingredients together with your other hand. If you have chunks of gelatine in your bowl, squish them using your whisk or a fork.

3. Add in your flavour extract, stir, then mix in your water.

sailor venus pop vinyl thesmalladventurermarshmallow lorann oils flavour gummy candy thesmalladventurer

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4. Use a tablespoon to evenly distribute the mixture between each spot if you’re using a cupcake pan like me. If you’re just using a shallow square/circle/rectangle pan, then just pour the mixture in. Be slow though, to avoid any bubbles or splashing.

5. Allow the jelly to sit out for a little while so the mixture cools and starts to set, as it will be easier to transfer to the fridge that way. You could place the mould on a plate to make it even easier to move, if you wish.

7. Once they have started to set, move to a fridge to speed up the process. Due to its thin size and the large amount of gelatine, these will only take a little over an hour to set, instead of the usual minimum of four.

8. Flip over your tray and pop out your jelly onto a sheet of baking paper or a silicon mat. Using your mini cookie cutter to cut as many hearts from the jelly as possible, then place the excess jelly in the fridge to snack on later.

9. Play around with the floss string until you have a piece that is long enough to be a loose necklace once the ends are tied together (but DON’T tie it together yet!), then thread your sewing needle with the floss.

10. Working quickly-but-carefully to avoid melting the jelly with your hands (vinyl gloves might help at this point!) OR piercing the small hearts, thread the sewing needle through the bottom point of the heart, through the middle, and out of the “dip” at the top.

11. Gently move that heart to the other end of your floss string – whilst leaving some room to use to tie the ends together later on – and continue with your next heart. Continue until your necklace is full of hearts, then you’re ready to use Minako’s gorgeous, powerful, and very well know attack: Venus Love-Me Chain!

I got the idea to use floss for the necklace portion from an old post on A Little Pinch of Perfect, and I honestly think it’s perfect as you already KNOW it’s safe to put in your mouth!

queen fine foods thesmalladventurersailor venus love me chain candy necklace thesmalladventurerlove me chain sailor venus candy necklace thesmalladventurer

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I always have SO MUCH FUN trying to create a project based off the name of one of the Sailor Scout’s attacks. My very first time doing so was back in 2017 when I made my first completely homemade batch of cupcakes, filled the insides with fairy floss, and named it after Chibiusa’s attack “Pink Sugar Heart Attack“.

That was such a big moment for me creatively, and I still have a huge canvas print of those cupcakes in my lounge room to this day! My most favourite Sailor Moon recipe so far is the cake I made inspired by Sailor Jupiter’s attack “Jupiter Coconut Cyclone“, as I was able to include both coconut and Jupiter’s signature colours in it, as well as decorate the actual cake so that it looks like it’s spinning, like a cyclone! 🙌

I still have some other attack recipe ideas jotted down on my “to make” list, but if you have a favourite attack that you’d like to see turned into a recipe, let me know in the comments 👇 Now, in the name of love, goodbye!

Until next time,
Indya xx

PS. For those who aren’t familiar with Sailor Moon, this candy necklace looks just like the attack that it’s inspired by! Scroll down this page to see a clip from the anime to see for yourself!

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39 thoughts on “Sailor Venus Love-Me Chain: DIY Gummy Candy Necklace

  1. Believe it or not, I have never seen Sailor Moon! I’ve heard it is the best series though! This is such a cute Sailor Venus inspired necklace.


  2. This may hurt you deep in your soul, but I’ve actually never watched Sailor Moon. I know, it’s crazy! I gotta do that soon. I’ve been on quite the anime kick lately, and just finished Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. I guess Sailor Moon should be next! And then I can celebrate by making this gummy necklace for myself afterwards hehe.


    • Haha, it’s okay, I’m not TOO hurt! 😂 You still like anime, which is good. I know a lot of people who don’t even try to watch any of them because they think they’re weird, but I LOVE how creative they are! I’ve heard amazing things about Avatar and now that it’s on Netflix I should really watch it!


    • I’d like to think she’d appreciate the effort for sure! I recently bought the newly dubbed version, as you can’t buy the old one anymore. It’s a little different in terms of voices and names, but still amazing ☺️


  3. Venus Love Me Chain! I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Sailor Moon! My coworkers think I am super obsessed! My favorite character is Sailor Moon but Venus is number two. I love Venus more in the musicals. You should check them out! And also, when you have a chance, visit the Sailor Moon restaurant in Tokyo!


    • My co-workers and friends all KNOW I’m obsessed too! 😂 I also love Sailor Moon the most, but I also love Mars, Jupiter, and Venus too as they all have their uniqueness (I’m kind of indifferent about Mercury 😅). I’ll definitely have to check out the musicals at some point – and I am DYING to visit the restaurant (and Tokyo in general) someday 🙌

      Liked by 1 person

      • I used to be a fan of Mercury, I am still am somewhat, because my name is Amy and Mercury’s name was Amy in the English dub. I though I would be Sailor Mercury. I wanted for Luna for a long time.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Love this! I used to wear candy necklaces (and snack on them) all the time. I’ve recently tried making some hard candies, not gummies, but I think I might need to look into buying some molds like you have to make my life easier!


    • I used to LOVE them, but would always eat them before I had a chance to wear them 😂 I’m hoping to experiment with homemade hard candies in the future, but they can be tricky! Using a mould is a great idea. I have a mini donut mould that you could use to make necklaces as the candies will already have the holes for the string ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  5. The necklace is so cute! Using dental floss is such a great idea too. This would be a fun treat to make for a kids’ party too.


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